(Video) Thousands Involved In Brazilian Bloody Riot Over Public Transportation Fare Raise

IFWT_Brazil Riots

When the Brazilian government announced they were raising the fare for public transportation by 20 cents, the Free Pass Movement, a small but strong set of protestors used their constitutional rights to protest. What started out as one act that eventually turned into seven acts with thousands of people taking to the streets became a protest that the government could not ignore. The city of Sao Paulo tried to stop the movement with police force, but after social media spread images and videos of police brutality, the media could not ignore it anymore. If you want to see some real protest and citizenship over injustice, watch this. In a 2 part series documenting the seven acts of protest, check out this amazing video after the jump.

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Bloomberg Sues City Council Over Stop & Frisk Law?!

IFWT_Stop n Frisk

When Bloomberg has a point to make, the mayor of NYC intends on being heard, no matter how many times you try to shut him down. Although many can agree he’s done quite a bit to make the city better, he’s also been stubborn about a few other things, including the soda ban and Stop & Frisk. A judged ruled Stop & Frisk to be unconstitutional and required that the program have a lawyer oversee the controversial program. Bloomberg has made public statements that he believes minorities should be stopped more, and he has completely attributed Stop & Frisk to the decrease of violence in NYC. Find out what he’s suing City Council for after the jump.

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(Photos) As John Kerry Reveals The Cause Death Of Thousands Of Syrians, We Have Pics Of Him With Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad!


Well… in response to the recent, tragic events in Syria, hopefully by now you’ve read about what Sec. of State, John Kerry had to say. In light of his research, and apparent outspoken behavior regarding Bashar al-Asaad’s chemical attacks towards his own people, pictures from a dinner in 2009 with Kerry and Assad, both with their wives, have recently surfaced. According to reports, Kerry had the sit-down with Assad with hopes of bringing peace to the region. From the recent mass genocide similar to the likes of Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, it’s pretty obvious that the talk didn’t go as planned. Hit the jump and check out the pics.

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Kerry Calls Syria’s President A ‘Thug’ & Says He ‘No Doubt’ Used Chemical Weapons To Harm His People


United States Secretary of State John Kerry is calling Syria’s President Bashar Assad out for not only being a “thug” and a “murderer,” but also for being the culprit whom “no doubt” carried out the chemical attack against his own people.

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Sorority Girls Bribed To Vote In Alabama With Limo Rides & Cocktails?!


Politicians have long tried a number of tactics to get people to vote for them; sometimes, it’s through social media, and sometimes it’s in free gift bag swag. The sorority girls of the University of Alabama got a better deal than most. Hit the jump to find out what they were offered.

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Saudi Arabia To Pay For Any Nation To Defeat The Syrian Government


A Saudi prince is fed up with the situation in Syria. John Kerry recently announced that the Syrian government was killing their own people with chemical weapons, which violates international law. The civil war between the rebels and the government has been going on for over 2 years, with 2 million refugees spread all over the the world. Now the situation has come to a breaking point. Find out after the jump how Saudi Arabia intends to fix the situation.

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(Video) President Obama Speaks About College Affordability [LIVE]


President, Barrack Obama stops by the University of Buffalo, a speaks to the students about college affordability.
I want to say…Listen, Mr. President I’ve heard it all when it comes to this college education madness, so let’s create action! These fees are ridiculous! By the time I’m finished (SOON!) I’m not going to know what to do with myself, so not ONLY should a plan be created for in-coming students, BUT a plan needs to be created for students that are leaving as well.
I know a thing or two about making something SOUND good, Obama! Actions speak LOUDER than words!
Hit the jump, and check out what’s going on with the government and a financial stability for college students.

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(Photos) Whoa!! Students In Indonesia May Have To Take Virginity Tests?!?!


A budget was recently proposed in Indonesia that would require female senior high school students to undergo virginity tests to discourage premarital sex and protect against prostitution. However, despite it’s good intention, the ends don’t seem to justify the means as the plan would promote discrimination and the violation of human rights.

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(Photos) NYC Has The Largest Gun Bust In City History!!


It’s real life, but you would think that this was a TV show the way it played out. During an undercover investigation by the NYPD, one lone officer was responsible for the take down of 19 gun smugglers. Ironically, in light of the stop-and-frisk controversies, Mayor Bloomberg credited the laws for taking 8,000 guns off of the streets. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

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Who Took More Vacation Days In The Office: President Obama Or George W. Bush?!


CBS New Correspondent Mark Knoller has done the math and has figure out a ton of presidential data including how many vacation days President Obama has taken so far in his second term. Click the jump to see how he compares to other past presidents like Bill CLinton and George W. Bush!

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