Brother DOES WHAT To Teenage Sister’s Boyfriend !?!


A 21 year old man in Chicago had his ear ripped off by the brother of his underage girlfriend the NY Daily News Says. The brother ripped off the ear of 21 year old Jonathan Rios, after finding Rios and his sister having sex. To make matter worse, Rios got the 16 year old pregnant twice! Read this story after the jump !

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(Photos) So Sad: A Woman At Coachella Dies After An Apparent WHAT?!?


Either drugs, alcohol, or the combination of both are suspected of playing part in the death of a young woman attending the Coachella festival. 24-year-old Kimchi Truong died after she was hospitalized for passing out at the popular festival.

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Wow! Toddler Inadvertently Alerts Police Of His Family’s Weed Farm!!


While playing with his parents’ phone, a toddler — thought to be no older that 2-years-old — somehow found out how to dial 911. Unfortunately for his parents, he did. But they assumed that he dialed 999991111 and on the other end of the call, police operators heard a brief rustling before the phone disconnected. Hit the jump to see what happened next.

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(Video) 4 Year Old Boy Dies Just Hours After Leaving Fathers Funeral


Only hours after burying the father of her 4 year old son whom was shot last week, a mother had to witness her son get hit by a car. Send your prayers to her man. Watch the news report below.

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Nas Launches New Record Label With New Artist


Following in the footsteps of his peers, Nas has launched his own record label “Mass Appeal”. This is following the launch of his Mass Appeal magazine. Also, he already has his first artist. Read the full article below.

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(Video) Tracy Morgan Speaks On Alter Ego And Getting Kicked Out Of Prince’s House


Tracy Morgan funny as hell with his alter ego. On a recent interview with Conan, he spoke about his alter ego “Chico Divine” and how it caused him to get kicked out of Prince’s house. Watch the video clip below.

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Chinx Speaks On New Album


The Coke Boys are grinding out here, and Chinx is next up. Formerly known as Chinx Drugz, Chinx spoke with XXL about his new album “Welcome To JFK” and selecting a record label. Read the article after the jump.

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What?!?! School Suspends Student For Asking Miss America To Prom?!?!


This one’s sad. An 18-year-old student was suspended for one of the most ridiculous of reasons: he asked Miss America to the prom. More info after the jump.

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Tito Jackson Clears The Air After Jermaine Jackson’s Candid Statement!!


Last week, Jermaine Jackson was seen on camera responding to some remarks made about them according to Debbie Rowe — Michael’s ex-wife. However, from his interview came rumors that he believed Michael would be nothing without the Jackson 5. Now brother Tito looks to clear the air of misinterpretation. More info after the jump.

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(Photos) Move Over Christina Aguilera! New A-List Superstar Set To Join Season 7 Of the ‘The Voice’

The Voice

Hmmm well now that Christina Aguilera and hubby to be are expecting a new little bundle of joy, it looks the ‘The Voice’ has already made provisions to replace the star while on maternity leave. While season 7 has yet to begin, show production starts in June and TMZ reports new ‘Voice’ judge to be none other than A- List superstar…

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