(Video/Photos) Sports: Woman Who Accused Jameis Winston Of Rape Breaks Her Silence To The Public


Erica Kinsman, who is the woman that has accused Jameis Winston of rape, has decided to step out from the shadows and stop being anonymous and speak her tale with people actually knowing who she is. Prior to her deciding to do this, we only knew there was a woman saying she was raped and she once attended school there. Other than that everything was anonymous. She decided to tell her story in a documentary titled “The Hunting Ground”. The film also includes experts on the subject of campus rape, supporters of victims’ rights and others who identify as the victims of on-campus sexual assault.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Reveals Who He Was Almost Traded To In 2007, Speaks On Beef With Karl Malone


Wow! I literally had no idea that Kobe was very close to being traded in 2007. I don’t want to spoil it for you so you can hear him say it, but let’s just say the NBA would be MUCH different if one of the two possible trades occurred. Kobe killed one of the trades because he wasn’t happy about it and the other scenario just never came to fruition. While he was speaking about that, Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons asked him about the Karl Malone beef and you could till Kobe doesn’t even think about that. Check out the clip.

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(Photo) Boxing: Watch How Celebrities React To Mayweather and Pacquiao Officiall Announcement


The highly anticipated match between Mayweather and Pacquiao has been shaking up the boxing world. But even though Boxing fans are at the edge of their seats about the Mayweather and Pacquiao match finally happening some of your favorite Celebrities are excited as well ! hop into the post to see who !!! #IFWT

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(Sports) NFL: Adrian Peterson Wants To Play For The Cowboys


Adrian Peterson is coming off of a season where he played only like one game and if he has his way itll be the last time he ever lines up in the backfield for the Vikings again . Many teams have shown their interest in the player but according to Adrian Peterson he has a specific team on his mind !

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(Sports) NBA: Lebron James Says He Wants To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ Again!

IFWT_LeBron James bench

We all know Lebron James is a fan of comedy and homie can be a SUPER clown when he wants to be. Lebron James says he wants to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ again ! Hop into the post for videos and details !

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(Video) NCAA: Well Damn! LSU’s Jarell Martin Has A Dunk Contest Style Throw Down During A Game


Say hello to Jarell Martin. If you never heard of him today don’t worry, he will probably be on Sportscenter and every other sports highlight show the next couple days after this dunk in a game against Florida. Dunk Contest for the most part have become boring and we always wish we could see these players throw down something crazy during a real game. Well Jarell must have thought the same thing and went between the legs with ease for the dunk on a fast break. LSU won the game as well so it was even better.

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NBA: Report, Kendrick Perkins To Sign With Cavs After Buyout From Jazz


Lost in all the chaos of the NBA trade deadline was the fact that OKC sent their big man, Kendrick Perkins to the Utah Jazz as part of the trade involving sending Reggie Jackson to Detroit. The Thunder gave up their enforcer and a guy with passion for the game, but the move had to be done. The Jazz had no intention of keeping Perkins so as they worked on a buyout reports are saying Perkins is still gonna come out of this situation pretty good as he will either sign with the Cavs or Clippers, both of which are legit contenders. Perkins will miss OKC and they will miss him too, but both sides are going to wind up just fine. The reports seem to lean towards the Cavs, so Perkins goes from Durant to Lebron…..not a bad way to stay in the game.

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(Photos) NFL: Potential NFL Rookies Who Signed With Adidas Given Free Pairs Of Yeezy Boost At Combine


Well this is a nice gift to get, but these young guys would much rather take some NFL playing time instead. The NFL combine is going on this weekend in Indianapolis, where hundreds of college football players are trying to wow the pro scouts. In addition to possibly living a dream, Adidas announced all of the players there who signed with Adidas prior to the combine, would be going home with the exclusive Yeezy Boost. From the looks of it, they had to give away alot of pairs. Check the gallery!

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(Video) Sports: You Will Want To Bury The Word “Twerking” After Watching Former WWE Star Chyna Try It


Ahh man, there is nothing sexy about this at all. I have hated the word twerk forever now and alot of young girls and grown ass woman need some sense kicked into them for making countless videos of just their backside. Anyway, watching former WWE star, Chyna do some twerking will surely make you not want to see anyone else twerk for a while. Then again, she was so bad at it , you might go searching for better ones immediately. Either way this will be stained in your memory. Enjoy.

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(Video) NBA: He Should Have Moved! DeMarcus Cousins Posterizes Celtics Jae Crowder


Many times I find ways to give some type of a credit to a defender getting dunked on because normally if you got dunked on, you were at least TRYING to play defense. In this case with Jae Crowder, I really don’t know what the hell he was thinking. He had no chance of stopping the freight train, aka DeMarcus Cousins, but he didn’t get out of the way either! He wound up on a poster.

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