(Video) NFL: Man Interrupts Roger Goodell’s Press Conference, Screams What As He Is Dragged Out??


It is safe to say NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has rubbed alot of people across the country the wrong way with his actions lately. The decision to only suspend Ray Rice for two games sparked outrage itself. Add to that the possibility that Goodell lied to the face of fans about not seeing the infamous tape of Rice striking his wife in the elevator, and it is easy to see why he is not in good standing. He held a press conference today, mainly to try and save face but one person in attendance decided to interrupt and speak his honest thoughts. As security dragged him out he starts to scream something that will seem very familiar given all the recent activity. Sorry Ray Rice. Hit the jump.

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(Video) MLB: Scandal! Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington Resigns, Blames Cheating On Wife?


Earlier this week, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington resigned from his position, but not for your normal type of reason. Most coaches get fired or quit because their team stinks or had a really bad year. While the Rangers did have a terrible season, Washington is claiming their is a more personal reason why he chose to quit. He says it has to do with cheating on his wife and not being true to her which I guess could cause him to not be focused on his job. Hit the job to hear it from himself.

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NFL: Oh Really?? Chip Kelly Says This Is The Real Reason Eagles Cut DeSean Jackson


Rumors took off like an airplane when the Eagles released star receiver DeSean Jackson earlier this year. Everyone thought they knew why the team would make such a drastic move. Some people thought it was because of Jackson’s alleged gang affiliations. Others thought it was because he disrespected coach Kelly and was only concerned about himself. In anticipation of this weeks matchup between Jackson’s new team the Redskins and his old team, Coach Kelly himself spoke on why the Eagles really let him go. It is actually pretty simple, but that depends if you believe him or not. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) NFL: So Foul! Twitter Goes IN On Atlanta Falcons Player Eric Weems Hairline!


Those HD cameras covering sporting events capture everything and fans don’t miss a thing! During the Atlanta Falcons huge blowout win last night over the Tampa Bay Bucs, receiver Eric Weems had his hairline exposed to the world and twitter had no chill! Weems should be happy the win was such a blowout for his team otherwise his head may of gotten even more attention. Some jokes were real funny. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Waka Flocka Noooo! He Tries To Dunk But It Ends Bad!!


From what I have heard, Waka is actually pretty good on the basketball court, but this night just wasn’t his night. Fresh off performing a set, Waka saw a ball and a hoop and couldn’t help himself. He goes up once for the dunk and just misses, but it’s the second attempt that really lands him on his ass, literally. Hit the jump.

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Jeter, Off To A Good Start! Hits FIRST Home Run @ Yankees Stadium


Star baseball athlete Derek Jeter’s season seems to be going pretty well. Jeter went 2-for-4 in the 3-2 win over the Blue Jays after arriving at 1 for 30. Knockin off his first home run in Yankee Stadium.

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Mexico Couldn’t Hang With U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, US 4-0 Shut Out


Keeping up with Women’s Sport the US Soccer Team has been putting some numbers up on the board. Last night the ladies took a victory over Hope Solo (Mexico).

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Two-Time Grand Slam Champion Li Na Announces Retirement


Back in 2011 we wrote a story on Li Na winning the French Open which made her China’s first MAJOR Champion. 3 years later at the age of 32 Li Na announces her retirement. Having accomplished a lot she is ready to step down and relax leaving a heart filled letter to her fans:

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Devin Hester penalty on his record-setting touchdown return [ NFL Aint Playin']


In the same breath as Congrats the NFL decided to give Devin Hester a gift to show their “appreciation”! A big fat penalty for taugnting, for his tribute to Deon Sanders in last nights game.



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NFL: Things Are Getting Crazy! Fiance Of NFL Player Pulls Gun On Him During Domestic Dispute!!


It literally seems the stories involving domestic violence and NFL players has been non stop the past two weeks. It is definitely getting worse before it gets better in regards to the public image hit the league is taking over the topic. Now reports have surfaced that the fiance of San Francisco 49ers player Ray McDonald pulled a gun on him during an argument a few months back.

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