The Government Funds 18 Million To Destroy Marijuana Plants


What if I told you the government was spending millions of dollars to burn any trace of weed grown in this country? Well, that’s exactly what’s been happening for years now…shocker. The government funds the DEA with 18 million dollars a year to continue pushing an endless attack issued through the war on drugs.

President Obama’s Income Decreases?


The President of the United States makes a lot of money annually, but for the 2015 year, it’s seen a bit of a decline.

(Photo) Pusha T Shares His Thoughts About Meeting Obama Today


  During the “My Brothers Keeper” Initiative on criminal justice reform, President Obama met with a number f influential Hip-Hop and Musical Figures. Afterwards, rapper Pusha T took to Instagram to  share a photo of himself, Busta Rhymes, J Cole, and what seems to be Talib Kwali. 

(Video) Khaled, J. Cole, Common & More Meet With Pres. Obama About Criminal Justice Reform!


(Video) Spike Lee Produces Bernie Sanders’ Latest Ad

Spike and Bernie teamin up

A little more than a week after Spike Lee opened up for Bernie Sanders in front of a crowd of about 18,000 people in the Bronx, he takes his directorial talents to Sanders’ newest ad. Spike and Bernie are practically day ones. Both Brooklynites (Brooklyn stand up) have been, hand in hand, trying to sway voters, especially minority voters, away from Hilary Clinton.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Will Not Be Prosecuted For Pushing News Reporter


Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, will not be prosecuted for pushing news reporter, Michelle Fields. Apparently there is a video that shows Fields standing in a spot that she was not suppose to be in. In the video, a Secret Service agent directed Fields to go back to the spot where media access was granted. Instead, Fields went to the spot, dug in her purse, then moved back to the spot where she was just moved from.

(Video) Hillary Clinton And Mayor Bill de Blasio Joke About Running On CP Time


Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, both attended the he Inner Circle Show, which is a comedy hows where journalist make fun of politicians. Bill and Hillary made a little joke of their own by referring to the stereotype of black people always being late.

Bill Clinton Says He Regrets Not Listening To The Black Lives Matter Supporters While in Philly


Yesterday, Bill Clinton and Black Lives Matters protestors had it out after he tried to defend a comment his wife made in the 90’s. Bill now says that he is regretting not giving the supporters a chance to express how they felt.

NJ Man Faces Jail Time After Refusing To Take Down Donald Trump Flag


If we know nothing else about Trump supporters, we know they are beyond loyal. One New Jersey man is even willing to face time behind bars for Trump. Now you know that loyal on another level. Joseph Hornick is in jeopardy of facing a $2000 fine or 90 days in jail after refusing to take down a Donald Trump flag he had over his home.

(Video) Bill Clinton And Black Lives Matters Protestors Clash In Philadelphia


Bill Clinton got into a heated argument with Black Lives Matters supporters while in Philadelphia. Supporters were coming after Hillary for the comment she made about ‘predators’ when defending her husband.

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