(Video) Donald Trump Cancels Rally Due To Security Concerns And Protestors


Earlier we heard of two protesters who were arrested and assaulted while at a Trump rally. Donald Trump has now canceled his rally in Chicago due to security concerns and protestors.

(Video) Two Black Activist Get Attacked And Arrested Outside Of Donald Trump Rally


Here we go again. While at a Donald Trump rally in St. Louis, 2 men were arrested. One got attacked leaving the scene bloody. Just yesterday a 78-year-old man was arrested after assaulting a black protestor at Trump’s North Carolina rally.

Obama Wants To Kill ISIS’s Leader Before He Leaves Office


It has been reported that President Obama is working on killing the ISIS leader before he leaves office. Obama will be leaving the office in January. Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg came up with this conclusion after many interviews with Obama and his team.

(Video) SMH: 78-Year-Old Man Arrested For Punching Rakeem Jones At Trump Rally Says He Deserved It And Might Have To Die Next Time


A black protestor by the name of Rakeem Jones was punched in his face by a white Trump supporter at a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The 78-year-old man whose name is John McGraw, has now been arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

(Video) SMH: Another Donald Trump Supporter Assaults Black Protestor


These Trump rallies are out of control. Another black protestor has been attacked at Donald Trump’s rally. This event took place in North Carolina. These protestors were not being violent during the protest. They were being escorted out when a Trump supporter punches one in the face. Unfortunalty, this is not the first time we’ve seen this behavior at a Trump rally.

President Obama Skipping Nancy Reagan’s Funeral For SXSW Show


President Barack Obama is taking heat this time around for planning to skip Nancy Reagan’s funeral to attend the popular SXSW festival in Texas. This isn’t the first time the President has skipped a major political figure’s funeral either. Hit the jump.

Top ISIS Leader Likely Killed In U.S Airstrike


Several U.S. officials told CNN the military and intelligence community is looking into whether or not a targeted U.S. airstrike killed a top ISIS leader, Omar “the Chechen”. If it’s true, which it probably is, it would be a big win for the U.S and big L for ISIS. Hit the jump.

(Video) Stacey Dash Says “We Got Blacked Into” Voting For President Obama


Stacey Dash is at it again, speaking for the group least likely to agree with a word that comes from her mouth. In a recent interview she discusses President Obama’s election into office, stating that the country is more divided than ever since his presidency began, and we only voted for him because he is Black. Listen to the audio after the jump!

(Photo) Petty Wap: 50 Cent Throws Some Shade At Donald Trump


If you don’t know 50 Cent is king petty and literally will throw shade at anyone. The rapper/entrepreneur has been posting pictures of him with the possible presidential candidates for the 2016 elections. Today 50 went to Instagram and threw some major shade at Donald Trump. I mean the post pretty much speaks for itself. Lol! Check out the picture after the jump.

Ben Carson Has Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race


It’s official. Republican candidate for the presidency Ben Carson, has withdrew his candidacy and drops out of the race. Now for the GOP, it’s down to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. If the Republican party wins, one of these four men are up. Hit the jump.

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