(Photos+Video) We Found The Best Battery Case For The Iphone 6!


Iphone users know the strategic ways we have to use our phone in order to get the maximum battery life. Don’t worry Iphone users, we have a solution to all of our low battery alert woes. For many Iphone 6 users the battery barely last a whole day Fear not your battery anxiety issues are now over. The Incipio Offgrid Express is quickly becoming the best battery case to own. the 3,000 mAh battery can fully recharge a dead phone with power left to spare. Check out the best part after the jump!

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(Video) United States Drone Accidentally Kills 2 Hostages


Thursday, April 23, 2015 two U.S. Hostages were accidentally killed in a counter terrorism operation by a United States Drone, which were targeted for an Al Qaeda terrorist group compound. During a live conference, President Obama stated his sincere apologizes to the families of the hostages who were killed in the midst of this counter terrorism operation and that “he takes full responsibility” on the U.S. Government’s behalf. He also stated that Al Qaeda members were killed as well, but did not have any prior knowledge of there being any hostages held captive at the terrorist compound.

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(Video) Wait What? Daz Dillinger Has 2 Unreleased Songs With Biggie??


So, I’m sure everyone knows about the east coast -vs- west coast beef from the past … even today’s generation should know (I would hope). Today, as I was blog surfing looking for some new thread, I stumbled across a bit of information that immediately caught my attention – maybe you’ll fell the same. But, how would you feel if I told you that west coast rapper, Daz Dillinger has some hidden gems with Biggie stashed somewhere?

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(Photo) Lindsay Lohan Fails With Arabic Language!!


Lindsay Lohan thought she was able to speak different languages and failed…. horribly. She put up a picture on Instagram with a small phrase under it which read “You’re Beautiful,” however, that phrase in fact meant “You’re Stupid.” LOL. Check out how she tried to save herself after the jump.

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(Photo + Video) 10 Years Of YouTube!!!


Youtube turns 10-years-old.

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(Video) Gibberish! Iggy Azalea Attempting Kendrick Lamar Lyrics Confuses Fans


Iggy Azalea has been the butt of everyone’s jokes lately. I wonder if she knew what she was getting into when she stepped into the Hip Hop arena. Regardless, she’s definitely been keeping us entertained. Who knows, maybe T.I. had all of this in his plans. They say there’s no such thing as bad press, but anyway, let’s get to the story!(Warning: This video will cause hysterical laughter, which may lead to stomach pains, spilled coffee, or broken phones!)

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(Photos) Facebook Has 4 Billion Video Views Everyday Watch Out Youtube!


Wow, Facebook Video is slowly becoming Mark Zuckerberg’s next big moneymaker. The number of videos viewed on Facebook has tripled since last summer. Out of the 3.32 billion dollars of advertising revenue from the website, 73% of it came from mobile views. Facebook updated its mobile software and feed algorithms. This helped to accommodate more video playback to happen when their members scroll through their timeline. You can see this focus on software user friendly videos with the auto playback feature you see on Facebook now that silently plays video as soon as you scroll on them. This has definitely paid off for the social media conglomerate because viewership numbers have been climbing greatly.

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(Photo) Kanye West To Appear On “Black-Ish”?


Kanye might make an appearance on the popularized ABC show, “Back-Ish”! The Yeezus lyricist is wanted by Tracee Ellis Ross, which is the star of the hit television show.

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Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Rejoin Forces For Multi-Million Dollar Business Deal


One of the most influential power couples, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee are at it again. Ex-hubby, Uncle Rush was one of the first to clone Kimora as his ideal business associate and now the two are joining super powers. When the ex item, who aren’t actually married anymore said for richer are poorer in their vows, the pastor should’ve said for rich or RICHER!

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Robot Buys Drugs & Cleared Of All Charges


Online shopping is one of the newest ways to past time, that even robots are getting into it. What items would you expect a robot to order from the deep web? Ecstasy. That’s right, ecstasy. And when the robot gets caught, it gets all charges dropped. Check out how this robot gets away with a felony after the jump.

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