(Video) Drake or Kendrick? Guess Who President Obama Chose

Following his final State Of The Union address, President Obama sat down with a few youtube personalities for a live-streamed interview at the White House. In the interview he was asked serious questions about politics and the state of the 2016 election, but they also had a little fun with questions about todays pop culture. When asked who he’d choose in a rap battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake the Commander-In-Chief had no problem making a selection. Can you guess who he chose? Find out who & why after the jump!

Obama Administration Puts Billions Of Dollars Toward Self-Driving Car Plan

Its 2016 and technology is certainly booming. Its only going to continue to rise as the years come. Obama’s administration has recently proposed putting $4 Billion into a plan that will get self-driving cars on the roads in the near future. Thats actually pretty cool!

Obama Says Putting Tax On Tampons Is Not Fair To Women

Its official! President Obama is the FIRST president to discuss care products designed for women in front of a live audience. Most probably don’t feel the need to, but clearly Obama feels otherwise. During an interview with “The East Room,” he was asked about menstrual products being taxed as a luxury good in 40 states.

(Video) Wale Becomes The First Rapper To Open For The State Of The Union Address

It has been a very big week at the White House…and hip-hop has been a major theme throughout! How dope? After President Obama kicked it with Kendrick Lamar earlier this week, then the White House joining Snapchat and paying homage to DJ Khaled (pic in the gallery), the POTUS gave his last State of the Union Address last night, and Wale became the first rapper ever to open the show. Check out some footage from the night below. Congrats to Wale on such a major accolade!

Sit Down: Donald Trump Gives Us His Opinion On President Obama’s State Of The Union Speech


Last night, President Obama delivered his last State of The Union speech as POTUS and touched on numerous topics our country has been dealing with. For the Obama supporters, it was nothing but pure praise for our President. Unfortunately for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, he did not seem to be so interested in what our President had to say during his speech.

Man Who Claimed To Be Jesus Tried To Kidnap Obama’s Dog

People are getting to be pretty outrageous with the stuff they try to do for attention. Im not sure what these people are thinking when they do such crazy things but it has to stop. A armed man has recently claimed to be Jesus and tried to the first family’s dog. WTF?

President Obama Will Take Another Look Into Revoking Bill Cosby’s Medal Of Freedom

Not only is Bill Cosby’s reputation basically ruined, his acknowledgments may be taken away also. I mean thats to be expected I guess after over 50 woman accuse you of sexual assault. President Obama will take a second look as to whether or not he will revoke Bill’s medal of freedom.

Mexican Mayor Murdered Just One Day After Taking Office

Mexican drug Cartels are are becoming more and more violent towards political figures. Because these figures are looked upon as threats, they often kidnap them or murder them just to keep them off of their backs. Mayor Gisela Mota had been elected as the new Mayor of Mexico on Friday. Mota had a lot of positive visions for Mexico but unfortunately she will not be able to live any of them out due to the fact that she was murdered the day after she had been sworn in.

Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting To Discuss Gun Control Laws

With the recent events of mass shootings and terrorist attacks, Obama has expressed how much he believes there should be stricter gun laws. He has scheduled a town hall meeting in D.C. where he will address his attempt to make gun laws tighter in the United States.

(Video) Donald Trump Used By Terrorist To Recruit Members


It was once reported as false that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s comments on muslims were being used to lure people into being apart of terrorism. They had no proof as to whether that was true or not. Well now we know that there is proof showing that this is whats going on.

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