You Be The Critic: Will You Be Downloading Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 5″ ?!

IFWT_You be the critic lil waynes dedication 5 album

It’s that time again, Tunechi dropping another mixtape, The Dedication 5!! Soooo, are you copping (Downloading) that?!

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You Be The Critic: Which Do You Think Will Sell More?!?

IFWT_bedloo which iPhone will do better

Now that the rumors are either fact or fiction,  Which one do you think will sell more?!

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You Be The Critic: 1st Response To Kendrick Is In….Take Poll!!!

IFWT_Did Joell Go Hard

That’s Right, Joell Ortiz Went In, and I am a Huge Joell Fan…But this is for the Rights to claim Major Bragging Rights, it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s what you the People think…Yeah or Nah?!?!

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You Be The Critic: Is There A New King Of Hip Hop?!?!

IFWT_Is There a New King Of Hip Hop

Has Hip Hop changed Forever with this New Big Sean Record…The song features Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Electronica…All 3 really went in on the Record, BUT Kendrick made some claims, including Being one of The Top 3 Of All time, He’s King of Both Coast, and he doesn’t want ANY New Hot Rappers to Grow in their Base at All. All of these things stated with a Super Hot Flow.. the WHOLE Hip Hop Community Really Need to know What you the People Think, Is He the New King Of Hip Hop?!?!

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You Be The Critic: How Do You Feel About The “Picasso Baby” Video?

IFWT_Bedloo about Jay Z Video

So the News Broke a while ago about Hov going to an Art gallery and shooting “Picasso Baby” and we weren’t sure how it was gonna turn out, but it’s here, and it’s Art…Right? We think so, but here’s your chance to weigh in and be the Critic.

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You Be The Critic: What Should She Say…..Yeah Or Nah?!?

IFWT_What Should Nicki Say To Khaled

This one is pretty easy, what should Nicki Say, Yes Or Know, You be the Critic, and Remember, Nicki and/or Khaled Might see this, So Be kind but be honest!

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You Be The Critic: Are You Addicted To THIS Game?!

IFWT_Yes or No To Candy Crush

This game is sweeping devices across the world, I haven’t seen this type of gaming Craze since COD raged across gaming systems! Now Me personally, I’m not into this type of game, I’m gonna stick with COD/Battle Field, But almost everyone around me is STUCK on this game….So I wanna know, Are you Addicted to Candy Crush?! You Be the Critic!!!

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You Be The Critic: Who Do You Blame For The Outcome?!

IFWT_Prosecutor Or Jury

The outcome, although somewhat expected, took a good bit of people by surprise…the notion that this guy can take a young life and not get a drop of punishment…#NoJustice. But Who Do you feel like dropped the Ball here…The Prosecution for Not including the lesser charge(s), or the Jury for coming back with that decision?! You Be The Critic.

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You Be The Critic: Who Do You Want To See More?!?!

So The Yankee Stadium Show with Jay-Z/JT is a week from Today, we Know you want to see them, especially since we just launched a Contest that you guys reacted to…So You Be the Critic, Who Do You Want To See More?!?!

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You Be The Critic: Love It or Nah?!?!

IFWT_mchg love or nah

We’ve been talking about this since game 6 in the NBA finals, and It’s finally Here…A 1st of it’s kind, an album from Big Hov that was Straight Digital….Now with all of the hype, commercials, and midnight Crashes, now that we’ve listened to it, what do we think about?!?! You Be the Critic!!!

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