(Video) Donald Trump Speaks On How He Will Get Mexico To Pay For The Wall


It’s no surprise that Donald Trump plans to stop illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. by building a wall if he becomes President. The question is how will he get the money to do this? Apparently he thinks he will get Mexico to pay for this.

(Video) Black Panthers Shut Down KKK Rally In Dallas


As we near closer and closer to the presidential election, more and more hate is bred throughout our society than positivity should. This uproar, the Black Panthers make their presence known by shutting down a KKK rally that was taking place in Dallas, Texas. Hit the jump to see the video and hear what the folks have to say.

Border Control Endorses Its First Presidential Candidate


Border Control has endorsed its first Presidential candidate and guess who they choose? Thats right, good ol’ Donald Trump. Donald Trump is still standing with the fact that he wants illegal immigrants and terrorsists to go back to their homes away from the U.S. Trump believes that they pose a economic threat to our country.

(Photo + Video) Teenager Pepper Sprayed By Trump Supporter


The Trump supporters get bolder and bolder by the day. A 15-year-old girl was seen on video arguing with a man because she claims he touched her chest. The argument grew out of proportion and the girl was pepper sprayed. Terrible!

(Video) U.S. Capitol and White House On Lockdown After Reports Of Shots Fired


The U.S. Capitol and the White House are currently on lockdown after reports of gunshots fired at the Capitol Visitor Center. Congressional staffers were alerted to lockdown and move to sheltered areas. People outdoors were told to “seek cover away from the area.”

(Photo) Mysterious Donald Trump Tombstone Placed In Central Park


There has been a Donald Trump tombstone placed in Central Park. This is actually really creepy. Looks like someone wants to see Trump buried soon. Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again.” The slogan on the tomb says “Made America Hate Again.” With all the fighting and racial slurs going on at his rallies, I cant say the tomb slogan was a lie.

(Video) Trump Supporter Begins To Second Guess His Decision During A Interview


Jordan Chariton got a chance to interview a few Donald Trump supporters to get a better understanding of why people feel as though he is fit to run the country. As we have seen at rallies, Trump’s supporters go extremely hard for him. Well during Chariton’s interviews, we ran across one supporter who started to have a change of heart as the interview went on. They spoke on Trump’s ties to the KKK and his views on Muslims and terrorism.

(Photo + Video) Stacey Dash’s Ted Cruz Comments Spark Controversy


Things are getting really personal now! Just a few days ago, Donald Trump tweeted a really nasty picture of Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi after a anti Trump ad went out with his wife Melania’s photo’s from a shoot she did in 2000. Trump believed that Cruz had something to do with the ad going out which lead to his tweet. Cruz claims he had nothing to do with it and went off on Trump for disrespecting his wife. Now here comes Trump endorser Stacey Dash. Dash tweeted a article from ‘National Enquirer’ titled, “Shocking Claims: Pervy Ted Cruz Caught Cheating — With 5 Secret Mistresses! The romps that could destroy his presidential campaign!”

Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Just Been Hit With A Lawsuit


One thing about this tables, they always turn. Usually Donald Trump is always suing people. Now, someone is sung him. Trump is being sued for using the image of a bad eagle as apart of his campaign.

Governor Chris Christie Wants President Obama To Make 2 Pac’s Aunt Assata Shakur Return To The U.S.


Governor Chris Christie is now demanding that President Obama make Assata Shakur return to the United States. Shakur fled to Cuba in 1984 after she was convicted for the death of a NJ state trooper Werner Foerster. Since Obama went to Cuba last week.

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