NBA: Kobe Bryant Admits He Almost Quit Basketball But Didn’t Because of Michael Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant(L) and Chicag

As a young child, Kobe Bryant liked basketball but he loved soccer. Bryant spent his young years in Italy where is father played professional basketball.  The Los Angeles Lakers living legend has never hid the fact, but after passing Michael Jordan on the NBA’s All-Time scoring list, Bryant admits he very well could have given up on the game if not for Michael Jordan.

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NFL: Jets Player Says Their Playbook Was Stolen


Somewhere out there, there’s a thief with low standards, since he just took the instructions for going 3-11.

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Sports: Donald Sterling Backs Out As Santa In Hood, Fears Attack


Donald Sterling had agreed to play Santa Claus at a children’s event in Watts, California that was set to take place this past Saturday. However, the former team owner opted not to partake in the festivities for the sake of the children’s safety…hit the jump for more deets on this story!

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NBA: Cleveland Browns Coach Says Sticking With Manziel Is Their “Best Chance”

Texas A&M Spring Football Game

Even after a horrible debut, the Cleveland Browns are sticking with Rookie QB Johnny Manziel. Coach Pettine believes that he gives them their best chance to win. Hit the jump for details.

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Sports: LeBron James Says Don’t Give Up On Manziel


Cleveland Cavaliers’ King James stands behind his friend Johnny Football 100%, as many, including retailers, have seemed to lost hope in the former Heisman trophy winner. Well, LeBron James, often seen flickin’ it up with Manziel, supports the NFL QB, understanding “how the game goes and how the game works…” Hit the jump to see what LeBron had to say regarding Johnny Football and his shutout debut against the Bengals!

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Johnny Manziel Shirts Hit The Clearance Rack!


After Sunday night’s shutout against the Cincinnati Bengals, Johnny Manziel’s value has seemed to dwindle, well at least in the eyes of some retailers…After a huge loss as first-time starting QB for the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Football shirts and gear have made their way to the clearance rack, hit the jump for photos and more!

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Sports: 50 Cent Says Jay Z Will Fail As A Boxing Promoter


SHOTS FIRED! During a recent interview, 50 Cent decided to voice his opinion on Jay-Z being a boxing promoter, just days after the first boxing card was revealed by Roc Nation Sports. Apparently, 50 doesn’t feel too fond of the rapper turned businessman…further details on this story and 50 Cent’s comments following the jump!

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NFL: Browns QB Johnny Manziel Reacts To Season Debut, Calls Shut Out “Humbling”

Texas A&M Spring Football Game

In his first official start, Johnny Manziel didn’t quite have the debut game he anticipated. In a recent interview, he discussed yesterday’s game and how it impacted him. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NFL: Patriots QB Tom Brady Posts Hilarious Tribute Video…To Himself


Tom Brady rushed for 20 yards yesterday in the Patriot’s win over the Dolphins. He must’ve believed the run was great because he posted a hilarious video on social media comparing himself to a cheetah. Hit the jump for details.

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(Videos) NBA: Lakers Throw a Party on Team Plane After Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan

IFWT_Kobe plane party 2

The Los Angeles Lakers team plane was decked out in celebratory signs after Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for 3rd all-time in points scored.

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