NBA: The Warriors & Spurs Are Resting All Their Main Players For Saturday’s Game And Fans Are Pissed

image via: twitter Saturday night’s game in San Antonio between the Spurs & Warriors was supposed to be one of the marquee games of the entire season. ABC decided to make the game it’s prime time game of the week for Saturday night but they can pretty much bet on having terrible ratings after it was announced that most of the best players on both teams won’t be playing. As you might expect, fans who paid extremely high resale prices to get into the arena are very angry after dishing out lots of money to basically watch the reserves from both teams.

(Video) NBA: Andre Drummond Shows Off His Bars On Track With Detroit Rapper Nate Nixen

image via: IFWT IG Is Andre Drummond the next NBA player to try his hand in the booth? According to him, not really but that didn’t stop him from spitting alongside a rapper from Detroit named @NateNixen. Even though Drummond doesn’t want to pursue rap in a serious way, his verse actually wasn’t bad. We have definitely heard worse from guys who are paid to rap.

(Video) NBA: Marvin Williams Posterized Bismack Biyombo So Bad That Even Michael Jordan Had To Laugh

image via: IFWT IG You know you just did something epic on the basketball court if the GOAT reacts to it. Last night in Charlotte, the Hornets blew out the Orlando Magic by 38 points but that wasn’t the story of the night. Nope, the story of the night belonged to the gruesome, posterizing dunk that Marvin Williams threw down over Bismack Biyombo.

Sports: O.J. Simpson Could Be Free And Have His Own Reality Show Before The End Of 2017

image via: youtube The public interest in O.J. Simpson seems to never die. You can tell by the amount of specials regarding him and his life, as well as shows like “The People V O.J. Simpson” and ESPN’s 30 for 30 “O.J. Simpson, Made In America,” that draw in huge ratings. With the possibility of Simpson being paroled this year, some producers may be thinking getting an O.J. reality show would be huge.

(Video) NBA: Andre Iguodala Had A Bizarre Post Game Interview Which Included Racial Epithet’s

image via: twitter Andre Iguodala was frustrated after the Warriors lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night by a score of 103-102, which was their fourth loss in the last six games. They look totally different without Kevin Durant at the moment but that still doesn’t explain Iguodala’s awkward post game interview.

NFL: New Orleans Saints Trade Brandin Cooks To The New England Patriots In Exchange For 1st Round Pick

image via: youtube As if Tom Brady needed any more weapons, he just got one of the best young receivers in the NFL to help him win another Super Bowl in the 2017 season. The New England Patriots traded their first and third round picks in the upcoming NFL draft in exchange for Brandin Cooks, who’s numbers the past couple seasons rival the best in his position.

(Video) NCAA: UNC Coach Roy Williams On President Trump “He Tweets Out More Bullsh*t Than Anybody I’ve Seen”

image via: twitter North Carolina coach Roy Williams is not a fan of President Trump and his twitter habits. While it might seem odd that a college basketball coach is even talking about the President at a press conference during this time of the season, there is some context to it.

NBA: Lamar Odom & Tristan Thompson Reportedly Had To Be Separated After Confrontation At Khloe’s House

image via: youtube/youtube According to a source close to Khloe Kardashian, her current boyfriend of Tristan Thompson and her Ex, Lamar Odom, had to be physically separated after a meeting between the three of them didn’t go as planned.

(Video) NFL: Saints Nick Fairley And Jagged Edge Almost Come To Blows After He Refused To Get Off Stage

image via: tmz What was supposed to be a fun event last month in Mobile, Alabama that featured New Orleans Saints Nick Fairley and the R&B group, Jagged Edge, turned out to be anything but. It all went down at the Grand Marshal’s Ball in Mobile, which is Fairley’s hometown, back on February 24th.

NBA: Shaq Says Kevin Durant Can’t Talk About Him Until He Wins A Championship

image via: youtube The “beef” between Shaq and JaVale McGee hit a dangerously new high a couple weeks ago which resulted in some angry tweets back and forth and Shaq threatening to harm McGee when he sees him. Warriors teammate Kevin Durant jumped in the middle of it at the time to defend his guy and threw some insults at Shaq in which he responded to KD on twitter to tell him to mind his business. Since then, whatever beef there was with McGee was over as Shaq promised to never speak on him again. He didn’t however promise to never talk about Durant and he did just that shortly before “Inside The NBA” went on air on Thursday.

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