Who Took More Vacation Days In The Office: President Obama Or George W. Bush?!


CBS New Correspondent Mark Knoller has done the math and has figure out a ton of presidential data including how many vacation days President Obama has taken so far in his second term. Click the jump to see how he compares to other past presidents like Bill CLinton and George W. Bush!

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison

Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. cried in court Wednesday as he was sentenced to 30 months in prison for using $750,000 in money he’d raised for his “campaign” for personal use.

Jesse Jackson’s son pleaded guilty in February to spending the money on things like a $43,000 Rolex, mink capes, vacations, meals for his MISTRESS, two mounted elk heads and a fedora that once belonged to Michael Jackson.

“I didn’t separate my personal life from my political life and I couldn’t be more wrong,” he said in a statement. “I take responsibility for my actions.” He reports to prison November 1st.

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(Caught On Tape) Protesters In Egypt Push Police Truck Over Bridge!!

APTOPIX  Mideast Egypt

By now you’ve probably seen the results of the ongoing protests in Egypt. Now we also have an incident to view. During the political uprising, the police vehicle was pushed by angry rebels and fell several stories. In photos related to the video, possibly taken after, show two security guards laying near the truck. Check out video and the photos after the jump.

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(Photos) Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentenced To 30 Months!


The son of civil rights’ activist, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jr. has recently been sentenced to 30 months in jail. A little more than a year ago, Jr. was a young Democratic congressman that worked to increase the federal minimum wage. Based in Chicago, he did whatever was necessary to help the less fortunate. Including spending $750,000 from his campaign on personal items. It seems that “less fortunate” included himself.

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(Warning*Graphic*18+*Photos) Photos Of The Government Crackdown Of Protestors In Egypt, Over 200 Dead


Egypt has had a rollercoaster ride for the past two years, overthrowing a dictator, then overthrowing an elected President when they weren’t satisfied with him either. It’s now come down to the people versus the government, and civilians are coming out in record numbers to protest peacefully. Unfortunately, the armed forces have taken it into their hands to clear these sit-ins by firing at the masses and killing scores of Egyptians. These enraging actions have already been condemned by the United States, who ask the government to respect peaceful assembly and due process under law. The following photos will break your heart and are extremely graphic. Find them in the gallery.

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Stop-and-Frisk Ruled Unconstitutional in New York City

IFWT_Stop n Frisk

Federal judge Shira Scheindlin laid the verdict that many New Yorkers found as a warm welcome to the controversial stop-and-frisk law. She found that officers had overstepped their authority in regards to stopping people in the street, and found it violated the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Now the judge has appointed a special lawyer to monitor the abuses by the NYPD. Do you think it will change how people are stopped? Find out all the details after the jump.

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(Video) Wait…What? Michelle Obama Is Doing A Hip-Hop Album?!

"Let's Move"

Yes, you read the title correctly…and yes, it’s true. However, don’t expect some Nicki Minaj-type lyrics from our First Lady. Mrs. Obama is planning on releasing a hip-hop album for her Let’s Move health and exercise program, but unfortunately, she won’t be blessing the mic. Instead, the compilation will feature artists like Ashanti, Doug E. Fresh, Run DMC and more. Check out the first video off the project below!

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US Senate Wrote WHAT On Wikipedia?!


Edward Snowden’s bio on Wikipedia was changed from “dissident” to “traitor” on Friday. When Wikipedia traced the editors the IP address to their surprise it came from the United States Senate.

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How The FBI Can Spy On Android Users!!


The FBI has the ability to record conversations with Androids. Apparently the FBI is using super slick hacker tools and loopholes to spy on people. Hit the jump for full story …

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(Video) Al Qaeda-Linked Threats Are The Reason U.S. Embassies Are Closing?!

Security personnel stand guard near a wall with graffiti at the U.S. embassy, where protesters gather to condemn a film being produced in the U.S. that insulted Prophet Mohammad, in Cairo September 12, 2012. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany  (EGYPT - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST RELIGION) TEMPLATE OUT. SENSITIVE MATERIAL. THIS IMAGE MAY OFFEND OR DISTURB

Beginning August 4, U.S. Embassies around the world are closing down, including in Egypt. California Republican and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Royce is saying that Al Qaeda-linked threats originates from the, “Middle East and in Central Asia.” CNN was told that the Obama administration was specifically keeping their eyes open for threats against the embassy in Sanaa, Yemen.
Yemen has been cracking down on Al Qaeda, and President Obama plans on meeting with, Yemeni President, Abdo Rabu Mansour Hadi at the White House next week, so we’ll see where that goes. For now, hit the jump to get more details as well as the closing dates – via the U.S. Embassy’s Cairo twitter.

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