Was Having Papoose At Hot 97’s Summer Jam A Good Idea?


With all the talk about Pap not supposed to be at Summer Jam, what do y’all think? Was it a good idea to have him there? We want to know what you think, take the poll below!

You Be The Critic: Which Booty Is Better?!

IFWT_Whoa Face Surprised Face Shocked Face

Yeah, I’m a (Single) Dirty ole Man…I’m def looking at Both, But Which One IS Better?!

You Be The Critic: Should This Have Happened At The 2013 Billboard Awards?!

IFWT_Bedloo poll Billboard awards

I mean this was kinda crazy, I didn’t get it, PSy was named one of the artist for Best Rap Artists…Huh?! Maybe I’m Missing Something, you Be the Critic!!

Take Our Poll: Which Of These Video’s Do You Like More?!

IFWT_Bedlloo Pool for asap ferg video

NYC Hip Hop is Really on the Rise, and the ASAP Crew is partly responsible for that!! 1st Rocky came on the scene, and involved the crew, But Ferg is on the come up, Work has made it’s rounds, and yesterday the Work Remix Video dropped, now that you’ve had some time with it, which Video do you like More?!?!

POLL: Americans Really Hate Which Artist?!?


The political Public Policy Polling had a unique poll on the most liked and hated artists in America. And who gets hate from more than 50% of Americans? Check out who it is after the jump.

Today’s Poll: What Do You Prefer As Your Relationship Status?!

Growing up, you’re told , find a Nice young woman/man and settle down…BUT in today’s times, with the world smaller(Due to Social Media), and seemingly More choices, woman/men are not as fast to find their ‘other’, leaning more toward finding the ‘Perfect’ Person for them, leaving More people Single than in a relationship, AND the Divorce Rate Way past 50%. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong, We just want to know what you prefer?!?!

POLL: Who Was The More Hilarious Sensation? Sweet Brown, Antoine Dodson Or The Latest, Charles Ramsey?

Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey has become an overnight sensation and an accidental hero, after leading 3 women to safety by helping them escape from the house they’ve been held captive in for over a decade. In his interview after the girls were saved, he made some comments that have become instant meme classics, like how he’d make ribs and listen to salsa music with his neighbor. LOL! Question is, though, is he MORE classic than Sweet Brown (Lord Jesus, it’s a fire!) or Antoine Dodson (hide ya kids, hide ya wife!) Watch all 3 videos below and take the poll!

Take Our Poll: Which Of THESE Could Be The Android Of 2013?!

IFWT_Samsung Or HTC

This seems to be a debate, last year Samsung Really Won overall with the GS3, bringing much needed attention to Android, rising it up to the level of iOS, But this year Samsung seems to have Some competition, HTC’s One phone is really getting talked about! Which one do you think could be the Android of the Year!

(POLL) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero This Saturday! Who You Got?! #MayDay

IFWT_Mayweather Guerrero

It’s almost here!! Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero takes place this Saturday, May 4th at 9p at MGM Grand in Vegas. You know I gotta roll with our guy Money Mayweather! Take the poll after the jump to let us know who you got!!

Take Our Poll: What Do You Watch More?!

IFWT_TV Poll Netflix or cable

Netflix has been on the Rise for a couple of years now, And Now People are starting to actually use Netflix as they’re Primary source of TV…I actually did this 2 Years ago, I was sick and tire of Cable draining my pocket for the same content over and over, and Not even on My terms, So I said “Sc@#% this, Netflix is $8 a Month!!” What Are you doing?!

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