(Video) Ex-Gang Member Says The Government Places Crates Of Guns In Black Communites

Wow. Many people have been saying this for years; How the government has constructed a systematic plan to internally destroy people of color. People have claimed that there’s many ways the government has gone about doing this, guns being one of the most popular. Take it from an ex-Chicago gang leader to tell you himself how he used to get his guns…

President Obama Officially Declares June 2016 ‘African-American Music Appreciation Month’

This is so dope. Our President has always showed love to all different kinds of music, and it’s been refreshing to see that he’s in touch with the youth when he’s referenced Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and more over the years. Now he’s taking things a step further, and has officially declared June 2016 African-American Music Appreciation Month.

(Video) Bernie Sanders Did Not Actually Walk Out To DMX’s “Where The Hood At?”


Last week, a video of Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders entering a rally IN Lancaster, CA set the internet on fire, as it appeared that he’d walked out to DMX’s hit song, “Where The Hood At?” The clip went viral after Twitter user @Edwinprime shared it on the social network, even prompting a response from The Dog himself, that read:

“When God shows up he shows out.”

(Video) SMH: Ann Coulter Calls Asian-Americans “Mandarins”


Ann Coulter really knows how to offend people. She never ceases to amaze me.

(Video) Bernie Sanders On Real Time With Bill Maher


With the California primary right around the corner, Bernie looks to make the right appearances to get the W. Last night he went on Bill Maher’s popular show on the west coast and talked about the Democratic Party, Donald Trump, immigrants, and Socialism.

(Photo + Video) Another One: Donald Trump Rally Takes A Turn For The Worst In San Diego

IFWT_Donald Trump

Here we go again. Another Donald Trump rally turned upside down. This time in San Diego. 35 arrests were made at the rally. Things got so bad, police had to turn to tear gas to try and calm the storm. This is the second time within a week, that police and Trump protestors have clashed. How can we elect this man as president?

Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Plan To Have a Debate!


It looks like we might get the debate we’ve all been waiting for. And its for a good cause too.

(Photos/Video) Obama Visits The Hiroshima Bombing Site, But Still No Formal U.S. Apology


Obama has a had a pretty good last few months in office. It feels like every decision he’s made has been spot-on but, of course, nothing is ever perfect. Many people were obsessing over his soon-to-be visit to Hiroshima, the historic site of the world’s first atomic bomb drop. Many people, especially the Japanese, expected an apology from the U.S., but Obama has said he didn’t plan on it. Well, when he arrived to Japan today, it was clear that he was a man of his word.

Save The Birds: Donald Trump’s War On Clean Energy


I think we can all agree that pretty much every policy that Donald Trump promotes would be catastrophic for this earth. His opinions on global warming, for example, would tell you just that… literally.

(Video) Bill O’Reilly Says Black Lives Matter Is Killing America


Well here’s another thing you can add to the list of stupid things Bill O’Reilly has said…

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