Joe Scarborough Says Donald Trump Playing Dumb About The KKK Is Disqualifying

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough has a few things to say about good ol’ Donald Trump. Trump recently said he has no idea who or what the KKK is after David Duke told people to vote for Trump in order to protect the legacy of racism.

(Audio) Bobby Shmurda Plans To Get Into Politics When He Gets Out Of Jail


Bobby Shmurda has been locked up for over 430 days now facing charges for drugs, weapons possession, and conspiracy at a Westchester County Jail. The 21 year-old Brooklyn MC has been denied bail now for the 7th time in January, which only leads him to believe his constitutional rights are being violated because the New York District Attorney has got it in for him. Hit the jump to hear about Shmurda’s next move once he is finally released.

(Video) Rapper Killer Mike Responds To Hillary Clinton’s Dismissal Of #BlackLivesMatter Activists

We recently reported about Hillary Clinton’s dismissal of a Black Lives Matter activist as she asked tough questions during a campaign. Since then, rapper Killer Mike has responded to the incident making it very clear to fans and those listening why he is voting for Senator Bernie Sanders, and why it is imperative for the black community to do the same. See the powerful speech after the jump!

(Video+Photos) K Michelle Announces That She’s Endorsing Hillary Clinton & Fans Are Not Too Happy

K Michelle may not have made the best business move when she took to social to share who she’d be campaigning with for those year’s presidential election. Fans were completely against her endorsing Hillary Clinton and did not hesitate to let her know. Learn more after the jump!

(Video) Black Lives Matter Activist Confronts Hillary Clinton About Black Incarceration

Hillary Clinton has been confronted by a Black Lives Matter activist in the state of South Carolina during a fundraiser. When questioned to apologize to black people for “mass incarceration”, Clinton failed to address the activist before she was escorted away after causing an uproar from the crowd. Hit the jump.

Former KKK Grand Wizard Tells People To Vote For Donald Trump In Order To Protect Legacy Of Racism

Former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, David Duke, spoke about Donald Trump on his show, David Duke Radio Program. He told listeners that voting against Trump is considered Treason. Although he himself is not endorsing Trump as of yet, he is asking his listeners to do so.

Wait What?: Ben Carson Says President Obama Was “Raised White” Which Is Why He Can’t Relate To Black People

Ben Carson has made a pretty odd statement about President Obama. Carson feels as though President Obama can not relate to black people because he was raised white.

Bun B Reports From Trump Rally In South Carolina

Bun B has always taken a healthy interest in politics, helping to inform the hip-hop community about what’s going on. Teaming up with VICE, the Trill OG has taken to the Trump campaign trail to shed a light on the racism what’s going on from that side of things. The result? Exactly what you think it would be… “As Trump takes the stage, complimenting the sportsmen who introduced him as ‘very rich and very nice,’ I get it,” Bun reported. “This isn’t about politics. This is about a famous person from television coming to town.” He continues after the jump.

Bernie Sanders Supporter Tries To Place Obituary For Hillary Clinton/Gets Called From The Secret Service

That’s a new one…not your usual type of political humor, but none the less – a good try. A very dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter, tried to place an obituary for current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, before that idea was thwarted by the Secret Service. Hit the jump.

(Video) Politics: Jeb Bush Drops From Presidential Campaign

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has announced that he dropped out if the Republican race for US president after failing to rank high in the first three state primaries. He came a distant fourth in Saturday’s South Carolina vote, which was won by billionaire estate mogul Donald Trump. He said “Today I am suspending my campaign,” to a crowd of his supporters who were very emotional. Read the rest of the story after the jump.

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