(Video) MLB: Yankees Great Reggie Jackson Curses Out Fan Trying To Get His Autograph


Reggie Jackson had an altercation with a fan who was seeking his autograph yesterday. Reggie was in Cooperstown, NY for the baseball hall of fame ceremonies when he got upset with a fan who asked more than once.

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(Video) Mike Epps Clowns Hulk Hogan And His Racist Rant!


Looks like the racists are being exposed one at a time. After news about Hulk Hogan’s racist rant took over social media, Mike Epps was spotted at an airport where he took some shots at Hogan.

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(Photo) MLB: ESPN’s Colin Cowherd Threatened, Pulled Off Air After Racist Remarks About Dominican Players


Colin Cowherd was already leaving ESPN by the end of the year but they decided to send him on his way sooner. Cowherd struck a deal to work for Fox Sports but still had the rest of his ESPN contract to finish. He won’t have to worry about that now after the network pulled him off air for his remarks about Dominican baseball players. Cowherd better hope his apology seems sincere because he was already threatened by one player.

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Boxing: No Surprise Here…Floyd Mayweather Opens Up As HUGE Favorite Over Andre Berto


Victor Ortiz called a potential bout between Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto “embarrassing” and “not even a fight” earlier this week, and at least one Las Vegas sports book feels a similar way based on the price it’s hung.

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NFL: One Officer Resigns & Others Disciplined Over Treatment Of NFL Player Nate Allen


Before safety Nate Allen become a Raider this off season, he was arrested as a member of the Eagles in February for indecent exposure in Fort Myers, Fla., and spent 4 1/2 hours in a holding cell until it became obvious he wasn’t guilty of such a crime. More than five months later, Allen received an apology for the incident and the officers involved received the appropriate punishment.

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NBA: Lance Stephenson Says He Was Hurt Michael Jordan Traded Him To The Clippers


Newly acquired Los Angles Clippers swingman Lance Stephenson has responded to being traded from the Charlotte Hornets. Boss, Michael Jordan, traded Stephenson one year after acquiring the troubled guard and Stephenson, apparently, was hurt by the move.

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(Video) Sports: Dennis Rodman Tweets In Full Support Of Hulk Hogan, Says He Isn’t Racist At All!


Dennis Rodman can be a very quirky dude so this doesn’t surprise me at all. I am sure his mentions are in flames though after he showed his love and support for Hulk Hogan, despite the racist controversy surrounding him. Rodman & the Hulkster do have some history, so it’s possible the friendship he once had is making him blind.

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(Video) NBA: Tony Parker & Other NBA Players Have To Face A Tiger During Strange Game Show


Tony Parker and some of his fellow French NBA players participated in a bizarre game show that left Parker coming face to face with a Tiger. I’m sure the Spurs organization was holding their breath during the taping.

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(Photos) Meek Mill Calls Brandon Jennings A “Clown A$$ N*GGA”

IFWT_Meek Mill

A couple days late with his response, nonetheless Meek finally gets around to Brandon Jennings’ Instagram post. Jennings was among the people rooting for Drake when Meek accused him of having a ghostwriter and Meek finally responds to his post on Instagram. Check the gallery to see the post!

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NBA: Josh Smith Says It Will Be “Hard” To Live Off $6.9 Million Dollars Next Season


I realize it was likely not Josh Smith’s intent to come out and make it seem like he is complaining about being a millionaire but this is terrible. Smith took a pay cut to sign with the Clippers and will get the minimum from them, plus money the Pistons owe him, which totals up to about $6.9 million. While most of us dream of that type of money and could be set for life by being smart with it, Smith thinks it will be a struggle to live off of that amount.

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