NBA: James Harden Still Pissed He Didn’t Win MVP Last Year & Explains Why He Deserved It


While LeBron James got his customary consideration and Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook joined the talks, the NBA MVP race was really between two players, Stephen Curry and James Harden with the former taking home the trophy.  Though we’re gearing up to start a new season, Harden is still pissed about losing last season.

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(Photos) UFC: Ronda Rousey Becomes 1st Woman on Men’s Fitness Cover & Some Men Are Furious

IFWT_Ronda Mens Fitness

Men’s magazines often feature women on the cover but it’s usually women who are on there because they’re visually appealing such as supermodels in skimpy bikinis.  Well Ronda Rousey broke that mold and became the first female cover star on the cover of Men’s Fitness Australia.  She’s not only visually appealing but she’s an undefeated UFC champion.  Unfortunately her feat was met with negativity as the Magazine made the announcement on their Facebook page.

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(Video) NBA: Stephen Curry Makes Behind-the-Back Pass Then Daps Iguodala While 3-Pointer Still in the Air!


Just when you think Stephen Curry can’t get any better, he does.  During the Golden State Warriors 95-87 preseason win over the Toronto Raptors, Curry made an amazing play.

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(Photos) NBA: Stephon Marbury Bringing Back $15 Shoes, Says Jordan Robbing the Hood & LeBron a Follower


Back in 2006 when he was a point guard for the New York Knicks, Stephon Marbury released a signature sneaker that retailed for just $15.  It sold pretty well but drifted away along with Marbury’s career in the NBA.  Since then, Marbury has become a mega star in China winning multiple championships and even having a statue made in his honor.  Now Marbury is ready to bring his signature sneaker back and wants to keep it at the low cost of $15 unlike some other former and current NBA players.

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(Video) NFL: ‘I Am Delivert’ Viral Star Says He Had Sex With Kordell Stewart & Other NFL Players


Once again there are gay rumors surrounding former NFL player Kordell Stewart.  Viral Internet star Andre Caldwell – the guy who famously declared “I’m not gay no more!” – claims to have had an affair with Stewart.  Well Stewart says it’s not true.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Responds to Reports He’s Requesting a Trade From the Knicks


There’s been reports that Carmelo Anthony will jump ship and request a trade from the rebuilding New York Knicks.  Anthony said flat out, the reports aren’t true.

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(Video) NBA: J.R. Smith Hits Half-Court Shot to Win $30K Prize For Military Family!


J.R Smith often practices hitting half-court shots before the game and that practice finally paid off big time.  Before an intrasquad scrimmage among the Cleveland Cavaliers, Smith was selected to take a half-court shot to win $30,000 for a military family and he nailed it!

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(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes Says He Is Too Grown To Lie About Dating Rihanna


Back in August, Matt Barnes implied that he and Rihanna were talking and that notion was quickly shot down after Rihanna took to Instagram and violated him. LOL! Matt has since defended himself against Rihanna’s claims that she never even met him (LMAO) and he recently said that he is too grown too lie. For his manhood’s sake I would hope so too. Check the video!

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(Video) NFL: Cowboys Take Another Hit And Lose Lance Dunbar For The Year


The universe just will not let the Cowboys be great this season. Unfortunately, Dallas keeps getting hit with injury after injury and yesterday during their game against New Orleans, they suffered another devastating blow. Lance Dunbar is out for the year after tearing his ACL. Check the video!

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Breaks Shot Clock After A Dunk!


Ahhh, what a time to be alive! It is definitely feeling like Christmas for all of us NBA fans. It has been a couple months since the NBA Finals and with the return of the NBA pre-season, we are getting some glimpses of what the season might bring. As expected, Blake Griffin still has springs in his knees so we can expect lob city to continue on that path–maybe without Blake breaking shot clocks before the game starts! Check the video!

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