(Video) Wait…What? Michelle Obama Is Doing A Hip-Hop Album?!

"Let's Move"

Yes, you read the title correctly…and yes, it’s true. However, don’t expect some Nicki Minaj-type lyrics from our First Lady. Mrs. Obama is planning on releasing a hip-hop album for her Let’s Move health and exercise program, but unfortunately, she won’t be blessing the mic. Instead, the compilation will feature artists like Ashanti, Doug E. Fresh, Run DMC and more. Check out the first video off the project below!

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US Senate Wrote WHAT On Wikipedia?!


Edward Snowden’s bio on Wikipedia was changed from “dissident” to “traitor” on Friday. When Wikipedia traced the editors the IP address to their surprise it came from the United States Senate.

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How The FBI Can Spy On Android Users!!


The FBI has the ability to record conversations with Androids. Apparently the FBI is using super slick hacker tools and loopholes to spy on people. Hit the jump for full story …

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(Video) Al Qaeda-Linked Threats Are The Reason U.S. Embassies Are Closing?!

Security personnel stand guard near a wall with graffiti at the U.S. embassy, where protesters gather to condemn a film being produced in the U.S. that insulted Prophet Mohammad, in Cairo September 12, 2012. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany  (EGYPT - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST RELIGION) TEMPLATE OUT. SENSITIVE MATERIAL. THIS IMAGE MAY OFFEND OR DISTURB

Beginning August 4, U.S. Embassies around the world are closing down, including in Egypt. California Republican and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Royce is saying that Al Qaeda-linked threats originates from the, “Middle East and in Central Asia.” CNN was told that the Obama administration was specifically keeping their eyes open for threats against the embassy in Sanaa, Yemen.
Yemen has been cracking down on Al Qaeda, and President Obama plans on meeting with, Yemeni President, Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi at the White House next week, so we’ll see where that goes. For now, hit the jump to get more details as well as the closing dates – via the U.S. Embassy’s Cairo twitter.

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(Photos) Thousands Of Underage Immigrants Are Sent WHERE???

Aerial Views Of The U.S.-Mexico Border On The Rio Grande

Approximately 13,454 unaccompanied Mexican minors were apprehended by Immigration last year. The problem is that officials are often unable to determine if the minors have made it here on free will, or are the victims of human trafficking so instead of doing the research, they’re blanketed. Hit the jump to see what happened to them.

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WTF?? Pakistani Game Show Gives Out Abandoned WHAT As Prizes??


Here In the U.S., a woman as recently as today won a car on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ This week is also Kids Week on ‘Jeopardy’, where children between the ages of 10-12 can win thousands of dollars. Both shows have been on air with consistently high ratings (30 and 49 years, respectively). Now let’s zoom to the middle-east; Pakistan. During Ramadan, TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s prime-time game show ‘Amaan Ramazan’ airs for seven hours each day. Their 500 guests are quizzed on their knowledge of the Koran and in return get to win some nice gifts like motorbikes and cellphones. Apparently, still not enough to boost ratings. Hit the jump to see what they now give away.

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Guess Which Country Has Voted To Legalize Marijuana?!?


Looks like the world will have a new destination for weed travel! As more countries realize that criminalizing marijuana is a waste of time and money, we’ll start to see other countries consider legalizing weed. This country is beachside, in South America, and has great food. Not to mention in a great location so you can jet-set to other countries in a snap. Find out what country it is after the jump.

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(Photos) And The Craziest State Award Goes To…


By now, it’s obvious. The award goes to Florida. (Now) ironically nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” It’s been pretty gloomy for residents. To shed light on one particular subject, we have the infamous Zimmerman trial. However, that’s wasn’t the beginning and it seems like that won’t be the end.

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WHAT! Monica Lewinsky Sex Tape With Bill Clinton Might Be Leaked?!

IFWT_Bill Clinton

Even without a smartphone, this intern was definitely tech savvy. It’s been over 13 years since he’s been in office, but The National Enquirer has supposedly gotten a hold of a secret cassette tape that was supposed to have been destroyed with Monica explicitly talking about her plans to smash Clinton. Although she’s the only one on there, the transcript is pretty juicy. Check out the transcript after the jump.

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(Video) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! Anthony Weiner Releases Video On Why He Won’t Drop Out

IFWT_Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner has had a no good, very bad week. After coming in first in Quinnipiac’s poll last week against all candidates, his favorability stands at 11% now. Ouch. With Sydney Leathers making her rounds trashing him with not even Eliot Spitzer supporting him, it would seem wise to cut his losses now and just make peace with himself. Not happening, says Weiner. Check out his official statement in the video after the jump.

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