Boxing: Ding! Ding! Ding! Canelo Alvarez Fought His Way To Victory By Unanimous Decision


The night had finally come and everyone packed into bars and living room couches excited to watch Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez duke it out in the ring.

A full twelve rounds and over an hour later, Canelo Alvarez was deemed the victor of the showdown.

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NFL: Rob Ryan Talks About Being Fired By The Saints, ‘They Made My Bye-Week Turn Into My Bye-Bye Week’


Rob Ryan has had his fair share in the New Orleans Saints’ mishaps over the last few years, but recently, Ryan expressed that he would not take the full blame as it is being portrayed by the team.

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NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Kwon Alexander Has Been Suspended After Using PED’s


Kwon Alexander is facing a four-game suspension after using performance enhancing drugs. Alexander is still expected to play in today’s game against the Eagles, which has us wondering how that will affect today’s outcome.

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NCAA: Ohio State Buckeyes Are Fed Up, Saying ‘There’s No Chance Of Me Coming Back’ Post First Season Loss


Football in general, is one of those sports where literally anything can happen. Coming into this college football season, Ohio State was projected to be a forceful threat after taking the 2014 BCS National Championship.

Though the team is currently 10-1, the Buckeyes have struggled tremendously to keep their team on top and are currently being called the most overrated team in the country.

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(Video) NBA: King James Outburst In Last Night’s Game Resulted In A Technical Foul For The Cavs


LeBron James has always been a player with a lot of hype around him, though he’s never been one to brag or flex on other players.

Last night, it seems the “king” had enough as he subbed himself out of the game and caused the Cavaliers to be charged with a technical foul.

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(Video) NBA: “I’m All About Bets,” LeBron James Accepts Draymond Green’s Bet

IFWT_Draymond Green LeBron James


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors look to be on a crash course for a rematch in the NBA Finals. The Warriors are 14-0, dominating the Western Conference and the Cavs are 8-3 leading the Eastern Conference in the early parts of the season. While their focus is obviously on basketball, LeBron James and Draymond Green are avid sports fans and their love for college football has led to a wager.

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WWE: Triple H Hopes Hulk Hogan Can Make A Return



When Hulk Hogan was stripped of all associations with the WWE earlier because of  vile, derogatory language, dropping the N-Word with no filter on a leaked sex tape from years earlier, many felt it was a drastic but necessary move. Since then, WWE business has moved on like business as usual, and Hogan has been left to pick up his shattered reputation and legacy, but in a recent interview Triple H left the door open for a potential return.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Shuts Down Rumors Of Falling Out Between Him And Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have admitted to being more brothers than friends.

Recently, Durant shut down rumors and called everyone who assumes that he and Westbrook are feuding, “disrespectful.”

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NCAA: The NCAA Has Denied Will Grier’s Appeal Of A One-Year Suspension


Will Grier of the Florida Gators was assigned a one-year suspension after testing positive for drug enhancement substances in early October.

After filing an appeal with the NCAA, Grier has been denied and must serve the full one-year suspension that would set his return to the field in October 2016.

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NFL: Again?!! Carson Palmer Is Paying A Hefty Price For THIS Celebration Dance


The NFL is really cracking down on the unsportsmanlike conduct rules and have gone as far as to ban certain dancing/celebration moves. The popular ‘hip-thrust’is one amongst those banned and has been the cause of multiple hefty fines across the league.

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