(Photos) NBA: Skills! Fan Gets Dope Haircut Of The Spurs Big 4 “Mount Spursmore”


Seems like there has been alot of fans getting haircuts of athletes in all sports lately. This is definitely one of the better ones. A Spurs fan got Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard cut from a barber in San Antonio and it came out crazy. He called it Mount Spursmore. Hit the jump.

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NBA: Report, Former NBA Star Larry Hughes Taken In Handcuffs From NYC Hotel For Possible Sexual Assault


An investigation into a possible sexual assault at the Trump SOHO in NYC seems to have resulted in former NBA star Larry Hughes being led away in handcuffs early this morning. A report surfaced earlier that a possible NBA player was involved in an investigation but there was no real information. TMZ and The Daily News both confirmed it was Hughes that was led away. There is no confirmation of an actual arrest as of yet. Calls to the NYPD and Hughes people have not been returned. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Funk Flex Talks Sports on Highly Questionable (@HQonESPN) with Dan Le Batard & Bomani Jones

IFWT_Funk ESPN 2  d

Ohhh shoot!! The big boss hit ESPN2 today to talk with Dan Le Batard & Bomani Jones on “Highly Questionable.”
Funk Flex talked Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Kirstie Alley and he names whose “freestyle wasn’t very good on his show” — Yikes.
Check it out…

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NBA: Smush Parker Denies Punching Kid In The Face


Former Lakers guard Smush Parker is denying any assault took place during a pick up basketball game in New York City. It was reported yesterday that he got into a dispute with a 16 year old during a game and the dispute let to Parker punching the kid in the face and getting alot of bad press. However Smush and his manager are denying that ever happened and turns out the father of the kid is the host of a tv show and just might be trying to get a little extra attention for his son, who is being recruited by some division I colleges. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Top 10 Crossovers Of The 2013-14 NBA Season


I can’t remember an NBA season where so many crossovers took place that wound up putting the defense on skates or on their a**. Hit the jump to see the top 10 crossovers of the entire season.

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NFL: Uh-Oh, Sexual Assault Investigation Is Affecting Colin Kaepernick’s Money


Even though the story involving Colin Kaepernick being involved in some type of sexual assault seems very sketchy, it is still affecting his life in a major way. Due to his recent success on the field the past few seasons, he feels he is worth close to $20 million per season like top quarterbacks in the NFL get. I disagree but that is besides the point. The 49ers and Colin have been involved in heavy contract negotiations but it seems San Fran is a little scared and taking a step back now. They have completely cut off talks with their young QB until the investigation sorts out. Hit the jump.

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NBA: What You Think? Should Knicks Fans Be Worried About Carmelo Anthony’s Comments?


Carmelo Anthony’s exit interview for the season yesterday was quite the buzz among Knicks fans. After meeting with Phil Jackson, Melo spoke with reporters before he started his long summer off. In a back and forth with those reporters, Melo gave us plenty of quotes to try and break down and see where his head is at regarding coming back to New York. July 1st he officially becomes a free agent and only time will tell what will happen. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Chad Johnson Is Officially A Pro Football Player Again, Check Out How He Celebrates


C’mon Chad, you can do better than this. Yesterday we reported that Chad Johnson officially signed a contract with CFL team the Montreal Alouettes. It is his first time actually being considered a pro athlete in about two years. You might expect a huge party or celebration from him considering how he loves the spotlight. But maybe he feels it’s time to take a different approach. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: So Foul! You Have To See The Derrick Rose Action Figure..Yes It’s Real


This is not right at all, but it is hilarious lol. Even toy companies are trolling Derrick Rose now, even though it wasn’t intentional. There are some updated versions of actions figures being sold in stores of some of the biggest NBA stars. They are no different than your standard action figures that kids play with except the Derrick Rose figure has some very specific instructions on the package and you know its wrong to laugh, but can’t help it. Keep in mind as you look at the pictures after the jump that D-Rose has already had 2 serious knee injuries.

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(Photos) NBA: WOW, So This Is How The NBA Playoffs Would Go If It Were Up To Twitter


Twitter is such a powerful force. Not powerful enough to make the NBA playoffs go a certain way, but if it was based on twitter mentions alone, there would be some surprises throughout. Some of the favorites would be knocked out early if it were up to the fans. Twitter put together a bracket based on team mentions since the start of the season. Hit the jump to see the image and who has the loudest fans. It is pretty dope. If you are a Miami Heat hater though, just look away now.

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