Bun B Reports From Trump Rally In South Carolina


Bun B has always taken a healthy interest in politics, helping to inform the hip-hop community about what’s going on. Teaming up with VICE, the Trill OG has taken to the Trump campaign trail to shed a light on the racism what’s going on from that side of things. The result? Exactly what you think it would be… “As Trump takes the stage, complimenting the sportsmen who introduced him as ‘very rich and very nice,’ I get it,” Bun reported. “This isn’t about politics. This is about a famous person from television coming to town.” He continues after the jump.

Bernie Sanders Supporter Tries To Place Obituary For Hillary Clinton/Gets Called From The Secret Service


That’s a new one…not your usual type of political humor, but none the less – a good try. A very dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter, tried to place an obituary for current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, before that idea was thwarted by the Secret Service. Hit the jump.

(Video) Politics: Jeb Bush Drops From Presidential Campaign

Jeb Bush Speaks At The Reagan Library About His New Book

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has announced that he dropped out if the Republican race for US president after failing to rank high in the first three state primaries. He came a distant fourth in Saturday’s South Carolina vote, which was won by billionaire estate mogul Donald Trump. He said “Today I am suspending my campaign,” to a crowd of his supporters who were very emotional. Read the rest of the story after the jump.

President Obama Says Donald Trump Will Never President


President Obama may be feeling a little threatened to Donald Trump’s reign over the GOP debate, as he takes shots at the real estate mogul – mocking his past hosting a tv show and a couple other quotables. Hit the jump.

Donald Trump Responds To Pope Francis Saying He Is Not A Christian


Pope Francis is not feeling Donald Trump too tough. Due to the comments that Trump has made about deporting immigrants and paying to build a wall to keep them out, he has come to the conclusion that Trump is not a Christian.

(Video) Owned…Donald Trump Buys Jebbush.com And Makes It His Own


The Donald has done it again. This time Jeb Bush let his website’s registration expire and Donald Trump opportunistically swooped in for the kill and bought his website. Hit the jump.

Shots Fired: Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio vs. Ted Cruz


No surprise here…just inevitable. The GOP Debate last night was a fiery one while majority of the republican candidates all took shots at each other. Hit the jump to see just what allegations were made. Who’s the winner?

(Video) Compton Mayor Gives Kendrick Lamar Key To The City Than Shades Drake!


I guess it’s true all is fair in love and war…as politics is staying interested in hip-hop pop culture. Hit the jump to hear what Compton’s mayor had to say when awarding Kendrick Lamar the keys to her city about Drake.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dies While On A Hunting Trip


Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead while on a hunting trip. Scalia was a active worker for the Supreme Court.

Obama Reveals What He Brings Everywhere


Obama emptied his pockets for CBS. Hit the jump to find out what he had on him.

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