(Video) Baltimore Protesters Replace American Flags at City Hall

Baltimore Protests Change Flags

Black Lives Have Always Mattered: The atmosphere in Maryland’s hot-bed city has not slowed, soured or stagnated “by any means.” State troopers are walking the streets and the rallies are still on as Baltimore Protesters Replace American Flags at City Hall in continued response to #FreddieGray.

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(Photo) U.S. Government Plans For A New Hostage Strategy After Drone Killings


The shocking heartbreaking news about 2 hostages that were killed by a U.S drone during a counter-terrorism operation has sparked tons of controversy in the last 36 hours or so. Its sad that they were being held captive by terrorist but what stings even more is the fact that they died from a bombing that came straight from the U.S Government. It was “bad intelligence” a government official stated yesterday but good or bad the people want answers. So the government has plans for a new hostage strategy

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(Photos) Government Waste Amid Water Drought



California is battling one of the most severe water droughts in American history. Therefore, Governor Edmund Brown declared a state of Drought Emergency in January 2015. State officials were directed to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages, which includes curtailing California residents’ usage. But, the same government that is restricting water use throughout the state, is the same group culpable of wrongdoings.

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(Photos) Homeland Security Wants Silicon Valley Office



On Tuesday April 21, 2015, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson illustrated the department’s plan to establish an integral role in cyber security to combat cyberspace terrorism. The agency will open a satellite office in Silicon Valley. Their objectives are to join with tech companies to improve cyber security, reciprocate information while simultaneously recruiting tech workers for government jobs. It is noted that companies like Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, have expressed their discomfort with governments data-collecting practices that seize communications and information, using national security as justification. Homeland Security sent out a confirmation tweet, reading “At #RSAC, Sec. Johnson announces #DHS will open satellite office in Silicon Valley to help save our friends there. #DH SATRSA. Cyber security must be a partnership between government and private sector. We need each other, and we must work together. Sec Johnson #D SATRSA ” (BizJournal, 2015).

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(Video) No Chill! US Marshal Smashes Woman’s Phone!

Marshal Smashed Phone_IFWT

They wonder why we don’t trust the police, or anyone with a badge, for that matter!  A video has been released showing the behavior of a US Marshal as he smashes a woman’s Phone. She was recording an interaction between Police Officers and members of a biker gang. Not only did the Marshal take the phone from Beatrice Paez, a school teacher and law abiding citizen, but he threw it on the ground, kicked it, and repeatedly stomped on it; according to the victims recollection as she spoke with a CNN correspondent.

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(Video) Feds Launch Investigation of Baltimore Police for Death of #FreddieGray

Feds Probe Baltimore Police for Freddie Gray

With protests heavy in Maryland and buzz all over the net, the Department of Justice has officially responded. The Feds Launch Investigation of Baltimore Police for Death of #FreddieGray who died of a spinal injury while in custody of local authorities (RIP).

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(Photos+Video) Prostitutes Rally For Hillary Clinton

IFWT_Hillary Clinton1.1

Candidates are beginning to submit their bids for the upcoming Presidential Elections. Many individuals and groups are ranting and raving about Hillary Clinton submitting her name for the next executive decision-maker of the White House. But, there’s a unique group of women that are galvanizing awareness for Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail. The boisterous bunnies of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, are heavily campaigning for Hillary Clinton at the brothel location and throughout the state of Nevada.

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(Video) Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business

Deli "White History Month" Sign

They say the melting pot we live in is a “free country” but the boundaries of freedom of speech are always being challenged. The Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business feels he’s lost his slice of the “American Dream” as punishment for wanting to celebrate his whiteness “just like everybody else.” #Valid or just nah???

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(Video) Marco Rubio Bumps Nicki Minaj On Road to the White House

Marco Rubio and Nicki Minaj

Is he being real or putting a bid in for that Hip Hop vote? Republican Senator Marco Rubio Bumps Nicki Minaj On Road to the White House and says if he’s elected President of the United States he’ll be the coolest Head of State ever–starting with a turn up* on the volume of the Queen Barbz and EDM??? Let’s investigate…

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(Video) John Legend Launches Campaign to End Mass Incarceration

John Legend Launches Mass Incarceration Campaign

Some people do more and talk less. While a lot of other things are going on in the world this Oscar and Grammy winning celebrity continues to fight the good fight for an often forgotten population. Chart topping records and ‘racks on racks’ aside, John Legend Launches Campaign to End Mass Incarceration!

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