(Video) NBA: Shaq Reminds Michael Jordan Of The Time He Dunked On Him


It might not be throwback Thursday, but it is Flashback Friday and Shaq went way back for this memory. He made sure to remind Michael Jordan of the one time he got the drop on him and threw down a mean dunk over him and somewhat Scottie Pippen. I mean this isn’t exactly some amazing feat considering the size of Shaq & MJ, but anytime you can say you have a highlight on the GOAT, then you have to brag about it.

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(Photos) Sports: Porn Star Mia Khalifa Fires Shots At The WNBA


I guess it is safe to say Mia Khalifa is not a fan of women’s basketball. The porn star who has seen her fame explode over the past year is a big sports fan. You can always catch her rooting for Florida State football and Lacrosse among other teams and sports. But when it comes to the WNBA, you might expect her to show love because it’s women showing off their own athletic skills, but apparently not so much. The WNBA held their draft last night and Mia (clearly throwing shade) tweeted she didn’t even realize they had a draft because she thought they took volunteers. I am sure her mentions have been on fire today and not in a good way. Check the gallery!

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NFL: Johnny Manziel Writes Lengthy, Heartfelt Apology To The Browns & Fans After Leaving Rehab


Johnny Manziel left rehab this week after a two month stint at the facility. From all accounts, Johnny football took the rehab very seriously and there seems to be nothing but good things being said about that part of his life. Now it is time to shift focus back to the game he loves, where there are not many good things being said about this part of his life at all. The Browns currently are not sure yet if they wasted a draft pick on him but only he can prove to them that they were right about him to begin with.

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NBA: So Petty, LOL! Shawn Kemp Throws Party In Seattle To Celebrate OKC Not Making The Playoffs


People in Seattle are still fuming mad at the NBA and Oklahoma City Thunder for taking their beloved franchise and relocating after all the time spent in the northwest. You would think they would at least support the players because the team moving had nothing to do with them but it sounds like folks in the emerald city are just full of hate towards the organization period. Turns out former players like Shawn Kemp feel the same way because last night he threw a bash at a club in Seattle and it was all in the name of celebrating OKC missing the playoffs. The idea itself is kind of funny, but at the end of the day it’s petty and doesn’t help them get a new team anytime soon. The city almost became the new home of the Sacramento Kings before new owners stepped in and kept the team in place this past summer.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Admits He Second Guessed His Decision To Stay With The Knicks


I totally feel Carmelo on this because even as a fan I second guessed myself numerous times this season as to why do I keep watching the Knicks. So I can only imagine the stress and frustration a player on the team would feel. When Carmelo re-signed with the Knicks last summer the last thing he expected was to be part of the worst team in franchise history and one of the worst teams in the league period. Can you imagine where Chicago would be right now if Melo went there? It sounds like Melo has thought about that too.

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(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Says “Hell No” When Asked If He Will Watch Playoffs


Kevin Durant is not a happy man and you can’t blame him. One year after winning the MVP, he was forced to miss more than 50 games and watch the Thunder miss the playoffs for the first time in six years. The Thunder were plagued by injuries more so than any team in recent memory. You might think NBA players love the game so much that they watch the playoffs but KD gave a big “hell no” when asked if he was going to watch.

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Boxing: $1 Million Dollar Belt That Goes To Winner Of Mayweather/Pacquiao Travels With It’s Own Security


The belt that will be presented to the winner of the epic May 2nd fight between Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao is traveling better than most people! That’s what happens when you are worth $1 million dollars and covered in about 3,000 mini emeralds. The belt will be unveiled next week at the WBC headquarters in Mexico, where it will then travel to Vegas with the president of the WBC and two armed security guards. Once they arrive the belt was be transferred to officials at the MGM who will hold on to it until the winner of the fight is announced. Check the gallery!

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(Video) Sports: ESPN Suspends Britt McHenry One Week For Her Disrespectful Rant Towards Tow Employee


ESPN has decided to suspend reporter Britt McHenry for one week for the way she tried to humiliate and belittle a tow truck company employee after her car was towed for being somewhere it wasn’t supposed to. The incident occurred earlier this week in Arlington, VA after McHenry thought she didn’t have to live by the same rules as everyone else. Her actions and words were disgusting and directed at another woman who was just doing her job. I wonder what being suspended for a week from ESPN even means, especially for a fake princess like McHenry.

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(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Told Cop He’s Made $100 Million During DUI Arrest


Adrien Broner was arrested for DUI back in January and now we have footage of the arrest. “The Problem” talks quite a bit during the arrest, including telling the officer that he is not drunk and she doesn’t realize who she is arresting. He also goes on to tell her that he loves her and reminding her how much money he has made. Maybe it worked though because during the video you can see the demeanor of the officer change from cold to more laid back and friendly. Broner wound up pleading not guilty and plans to fight the charge.

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NFL: Aaron Hernandez Placed On Suicide Watch After Guilty Conviction


Apparently prison officials believe Aaron Hernandez is currently a threat to himself and have placed him on suicide watch at MCI Cedar Junction in Massachusetts where he will stay until he is transferred to his permanent prison. Earlier this week as you know, Hernandez was found guilty on all counts in the death of Odin Lloyd, including 1st degree murder which comes with a life sentence with no parole. Someone who has fallen so far is more likely to contemplate taking their own life rather than facing it in prison but officials are on top of it with Hernandez.

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