LMFAO REALLY .. This Guy Is In Prison For Doing WHAT?!


We’ve all heard of student body government in HS or College whether you were apart of it or not we all knew that no one really was voted based on their expertise or ability to lead but instead who was your friend or not right? Check out after the jump what lengths this College student went through just to be deemed President that landed him a year in prison …

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WTF….The UK Wants To BAN Porn?!


British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a set of reforms thats goal is to limit access to online pornography and other obscene material. He plans to implement a filter system that will have British internet users (19 million people) to select whether or not they want family-friendly filters. But heres the catch if you do not choose to select you will be under the family friendly filter by default. The filters are designed to block ALL porn sites and will also be put into place on mobile devices and on public Wi-Fi networks. Cameron says he is doing this to preserve children’s innocence since inappropriate pictures are readily accessible throughout the internet without these filters. This is coming from the same guy that accidentally left his 8 year old daughter at a pub LOL !

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(Photo) Rihanna On Her Stuff Again! Her New Hair Is Getting In The Way Of Her Oral Pleasuring?!


I believe that on the night of the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident, the girl got some sense knocked out of her head. Rihanna’s recent actions have lost her more fans than gained, and from what I’ve read, not too many are feeling this line either. Seems like her new hair or long hair specifically, may not be her best friend, because it’s getting in the ways of blow-jobs. Drop down for more on this chick’s sex life.

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THIS State Requires Search Warrants For WHAT ?!


Lately we have all have heard about the US surveillance programs tracking our activity via internet. See what state is fighting for the right of privacy.

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(Video) Obama Speaks On Being A Black Man In America In Light Of Trayvon Martin


President Obama made an official statement about Trayvon Martin a few days ago, treading very carefully and coming off diplomatic. Now the President has made a second statement, this one deeply personal, in regards to his own experiences with race and profiling. He even says at one point, “There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. That includes me.” As we all know, this is big for Obama because he rarely speaks about race and always speaks diplomatically. This is a must-see. Check out the video after the jump.

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Virginia Politician Aims To Outlaw WHAT?!?

IFWT_Ken Cuccinelli

These Republicans are so silly! In addition to outlawing everything people care about, this Virginia politician aims to outlaw some of the things that are dearest to our hearts. Find out what it is after the jump.

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Barack Obama Releases A Statement On George Zimmerman’s Controversial Acquittal And Honoring Trayvon Martin

Barack Obama

Obama has issued a statement about how to honor Trayvon Martin and also shed light on the unsettling news of George Zimmerman being found not guilty by a jury in Florida. Read it below.

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See Why China Hasn’t Blocked THIS Website Yet!


The Chinese government blocks most popular social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and even sets a lot of restrictions of websites that are allowed. Hit the jump to see what website China hasn’t let go of yet and why …

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(Photo) AWWW! The First Lady Participates In #ThrowbackThursday


The First Lady might be the cutest and tech-savviest First Lady in history. She put up a throwback picture of her and Barack on Twitter. Check out the picture in the gallery.

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Uhh OHH .. WHOSE E-Mail Account Got HACKED?!


A man by the name of Roy Apseloff who worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency for over 32 years fell a victim to his own personal email getting HACKED. But him getting hacked is not as big of a deal as the explicit content in his e-mail. Hit the jump for the screenshots and full story ..

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