(Video) Men Claim Their Video Shows Former Officer Ray Tensing Harassing Them


After murdering Samuel DuBose and pleading not guilty, citizens across America have raised the 10% of the 1 million dollar bail set for the former campus officer. Right now, he’s walking the streets as a free man, which is infuriating many other Americans that find justice, once again, has not been served. Now, video has surfaced on the internet to strengthen the fact this former officer has transgressed before as he exceeds what’s necessary in the video attached.

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Naomi Campbell Gets Six-Month Suspended Prison Sentence For Paparazzi Assault In Sicily


Friday, Naomi Campbell was convicted of assault in a Sicilian court for scratching the eye of a paparazzo back in August of 2009.The super-model was given a six-month suspended prison sentence. Hit the jump for more.

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(Video) Reality TV Star Kalenna Talks About Diddy Spoiling Her With Expensive Gifts During ‘Dirty Money’ Days


Kalenna from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, had a talk with VladTV, she discussed many things including her relationship with Diddy. She explained how she meet the mogul in the studio while listening to beats and feeding off of each other’s energy. Kalenna also talked about how she got involved with the group Dirty Money and how Diddy treated her like a princess and brought her very expensive gifts. Sounds like a great job! Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled by their boss and able to travel around the world shutting down sold out shows!
Watch the full clip below!

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Subway Guy Jared Fogel Back In The Hot Seat After FBI Finds Texts Bragging About Sex With A 16 Year-Old Girl


Jared, the ‘Subway Diet’ guy’s home was raided a month ago while the FBI searched for child pornography. The feds turned up nothing at the time but the damage was done and Subway dropped Jared from their brand. Clearly, that was the smart choice because upon further investigations the FBI turned up text messages between Fogel and a friend, bragging about him having sex with a 16 year-old girl!

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Snoop Dogg Stopped By Italian Authorities

Snoop Remembers His First Battle

Big Snoop Dogg just can’t seem to catch a break. Last weekend the prolific, perennial microphone controller was harassed by Swedish authorities, and this morning, he was stopped yet again.

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(Photo) K.Michelle Keeps Her Word To Help A Mother Send Her Son To His Track Meet


It’s always nice to see celebrities do something nice for their fans. Last week a single mother, who needed a little help to send her son to his state track meet reached out to singer K.Michelle via Twitter and asked her if she would sponsor her son. K.Michelle kindly replied she would and asked for the information to be sent to her via DM. Yesterday, K.Michelle posted a photo of the mother and her son, showing that she made good on her promise to help out.

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Texas Man Shoots Armadillo, Gets Hit In The Face By Bullet Ricochet


The Florida Department of Health has a slight rise in leprosy rates this year, so Floridians are encouraged to take precautionary measures in eschewing contact with Armadillos. It appears the state of Texas needs to mimic this action.

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Andre 3000 Set To Co-Star In ABC’s ‘American Crime’


We’ll it’s not exactly what we were hoping for from Andre 3000, but we’ll take what we can get. It has been reported that the Outkast rapper is heading to the small screen and will co-star on ABC’s series ‘American Crime.’

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Brown Family Worries That Houstons Will Snap Casket Photos At Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral


The Brown and Houston families have been feuding ever since Bobbi Kristina was admitted to the hospital after being found unconscious in the bath tub of her home. The family feud has continued even after her death and the families are battling over who will be in control of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, funeral arguments, so on and so forth. Right now the big issue is the Brown family fears that someone will take a photo of Bobbi Kristina’s body in the casket and try to shop it around to media outlets.

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Did Fetty Wap Pull The Old Dine And Dash At Olive Garden?


Fetty Wap can’t seem to catch a break any time he’s out and about in NJ. Not too long ago the Paterson native was in a local Shoprite super market and was accused of assaulting a cashier. It after investigations by police turned out the Fetty was not involved and no one was charged. But this time the ‘My Way’ rapper might not get off so smoothly. Apparently, he was dining in an Olive Garden restaurant in Wayne, NJ and left before paying the bill.

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