(Photos) NFL: Chad Johnson Claims He Took His Shot With Rihanna But Hasn’t Heard Anything Back


Chad Johnson is a fool (in a good way). He was on twitter yesterday because he always is and he revealed that he slid in Rihanna’s DM’s with some nudes but still hasn’t heard anything back. Knowing his sense of humor he likely was just joking but he also wanted RiRi to know in case she thinks he is ugly, from the neck down he “was carved in God’s wood shop”. Can’t blame him for shooting his shot if he really did. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NFL: Texans Fans Brawl In The Stands, Wind Up Tumbling Down Flight Of Stairs


The NFL eventually is going to have to work with security at all the stadiums in the league because violence with fans is happening too much. It is entertaining for the most part but as we have seen in the past, some of these fights change people lives forever. Thankfully this wasn’t one of those times but the way these guys tumbled down the stairs while fighting, it could have been much worse.

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NBA: Michael Jordan Says He Is Still Very Much Involved In Decision Making For His Brand


If you thought Michael Jordan just sits back and collects enormous royalties from Nike and his own Jordan brand you would be mistaken. While in China for the NBA Global Games, where his Hornets will play for the crowd, MJ talked among other things, the business surrounding his brand. He makes it clear, nothing goes down without his say so.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Responds Exactly How You Thought He Would To ESPN Ranking


Even with Kobe’s age and physical ailment’s, there is NO WAY IN HELL there are 92 players in the league better than him. Would you personally pick 92 players before you picked him for your squad? Of course not. The ranking’s by ESPN are so ridiculous that Kobe didn’t even want to speak on it. The world leader in sports really needs to rethink who they let publish these stupid rankings every year.

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NFL: Ciara Responds To Comments About Her Jinxing Russell Wilson & The Seahawks


Superstitions and jinxes have been part of sports basically since they were invented. Everyone, whether it be a player or fan thinks doing something particular, or in this case NOT doing something particular, can have an outcome on a game. When the Seahawks started the season 0-2, social media essentially blamed it on Ciara, saying she was a jinx, while others playfully blamed the lack of sex in their relationship. Ciara spoke on how she felt about the jinx nonsense with Rolling Stone.

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Sports: Serena Williams & Drake Shut Down Rumors Of Engagement


Earlier this week the internet was buzzing with rumors courtesy of a story from OK Magazine that Drake proposed to Serena Williams in a very romantic way. I will never get how rumors with no proof even get off the ground but there it was, out to the world. As you might have already realized, the rumor was total nonsense and Drake’s reps made sure everyone knew it.

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NBA: Derek Fisher & Carmelo Anthony Comment On Alleged Altercation With Matt Barnes


By now everybody has heard that Matt Barnes reportedly drove about 100 miles to “beat the sh*t” outta Knicks coach Derek Fisher for hanging out with his estranged wife at a home he owns. Depending on who you ask, Barnes either punched Fisher in the face, or nothing other than a few scratches happened because people stepped in to break it up. Neither Fisher nor Barnes have been very forthcoming with details other than Barnes saying he only drove there for his kids but Fisher finally did comment on the situation, along with Carmelo Anthony.

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NBA: Lebron James Ends Business Deal With McDonald’s Early To Focus On His Investment In “Blaze Pizza”


Lebron James make a pretty penny from McDonald’s through his endorsement deal with the global company but he is banking on himself even more. Bron decided to end the lucrative deal with Mickey D’s early so he can put his focus and his brand behind a pizza chain he has ownership stock in.

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(Video) NFL: Rick Ross Shows Up On Sidelines For Texans Game, Proclaims Himself “JJ Watt Of The Rap Game”


It appears Rick Ross’ loyalty to his hometown Miami Dolphins is not that strong, despite him wanting an ownership stake with the team. Ross picked up a side-team, in the form of the Houston Texans, roaming the sidelines showing love to the players and receiving the love right back. Ross met JJ Watt, which prompted him to claim himself “The JJ Watt of the rap game”. Dwight Howard was also there, you know in case anybody cares.

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MLB: Oakland A’s Prospect Dies From Injuries Suffered During Drive By Shooting In Yonkers Last Month


Mike Nolan, a baseball prospect from Yonkers, NY, who was drafted by the Oakland A’s in last years draft, has tragically died as a result of a drive by shooting last month. Mike had been hospitalized in the Bronx since the September 18th shooting.

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