NFL: Rick Ross Is Being Sued For Allegedly Ruining A Super Bowl Party He Was Supposed To Perform At


A company is suing Rick Ross because they allege he sucks at social media or just didn’t care enough to hold up his part of a contract. The company, Conexts, is suing Rick for the Jan. 30 event that was scheduled to go down at the Scottsdale Mall Amphitheater. According to the docs, Ricky Rozay agreed to do some heavy duty social media promotion for the party and concert. Problem is he never did it.

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(Photo) NFL: Dez Bryant Tells Writer He Sucks, Vows To Fight Again For His Teammates If He Has To!


Dez Bryant is not someone to usually bite his tongue. In fact, the only time he doesn’t just say what he is feeling is after something else may have happened and he doesn’t want to draw anymore attention to himself. In this case however, he couldn’t help himself after an idiot writer referred to him as a “problem” player for the Boys.

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(Photo) NBA: Crazy Fan Gets Tattoo Of Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan That He Will Definitely Regret


Here is a big fan of the NBA who will regret his decision much later in life to get tattoo’s of two of the greatest players ever. Dude got profile tat’s of the GOAT on one leg and the Black Mamba on the other. The ink itself is dope and the artist did a great job. He finished it off with the words “I Love This Game” but odds are he won’t love the tattoo when he becomes an older man. Check the gallery!

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(Video) NBA: Lebron Puts On Amazing Dunk Show At Nike Event In The Philippines!


Lebron James has completely take over the Nike rise event in the Philippines and why wouldn’t he. In what was supposed to be just an exhibition game with players from the country, Bron decided to put on his own dunk contest and really threw down a couple serious slams!

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Sports: Ronda Rousey Files To Trademark The Phrase “Do Nothing B*tch”


Ronda Rousey has been dominating the competition in the UFC for a while now and she is ready to have her paperwork be just as dominant. The MMA star has filed to own the trademark of the phrase “Do Nothing B*tch” or “DNB” for short.

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(Photos) NBA: Nick Young Holds “Swaggy P Do’s & Don’t” Where He Gives Tips To Bag A Bad B*tch & More


Nick Young loves his fans and earlier today he held an impromptu “Swaggy P’s Do’s & Don’t” and had his followers on twitter hit him with questions. He winds up giving fashion & educational advice, tells people to think “what would Swaggy do” when faced with tough decisions and even winds up clowning a kid. The best answer by far though had to be his response when someone asked him his advice on how to bag a bad b*tch. Check the gallery, this was definitely Swaggy P being just being Swaggy P.

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NFL: Aaron Hernandez Sent To Solitary Confinement After Another Prison Fight


Things are very real for Aaron Hernandez behind those prison walls and he is finding out just how real. He was involved in what is now his third altercation since being arrested and currently he is sitting in solitary for the latest incident.

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(Photo) NFL: Draya Wants You To Know She Got Her Ring Back And Her & Orlando Are Back On!


Dallas Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick is back on with Draya Michele in a big way, cause report claim the two aren’t just back together, they’re engaged all over again!

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(Audio) NBA: Iman Shumpert Talks About How Money Affects His Personal Life On New Track Called “290 West”


Iman Shumpert may be on his off season from basketball but he is still putting in work in the booth. Shump dropped another track, this one called “290 West” where he is talking about his new contract and how it affects his personal life. Just last week Shump got props from Ice Cube on his flow. Check it out, let us know what you think.

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(Photo) NBA: Maino Appears To Respond To The Rumors Of LaLa Cheating On Carmelo With Him


The internet has been losing its mind the past couple days amid rumors that LaLa was possibly cheating on Carmelo Anthony. Nobody wanted to believe it after a woman claiming to be the mother of Maino’s child accused Lala of sleeping with him and breaking up their happy home. She also went on to say many more not so nice things about Melo’s wife but the allegations had to be taken with a grain of salt.

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