(Photo) Chief Keef Reveals He Only Knows One Tupac & One Biggie Song


Chief Keef keeps it real (honorable these days) and says he only knows one song each from Pac and Biggie. It’s not that surprising tbh, I just wish more of this generation would speak up like him and not be afraid of what their older hip-hop peers thought. It’s not your fault you weren’t 17 or 18 when Pac and Biggie were running the game lol…you can still go back and learn your hip-hop roots if you’re a millenial, but it definitely does not have the same exact effect on you it had on people who experienced the Notorious B.I.G and Tupac in their prime during the 90s.

(Photo) Former Congressman Tweets Warning To The President “Watch Out Obama”


In the wake of last night’s #DallasPoliceShooting , former conservative Congressman Joe Walsh took to Twitter to issue a warning to President Obama. This is war.

Macklemore Speaks On Alton Sterling & Philando Castile

ifwt_macklemore MM

Macklemore has always been vocal about racial injustice, and recognizing his own privilege that many of his peers aren’t privy too. It’s not just all thumb thugging either, as he actually gets out there and protests as well. Today, he took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the tragedies with Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, as well as multiple ways that we can not only help but help to spark a change. RIP Alton and Philando. Check Mack’s post in the gallery.

(Video) Lavish Reynolds Speaks Out Over Boyfriend Philando Castile Being Killed

ifwt_Lavish Reynolds

Lavish Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter had to witness a trigger-happy, cowardly cop shoot and kill her boyfriend, Philando Castile, over a routine traffic stop. The cop reportedly alleged that the car they were driving in had a broken tail light, and asked for Castile’s license and registration upon approaching the vehicle. According to Reynolds, Castile informed the cop – as he is supposed to – that he was armed, with Reynolds adding that he is licensed to carry. As he reached to produce the documents he was asked for, he was shot “four or five” times and soon died from his injuries. Reynolds was quickly asked to exit her vehicle with her hands up, being treated as a criminal instead of a victim of horrific police brutality. (No, she wasn’t injured, but seeing what happened to her boyfriend is enough to scar her and her daughter for a lifetime.) She was detained and reportedly separated from her child at the police station, before finally being released hours later.

Juicy J Is Now Married!

Congrats go out to rapper Juicy J, who reportedly wed his girlfriend earlier this week. The nuptials were confirmed in a now-deleted Instagram post by a friend of the bride. Little details are known about the wedding or Juicy’s spouse, though from IG, we can tell you her name is Regina Perera and she is Sri Lankan. Congrats to the beautiful couple, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

(Photo) Joe Budden Writes A Letter To Drake

Many are questioning that Drake will respond with a diss track of his own towards Joe Budden, so the Slaughterhouse MC might be taking a new tactic to draw out the boy. He writes (types) him a good ol fashion statement.

(Photo) Hillary Clinton Release Statement On The Death Of Alton Sterling; Calls It A “Tragedy”


Hillary Clinton releases an official statement on the disgusting unjustified death of Alton Sterling who was shot at point blank range, multiple times, while he was on the ground, by 2 police officers for selling cds.

(Photo) Juicy J Announces “Lit In Ceylon” Mixtape & Cover

Juicy J isn’t taking his foot off of the game’s neck after his collab release with Wiz Khalifa last month for Rude Awakening, with another solo mixtape – Lit In Ceylon.

(Photos + Video) A$AP Rocky, Prince, & Questlove Were All Answers On Jeopardy

Looks like Jeopardy is keeping up their hip-hop knowledge questions and they featured some of the best alongside the late great Prince!

(Photo) NFL: Russell And Ciara Did It!


And by did it, I mean got married, and by now, did IT too! LOL. Woohoo!!! Told yall.

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