(Photo) YIKES! Singer Cassie Was Given A Swollen Lip!!!


Now, why would Cassie want to get that pretty face of hers all messed up?! The model/singer was pictured with her lip the size of the GOODYEAR blimp – straight busted!

Check it out down bottom.

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(Photos) WELP, Looks Like Timbaland Talked Himself Out Of Divorce!

Timbaland & Monique Mosley

Producer extraordinaire Timbaland and wife Monique Mosley were headed down the divorce road just a year ago in October of 2013. Not only did she want to file, but it seemed like she was trying to take his whole soul and bank account, too. However, Timbaland has recently been posting lovey dovey quotes and pics of his baby moms all over his Instagram account.

Seems like he managed to sweet talk his lady to stay because just a week ago, court documents show that the divorce has been dismissed. When things were rocky and the divorce was in play, Monique was trying to get money for vacations, life insurance, child support, private school for the kids, and even “rehabilitative alimony.” WELP, looks like that changed fast. Head over to the gallery to see some of Timbaland’s sweet posts!

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(Photos) Midlife Crisis: Bruce Jenner Spotted Smoking A Cigg With Red Nail Polish On

Bruce Jenner

It seems like former pro-athlete Bruce Jenner is going through some type of mid-life crisis after the news broke that he and long-time wife Kris Jenner decided to go the divorce route. He was spotted in his truck lighting up a cigg with his fire engine red nail polish on his hands. It’s even more odd because Bruce has always been all about staying healthy, so smoking ciggs are the last thing we’d think he’d be doing. And the nail polish, well… yeah. No comment. Peep the extremely rare pics below.

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(Video) Ariana Grande Gets Sexy And Sandy For Her ‘Love Me Harder’ Behind-The-Scenes Video


Ariana Grande gives a sneak peek of her much anticipated video “Love Me Harder” featuring The Weeknd with some behind the scenes footage.

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(Photos) Young Thug Shouts Out His Crushes From NYC On The Gram


It looks like Young Thug has his eye on two ladies from NYC, shouting them out on his IG.

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(Videos) Ludacris Teases New Single With Miguel


Ludacris shares clips of himself and Miguel in the studio working on a new track entitled “Good Lovin.”

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(Photo) Love And Hip Hop; New York’s Rich Dollaz Arrested Behind Child Support


Well, it looks like Richie Dollaz is neck deep in some serious trouble, and all because he double parked next to a police station in Edgewater NJ. Rich and his crew double parked outside of the New Jersey Police Headquarter’s to get some Five Guys(a burger spot), When the po po ran his plate, and a child support warrant popped up, for $11k back pay.

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Kylie Jenner Addresses Fake Lip Rumors: “I’m Bored”

Kylie Jenner lips

Kylie Jenner’s lips have been the topic of convo for a while now, after they went from nothing to EVERYTHING over night. Recent no-makeup photos seemed to show that it was simply the magic of makeup, but the above photo shows that it’s at least some sort of plumping effect going on, if even just temporarily. I need to know what this girl is using! Check out her response to the rumors in the gallery.

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(Photos) Ebola Scare Causes Bullying In NYC School

Ebola Bully Victims

On Friday afternoon at I.S. 318 in Tremont, (Bronx NY) two brothers Amadou (11 years old) and Pape (13 years old) were attacked on their school grounds, after two weeks of consistent bullying. This all stemming from the Ebola scare which has just recently hit NYC, and the Ebola source is West Africa.

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(Photo) “No Hoodie” Signs Pop Up On Store Fronts In NYC


Recently, store fronts in the Harlem and Washington heights area placing signs that ban Hooded Sweatshirts in their Establishments. Store clerks are saying this is an attempt to detour criminals from shoplifting in the places of business.

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