NBA: League Says No NBA Team Coming to Seattle Any Time Soon

IFWT_Seattle Sonics

Since the Seattle Sonics were relocated and changed to the Oklahoma City Thunder, fans in Seattle have been begging to bring a franchise back to the city.  They tried to make it happen when the Sacramento Kings were up for sale and again with the Milwaukee Bucks, neither was successful.  This time the Mayor Ed Murray met with NBA commissioner Adam Silver to discuss the possibility of the NBA expanding and including a new Sonics team.  Unfortunately he was hit with another rejection.

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NBA Rumors: Coldblooded, Miami Heat Ignored Nate Robinson’s Calls About Possibly Joining the Team


The Denver Nuggets traded Nate Robinson to the Boston Celtics whom eventually bought out his contract making him a free agent.  Instead of waiting for calls to come his way, Robinson decided to get the ball rolling himself and reached out to the Miami Heat.  Unfortunately they didn’t care enough to respond.

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NFL: Jailed Cowboys Fan Suing NFL for $88 Million for Overturning Dez Bryant’s Catch

IFWT_Dez catch

Plenty of Dallas Cowboys fans were extremely upset about Dez Bryant’s overturned catch that eventually costed the Cowboys the win against the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs this year.  Well fan decided to do more than just complain about the call, he decided to file a lawsuit.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says Tanking is a “Bad Mentality to Have”


Most New York Knicks fans want to see the team tank the season to land a top pick in the NBA draft.  But to star forward Carmelo Anthony, that is a “bad mentality to have.”

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NBA: Kevin Durant Reacts to Not Being Voted in as an NBA All-Star Starter


When you think of superstars in the league a few names come to mind like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and now Stephen Curry.  However one of those names was not voted in as an NBA All Star this year and he’s the league’s reigning MVP and scoring champion, Kevin Durant.  Unfortunately he was hit with an injury and has appeared in just 19 of his team’s 42 games this season, and as a result, has remained largely invisible from the national spotlight. He finished just fifth in the West in All-Star voting for frontcourt players — more than 800,000 votes behind Anthony Davis, and almost 250,000 votes behind Marc Gasol.  So how does he feel about that?

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(Photo) NFL: Woman is So Proud She Had Sex With Odell Beckham Jr, She Put it in Her Bio

IFWT_Odell Beckham Jr OBJ


Once upon a time being a groupie hoe was frowned on, now girls brag about it.  With the increase in social media and some women (who I won’t name) getting famous based on who they’ve slept with, now it’s the goal of many other women.  Women no longer want to keep quiet about who they’ve bed, instead they would rather put the person on blast no matter how bad it makes them look.  Case in point this wonderful young lady who’s Tinder profile went viral.  She was so proud to have had sex with Odell Beckham Jr., she put it in her Tinder bio and told other women they need to step their games up and get on her level.  Admirable.

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(Video) NBA: James Harden Breaks Defender’s Ankles & Hits Buzzerbeating Game-winner!


James Harden is having an MVP worthy season and as the Houston Rockets rested on the verge of blowing a big fourth-quarter lead to the host Phoenix Suns on Friday night,  the NBA’s leading scorer reminded everyone of his genius.

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Boxing: Canelo Alvarez Set to Fight James Kirkland in May

IFWT_Kirkland Alvarez

There’s been a few different potential fights in the works with fighters Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan.  Finally one fight is actually locked in, unfortunately it isn’t one of the match ups we were hoping for but it still should be a great match.

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(Video) NBA: Klay Thompson Sets NBA Record With 9 Three-Pointers & 37 Points in One Quarter!

IFWT_Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors crushed the Sacramento Kings 126-101 on Friday night and it wasn’t Stephen Curry who stole the show.  It was the other half of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson who made it rain on the Kings and set a couple of NBA records in the process.

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