(Video) NBA: ESPN’s Skip Bayless Says That Kobe Bryant Got His First Sneaker Deal Because Of His Sexual Assault Trial

IFWT Skip Bayless

Wow! During this morning’s First Take, Skip and Stephen A. Smith debated over athlete endorsement deals after controversies and incidents. In the middle of the discussion, Bayless mentioned Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case in 2003 and claimed that it helped him sell sneakers. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Check Out Which Team LeBron Says Is “Much Better” Than The Cavaliers Right Now

IFWT_LeBron beats

Since Lebron signed with the Cavaliers earlier this summer, many have speculated that the team would immediately dominate the conference. In a recent interview, James admitted that the Chicago Bulls were the better team. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Already in Midseason Form Lance Stephenson Commits Oscar Worthy Flop

IFWT_Lance hornets

As much as we hate it, we can’t get rid of flops.  The league’s meager fines and our disdain is not going to stop players from trying to get to the line.  Lance Stephenson however is a constant repeat offender and was fined three-times last season, no other player was even fined twice.  Still that hasn’t stopped him and in fact his flop has gotten even more dramatic.

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(Photos) NFL: Darnell Dockett Explains Why He Taunted Raiders Fans, Says They Threw Coins & More!


Darnell Dockett is always in the media for doing or saying something crazy and yesterday was no different as he ignited some people with his actions.  After the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Oakland Raiders, Dockett created a sign that said “0-6″ and the words “worst team in the NFL”.  He then used the sign to taunt irate Raiders fans.  The pictures went viral with many people berating Dockett for his unsportsmanlike conduct.  Dockett later took to his Twitter account to explain why he made the sign and it turns out Raiders fans aren’t so innocent.

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(Photos) WWE Diva Rosa Mendes Reveals She’s Bisexual & Starts Kissing Random Girl

IFWT_Rosa Mendes

On the latest episode of Total Divas Rosa Mendes dropped a bombshell that she is indeed bisexual and has been with girls before.

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(Photo) NFL: Jenn Sterger Epically Trolls Brett Favre With D*ck Pic Joke While Congratulating Peyton Manning

IFWT_Favre x Sterger

Tons of congratulations were sent Peyton Manning’s way as he passed Brett Favre for most career touchdown passes, but the message from Jenn Sterger certainly took the cake!

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(Photos) NBA: Eating Goood… Fans Go IN On Patrick Ewing’s Weight Gain!

IFWT_Ewing Knicks

When athletes retire from the game they tend to get a bit on the chunky side since they’re no longer training, playing games, and don’t have strict diets.  Former Knicks legend Patrick Ewing is one those who fell victim to life off the court.

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(Photos) NFL: Colin Kaepernick Gives Big Tip To Hot Waitress?


A lot of stories lately have been portraying athletes as really bad tippers but not Colin Kaepernick.

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(Video) NBA: T.I & Atlanta Hawks CEO Stevie K Have An Exciting Message For Fans Who Attend Opening Night!

IFWT_TI_Stevie K

The Atlanta Hawks have been trying to revamp their image and get more diverse fans in the seats and this should help.  Grammy award-winning artist T.I. and Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin have a message for the city of Atlanta. #ATLOpeningTIP  In addition to this there’s more in store for the fans who attend opening night.

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(Video) MLB: Dodgers’ Hanley Ramirez Gets Sick $550K Lamborghini That Spits Fire!

MLB: NLCS-Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis Cardinals

Athletes usually have some pretty hot cars but L.A Dodgers star Hanley Ramirez got one that’s literally fire!

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