(Video) Back At It Again; Trump Mocks Indian Accent.


Donald Trump is no stranger to news headlines, in fact I think he loves all the attention he gets. He’s back at it again with his questionable antics.

(Video) Donald Trump Is Not Happy With Harriet Tubman Being The New Face Of The $20 Bill


Donald Trump is not really a fan of Harriet Tubman being the new face of the $20 bill. When asked about it he says he thinks the bill should have kept the faces that have been on it for many years. He goes on to say he thinks there could have been something different done such as putting Tubman on the $2 bill or something of that sort.

(Photo) Donald Trump And His Supporters Are Being Accused Of Misogyny


Donald Trump and his supporters are now being accused of misogyny, which is a dislike for woman. Trump has made many questionable comments regarding woman. Now people are starting to complain about the merchandise being sold outside of his rallies, in particular the Buffalo rally. They are reportedly offensive to woman. This rally was just a disaster overall.

(Video) Ouch: Donald Trump Calls Accidentally Calls ‘9-11’ ‘7-Eleven’


Good ol’ Donald Trump. Back at it again with the stupid comments. While at a rally in Buffalo, NY, he spoke on the 911 terrorist attacks. Well atleast that’s what he was trying to speak on. Accidentally, Trump called 911, ‘7-Eleven.’ His mind was clearly on a Big Gulp rather than the 911 terrorist attacks in which he was speaking on.

Slick Rick Plans To Vote For Hillary Clinton


After 40 years here, UK-born Slick Rick finally became a U.S. citizen in a ceremony in NYC on Friday morning. While there, he also spoke with Billboard, and revealed that he already has plans with his new citizenship, and they include voting for Hillary Clinton.

Does DeRay Mckesson Have Baltimore’s Support?


As reported a few months ago, DeRay Mckesson is running for Mayor of Baltimore. This might be a little more difficult than what he first anticipated.

(Video) Sending Shots? Hillary Clinton Responds to Trump


This years race to be the Republican and Democratic nominees has been nothing short of entertaining and we haven’t even reached the race to become president yet. The two most entertaining are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

(Video) SNL Parodies The Democratic Debate


Things got a little heated when Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went at it in the Democratic Debate in Brooklyn this past Thursday. That debate caught the attention of SNL, of course, and they decided to make yet another parody of the Democratic debate.

(Video) A Spike Lee Joint: Wake Up! Bernie Sanders’ Newest Video


Looks like the 30 second ad that Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders put out last week was just the tip of the iceberg. Coming off of a popular visit to Pope Francis, Bernie Sanders releases a short film (5 minutes) directed by none other than Spike Lee.

Politics: George Clooney’s Neighbor Is Throwing a Fundraiser For Bernie While Clooney Hosts For Hillary

IFWT_Golds Sanders Invitation

George Clooney has come to the forefront to make it known that he is set on supporting Hillary Clinton by hosting a very expensive fundraiser for her. But it looks like one of Clooney’s neighbors is answering back with a fundraiser of his own for the Sand-man, Bernie. This fundraiser certainly emulates the polarizing positions of both candidates.

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