(*Graphic*Video*) Yasiin Bey/Mos Def Gets Force Fed To Shed Light On THIS


Emcee, Actor, and Activist Yasiin Bey (Formerly Mos Def) underwent the same procedure given to hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay. The video is quite graphic to say the least, especially since it is considered ‘Standard Procedure.’ Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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SMH: Somebody Stop This Girl! Amanda Bynes Disses The President & First Lady!

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has absolutely no chill in her, and she will utilize her right to free speech to its fullest extent. Taking to her now-infamous Twitter account earlier today, the trouble actress took aim at yet another target, this time our country’s leader, Barack Obama, and the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Check out her tweet in the gallery. Who will she come for next!

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LOL! George W. Bush Shaking His Booty In Africa…Why?

IFWT_George Bush

George W has silently been traveling the world with his wife Laura, and went on a humanitarian trip to Africa. In this interview both Dubya and his wife discuss the programs the American taxpayer has helped with the health crisis in Africa. At 2:45 they show footage of George W. dancing in Africa, and his wife just talks about how much she was laughing at him, and he admits that he got “carried away by the spirit”. Check out the footage after the jump.

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Soledad O’Brien Ditching CNN For Al Jazeera?!

IFWT_Soledad OBrien

It looks like someone has a new job! Soledad O’Brien, one of CNN’s hardest hitting correspondents, has just been added to Al Jazeera’s growing roster of talent for the American division of the Qatari channel. Al Jazeera has bringing money to the table and are preparing to be a big player in American media. Not only has Soledad won awards for her reporting and directed a documentary, she also has her own non-profit organization. Find out more about Soledad’s new role in Al Jazeera’s press release after the jump.

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OH NO Brooklyn! Politician Trying To Shut Down Parties In New Legislation


Council member Jumaane Williams is trying to legislate partying in BK, which predictably pissed some Brooklyn residents off. Any party with 40 or more people will have to notify the police three days in advance that they’re having a party. It would also make house parties that charge at the door illegal. Really though? Give it up. There are so many other social issues that need attention. Check out the rest of what laws are being proposed after the jump.

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(Video) Texas Is Trying To Ban This Playboy Sign?!?

IFWT_Playboy Naomi Campbell

Some residents in Marfa County, Texas have their panties up in a bunch over a Playboy sign. The sign is part of a roadside art installation, but the residents aren’t having it. Complaints were filed and now Playboy has been ordered to remove the sign within 45 days because they don’t have a commercial permit. Playboy claims they have not broken any laws and will try to fight it legally. The art display is probably the coolest thing Marfa has seen, ever. Check out the video after the jump.

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(Photos) Check Out The Obamas On Independence Day!!!


The First Family hosted a huge party on the Front Lawn on the Fourth of July, with 1200 military families visiting and all of them also celebrating Malia’s 15th birthday. With perfectly matching outfits, the Obamas praised the service members for their dedication to our country. Check out pictures of the event in the gallery.

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WHAT .. Another Internet STRIKE ! #RestoreTheFourth


Reddit, Mozilla, WordPress, as well as other big websites are protesting against the National Security Agency tomorrow (July 4th) over secret programs that they just found out about last month. Hit the jump for the full story..

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Do NOT Get Caught In NYC Doing This!


Gov Andrew M. Cuomo as we all know is not an advocate for texting and driving. He is constantly increasing his efforts on raising awareness and implementing new laws to restrict people from carelessly driving while using electronics. But this time around he is making it his business that everyone abide by these rules. Hit the jump to see what new laws are being enforced..

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He’s Going Down…Edward Snowden’s Recent Leak Says The U.S. Is Spying On ALLIES!

Edward Snowden

One of the most popular current event is EDWARD SNOWDEN! The former technical contractor worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), but since he’s leaked top-secret information to the press, Snowden has been somewhat on the run. There are new leaks that suggests, America using ‘bugs’ to spy on some of its closet allies. Of course, even our “friends” are not excused from the asinine tactics of the U.S. government. Hit the jump for more details.

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