(Video) Obama Set To Commute Dozens Of Nonviolent Drug Sentences


White House aides are reporting President Barrack Obama is set to commute the sentences of dozens of nonviolent federal drug offenders in the coming weeks. This would be an impactful event as there is a preponderance of nonviolent offenders to violent offenders caught up in the penal system.

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(Video) Man Waves Around The Confederate Flag In The Wrong Neighborhood And Gets Stomped Out By Residents


Man Waves Around The Confederate Flag In The Wrong Neighborhood And Gets Stomped Out By Residents and it’s caught on tape! Hop into the post for the video! #IFWT!

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White House Lifts Ban On Cell Phones + Social Media

White House cell phone ban

The White House has always had a strict no-cell phone policy during their public tours so as to maintain privacy, but that has since been nixed! Taking to Instagram early this morning, the FLOTUS Michelle Obama announced that they are doing away with the ban.

“Big news! Starting today, we’re lifting the ban on cameras and photos on the @WhiteHouse public tour. Visitors are now able to take photos and keep those memories for a lifetime!”

How cool is that? To learn how to schedule a tour with your friends and family, head here.

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(Video) Political Groups Gather At House Of Representatives For Criminal Justice Reform


An eclectic group of political people gathered on Thursday to introduce various criminal justice reform legislation in the House of Representatives.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Plans To Announce His 2016 Presidential Run


News has been scattered around that New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie plans to make the announcement, Tues. June 30th, that he will be in the 2016 running for President of the United States. Sources tell NBC News that, “all indications are likely Tuesday with some details still being worked out.”

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China Lashes Out Against US For Racial Bias In Annual Report


China Lashes Out Against US For Racial Bias In Annual Report
On June 26, 2015, China accused the United States of America for the widespread existence of racial discrimination and the ubiquity of firearms throughout the country.

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(Video) LMAO! Maya Rudolph Portrays Rachel Dolezal On ‘Late Night’

Maya Rudolph as Rachel Dolezal

Actress Maya Rudolph was comedic gold with her impersonations of various celebrities/public figures during her time on Saturday Night Live in the mid 00’s. Unfortunately, as she’s no longer a cast member on the show, the Rachel Dolezal impression that you KNOW she would kill was unable to get done…until she visited Late Night with Seth Meyers last night!

Watch Maya Rudolph as Rachel Dolezal below!

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(Video) Cornel West Calls Out Obama For Being “Ni**erized”


Following President Obama’s use of the the n-word – while discussing the current existence of racism – during his stop by Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, conversation has been sparked about the word, and has added to Cornel West’s use of a ‘this century’ term; a term in which he used, and heavily during his stop by CNN on Monday.
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(Photo) Is There Something BIGGER Than Racism? According To Nas, It’s “America Selling A False Dream”


In the wake of what is Charleston, and President Obama’s use of the n-word, the New York native speaks his truth on the bigger picture in America. It’s “BIGGER than BLACK and WHITE,” he says on Instagram. It is, however, “about America selling a false dream.” Nas frequently wonders, as a Black man, how can a country like ours, a country responsible for the biggest export – one he calls culture – still make one feel like they do not belong. How do we change this? Look to the “past, present & future,” he says.

Drop down bottom for Nas’ full statement.

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(Video) Republican Karl Rove Says Charleston Shooting Act ‘Racist, Bigoted & Evil; Repeal 2nd Amendment


Republican Strategist and Former President George W. Bush’s Senior Advisor Karl Rove said the Charleston shooting in South Carolina was a ‘racist, bigoted & evil… act.’ He suggests repealing 2nd Amendment.

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