(Video) Hillary Clinton And Mayor Bill de Blasio Joke About Running On CP Time


Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, both attended the he Inner Circle Show, which is a comedy hows where journalist make fun of politicians. Bill and Hillary made a little joke of their own by referring to the stereotype of black people always being late.

Bill Clinton Says He Regrets Not Listening To The Black Lives Matter Supporters While in Philly


Yesterday, Bill Clinton and Black Lives Matters protestors had it out after he tried to defend a comment his wife made in the 90’s. Bill now says that he is regretting not giving the supporters a chance to express how they felt.

NJ Man Faces Jail Time After Refusing To Take Down Donald Trump Flag


If we know nothing else about Trump supporters, we know they are beyond loyal. One New Jersey man is even willing to face time behind bars for Trump. Now you know that loyal on another level. Joseph Hornick is in jeopardy of facing a $2000 fine or 90 days in jail after refusing to take down a Donald Trump flag he had over his home.

(Video) Bill Clinton And Black Lives Matters Protestors Clash In Philadelphia


Bill Clinton got into a heated argument with Black Lives Matters supporters while in Philadelphia. Supporters were coming after Hillary for the comment she made about ‘predators’ when defending her husband.

Bobby Shmurda Endorses Hillary Clinton For President


During a interview with Vibe, Bobby Shmurda talks politics. The currently incarcerated rapper speaks on why Hillary Clinton is the best fit for President.

Sarah Palin Claps Back At Azealia Banks After Banks Said She Should Have A Train Run On Her By Black Men

ifwt_Azealia Banks MAIN

Earlier today, Azealia Banks read what turned out to be a satire (aka fake) interview with Sarah Palin. With the headline quoting Palin as saying, “Even The French Understand That Slavery Wasn’t Our Fault, Because The Negroes Liked It,” you can imagine how the piece went on from there. In a series of now-deleted tweets (as she must have realized her error at some point,) Azealia wrote that Palin should have a train ran on her by “the biggest burliest blackest negroes,” among other expletives. The tweets quickly went viral, and caused enough of a headline that it prompted Palin herself to respond. And while I can’t stand her either, she may be the lesser of two evils in this situation.!

(Video) Donald Trump Speaks On How He Will Get Mexico To Pay For The Wall


It’s no surprise that Donald Trump plans to stop illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. by building a wall if he becomes President. The question is how will he get the money to do this? Apparently he thinks he will get Mexico to pay for this.

(Video) Black Panthers Shut Down KKK Rally In Dallas


As we near closer and closer to the presidential election, more and more hate is bred throughout our society than positivity should. This uproar, the Black Panthers make their presence known by shutting down a KKK rally that was taking place in Dallas, Texas. Hit the jump to see the video and hear what the folks have to say.

Border Control Endorses Its First Presidential Candidate


Border Control has endorsed its first Presidential candidate and guess who they choose? Thats right, good ol’ Donald Trump. Donald Trump is still standing with the fact that he wants illegal immigrants and terrorsists to go back to their homes away from the U.S. Trump believes that they pose a economic threat to our country.

(Photo + Video) Teenager Pepper Sprayed By Trump Supporter


The Trump supporters get bolder and bolder by the day. A 15-year-old girl was seen on video arguing with a man because she claims he touched her chest. The argument grew out of proportion and the girl was pepper sprayed. Terrible!

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