Israeli Politician Brags About “Killing Lots Of Arabs…There’s No Problem With That”?!?


Imagine if a Senator or American politician bragged about killing one particular race, it would be political suicide. As both the Palestinians and Israelis gear up for another set of peace talks with Secretary of State John Kerry, it would probably be best if both governments would refrain from saying anything crazy. As part of the agreement, the Israeli government has agreed to let go of 104 Palestinian prisoners, which did not fly with Israeli politician Naftali Bennett. Find out what he said after the jump.

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(Check The 18+ Pic) A. Weiner’s Sexting Partner Has Opinion On The Race, & Advice For His Wife!!

IFWT_Sydney Leathers

I mean Just because she knows a different side of Weiner personally, his sexting side, doesn’t mean she is biased in the opinion on weather he should run for Mayor or not….Ok
she’s Def Biased, but you already know this, But did you know she’s actually endorsing Quinn, and has something to say to Huma, drop down.

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(Photos) Weiner’s Campaign Manager Calls It Quits!!


Despite speculation regarding whether or not Anthony Weiner should remain in the race to be NYC’s mayor, he recently confirmed today, that he’s still in. Despite his optimism, his campaign manager quit. Check out more info after the jump.

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Should Anthony Weiner Quit His Bid for Mayor Of New York City??


Do you think Anthony Weiner should drop out of the race for mayor of New York City? Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Anthony Weiner Makes Cover Of ‘The New Yorker’


New York’s mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner who has been gaining national attention for his online affairs after revealing explicit photos a la sexting is now set to be on the cover of The New Yorker. If you’re familiar with the humor of the New Yorker, you know that the picture will, first, be hilarious. After that, though provoking. If you’re familiar with the scandal, the cover fits. Check it out after the jump.

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WHAT!!! Gov Putting Privacy Rules On Apps?!


Today the US government’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration issued its first draft of what will be mobile apps code of conduct to help better protect consumers and our privacy. Hit the jump for the full story ..

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(Video) Nas Discusses Racism With CNN’s Anderson Cooper


Nas was a guest on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN to discuss race and justice in America. Nas appears at 2:30 mark. You know Nas does not hold anything back when he speaks. Click below to find out what Nas had to say.

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(Video) LOL! Bill Clinton Video Singing ‘Blurred Lines’

bill clinton say obama is luckier than a dog with 2 dix

Whoever compiled this video is a genius. Hit the jump to find former President Bill Clinton singing ‘Blurred Lines’.

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NOT AGAIN! Weiner’s Having Trouble Keeping His Weiner Out Of Trouble

IFWT_Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner will forever be known as the politician who can’t keep his penis off the internet. After getting busted on Twitter and resigning from his position in 2011, there are now even more accusations against the Mayoral hopeful.

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LMFAO REALLY .. This Guy Is In Prison For Doing WHAT?!


We’ve all heard of student body government in HS or College whether you were apart of it or not we all knew that no one really was voted based on their expertise or ability to lead but instead who was your friend or not right? Check out after the jump what lengths this College student went through just to be deemed President that landed him a year in prison …

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