Cast Your Vote: Top 10 BIRDS/Gold Diggers/Groupies/AKA Famous for Who You Slept With of 2010!!!

Leave your comment here and let us know who you think was the biggest bird in 2010. We’ll put together a list and let you know which PIGEONS made it!!! #NBA!!!!

Fellas Check the Pics: VOTE NOW— Foxy, Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj??

  Which one???? Fox Boogie Lil Kim Nicki Minaj

(Fellas Check the Pic!!) Look At This Picture of Eva Mendes!!!! Is This Real or Photoshopped???

Should Jeter stay with the Yankees or Go to the Red Sox?! Vote now!

Where do you think Jeter should go? Vote now! (Thanks to Beckett Blog for the  Red Sox pic.) @funkmasterflex – Vote after the jump and let me know what you think!

Derek Jeter, Should he Stay in NY?????

Ok the Yankees put a Deal on the Table, which is $45Mil for 3 more years….Question is, should he stay and finish his spectacular career in NY or should he see if he’s hot out there????? Should Jeter Stay in NY? Yes No Web Polls @gametimegirl

Game Reaches Out to 50 Cent Once Again!! Wants a Full G-Unit Reunion!!

Written by @MarisaMendez In a series of tweets over the past 4 hours, The Game has reached out once again to former group-mate 50 Cent, hoping to squash the beef . The first tweet to go out:

@50cent Aye nigga, get on twitter & let’s get this shit movin !!! G-G-G-G- well, you know the rest

A few RT’s of fans also encouraging the reunion (“Nothin against DipSet but if @50cent @thegame @youngbuckmarley @Lloydbanks & Yayo Reunited…Sold Out Shows & a Platinum Plaque GUARANTEED!!” said one fan), and another attempt:

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