(Photos + Videos) AWWW! Ciara Having A Great Time In Madrid With Future!!

Ciara in Madrid

Ciara is here! Ciara is there! Ciara is everywhere!

And she is accompanied by baby Future wherever she goes. Her ex-fianceé still hasn’t appeared on the scene, but we’re waiting on it.

Ciara flew out to Madrid recently, and seems the complete opposite of concerned about her ex, as her and her son make moves throughout the beautiful city.

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(Video) A Remastered ‘The Wire’ Will Be Hitting HBO!


‘Wire’ fans the day you have been waiting for, is finally here! It seems as though ‘The Wire’ will be getting a remastered touch and hitting HBO for an exclusive. Although there is no official premiere date yet, HBO producers are currently working on transferring HD qualities to the revamped series. Check out a preview of the teaser, here!

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(Photos) Adriana Grande Pulls Off Britney Spears School Girl Outfit

ariana grande talks diva rumors

Ariana Grande the “Break Free” singer wore a hot school girl look while performing in Tokyo on September 14. HMMM, her school girl outfit looked a lot like Britney Spear’s school girl outfit in the “Hit me baby one more time” video. They both look sensational, but who looks like a better school girl, check the gallery and be the judge.

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UHMM NO! Pennsylvania Newspaper Issues An Apology For Comparing Air Travel To Being On A Slave Ship

Slave Ships

Someone was listening a little too hard to Kanye’s “New Slaves.”

A Pennsylvania newspaper had to apologize on behalf of their editorial cartoon, which compared modern-day air travel to the “Middle Passage” aka slave ships. The trans-Atlantic leg of the slave trade continues to be a very touchy topic that involves brutal experiences of most of our ancestors. The slave trade involved transporting captive Africans to the Americas to be sold into bondage…

YEA, nothing to make light of.

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(Video) Jhene Aiko Chats About “Drunk Texting” With Chris Brown


It’s not what you think…

Chris Brown isn’t cheating on Karrueche LOL .. yet

But, he is coming out with a new song featuring Jhene Aiko called “Drunk Texting.”

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(Video) 15 Inventions You Really Might Want!

IFWT_Door Handle Lets You See

At 1st I saw this and was like ‘yeah right’, then I really looked at it and was like ‘wait, I could use that’. Like the pic above, a door handle that let’s you see a fisheye view of what’s waiting for you in the next room, simple but really dope!

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Lindsay Lohan FORCED To Move Overseas Because Of Oprah?!

Lindsay Lohan and Oprah

Lindsay Lohan has been having a great time clubbing all over London town for the past several months. But, she claims that the reason for her BIG move was to get away from all the drama following her controversial stint on Oprah Winfrey’s reality show.

She had no other choice but to relocate overseas.

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(Photos) Amy Winehouse Tribute Statue Unveiled In Honor Of Late Singer’s Birthday

Amy Winehouse

In honor of what would have been the late, great British sensation Amy Winehouse’s 31st Birthday, a tribute statue of the beautiful singer has been unveiled in her hometown of Camden Square!

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WTF!! Lindsay Lohan Handled Whitney Houston’s Dead Body At The Morgue

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan opened up about her community service in 2011, which she claims was totally “f’d up and inappropriate.”

Lohan claims to have handled the body of Whitney Houston while volunteering at the morgue in LA.


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(Photo) Update! Drunken Off-Duty Narcotics Officer Opens Fire On The Upper West Side

Shooting on the Upper West Side Friday Night

We recently reported that there was a shooting on a busy street of the Upper West Side this past Friday night with very little detail to who the shooter and victims were. Today we have more on this story. See more below!

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