First ‘Lemonade’ Now ‘Watermelon’: Beyonce Invests In ‘ WTRMLN WTR’


Now that ‘Lemonade’ is out the way, Beyonce has just invested in ‘WTRMLN WTR.’ ‘ WTRMLN WTR’ is a company that sells Watermelon juice. The company takes Watermelon that is about to be thrown out to make their product. Beyonce is just out here moving. Gotta love it!

(Photo) Adele Shows Love For Beyonce


Adele took to her Instagram to show her love for the Queen B, Beyonce. Adele says she has been super speechless as Beyonce continues to break charts and just be great.

(Video) R.Kelly Still Got It With The Vocals


R.Kelly shows that he still has it with the vocals! In a recent performance at ‘The Buffet Tour’ Kelly takes us back with his voice.

(Video) Parents Of Disabled Airport Worker Demand A Public Apology From 50 Cent


Yesterday a video went viral of 50 Cent clowning a disabled worker. The internet exploded as supporters of the man went in on 50. Andrew Farrell announced yesterday that he will be taking the issue to court. Now his parents are demanding that the rapper apologize to their son.

(Video) SMH: Woman Goes Off On A Man For Using Food Stamps In A Grocery Store


Some people just truly have no heart. In a video that surfaced the internet, a woman is seen going off on a man who is paying for his groceries using food stamps. The woman can be heard telling the man that her hard earned money is used to pay for his food stamps. The man who by the way has his child in a car seat, is trying to shut the woman up. This woman was clearly out of line if you ask me. She does not know this man from a can of paint so who is she to judge his situation?

(Video) Woman Sues Starbucks For Putting Too Much Ice In Their Iced Coffee


As a everyday customer at Starbucks, I must admit the amount of ice used in their iced coffee’s is pretty over the top. A woman by the name of Stacey Pincus, is taking matters into her own hands and actually suing the coffee shop for over filling their iced coffee’s with ice. She says customers are only getting half of the product that they ask for due to the over saturation of ice.

Autistic Teen 50 Cent Made Fun Of Lawyers Up & Readies $1 Million Lawsuit


We all saw this lawsuit coming from a mile away. Over the weekend, 50 Cent took to Instagram to poke fun at a young airport employee, using his somber state as an example for the “drugged out kids” of today’s society. Problem is – the kid wasn’t drugged, he has autism AND Asperger’s syndrome, and now he’s ready to get his just due for the cyber bullying. On top of the aforementioned, Andrew Farrell’s stepdad, Ken Kramer, reports his stepson also has to wear a hearing aide, and he suffers from severe social anxiety. He says the family has lawyered up, and the only thing stopping them from suing immediately is attorney fees. They’re willing to forget it all, however, if 50 donates $1 million to Andrew’s GoFundMe page, and makes a face-to-face apology.

(Video) Popcaan Arrested For Standing Up For A Fan


Caribbean artist, Popcaan was arrested recently by the police in Antigua. He was standing up for a fan that he felt was getting rough housed by police.

(Photo + Video) Young Thug Visits Meek Mill While In Philly For Tour


Meek Mill is still hanging in there on his house arrest situation. Luckily, he has amazing friends to stop by and show love every chance they get. Rick Ross, who is also on house arrest, but can move a bit more than Meek, showed love recently. Now Young Thug who is currently on tour stopped by to show Meek some love before his Philly show.

(Video) Kim And Kanye Slay In A Impromptu Video Shoot


If there’s any couple that knows how to throw it on, its Kim and Kanye. The two took to an impromptu video shoot to give tons of life to their Met Gala outfits. Although a lot of people were not feeling Yeezy’s contacts and metallic style, the two definitely did the thing with this video shoot.

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