(Video) NFL: Kevin Durant Hits Super Bowl 50 And Does Some Camera Work On The Sidelines


Kevin Durant is taking full advantage of being in the bay area this weekend. His Thunder lost a tough game to the Warriors last night but his consolation prize was putting in some work on the sideline as a cameraman. Not bad right?

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(Video) NFL: Lady Gaga Opens Up Super Bowl 50 With Great Rendition Of The National Anthem


Lady Gaga kicked Super Bowl 50 off the right way, with a stunning rendition of our national anthem!

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(Video) NFL: Lebron James Makes His Pick For Super Bowl 50!


Lebron James would likely be in the NFL had he not decided to focus on basketball at such a young age. He clearly made the right decision but he still loves to watch as much football as he can. With that said, King James made his prediction for Super Bowl 50, although he really didn’t want to.

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(Video/Photo) NFL: Cam Newton Arrives In Style Then Warms Up For Super Bowl In Limited Edition $500 Gold Cleats


Last night Cam Newton was named the 2015 NFL MVP and Under Armour wanted to commemorate that in a special way. They did that by released super limited edition gold cleats that you can own yourself for $500 bucks.

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(Video) NFL: Gatorade Reveals New “Unwritten” Ad With Peyton & Cam


It’s Super Bowl time so you already know that means football and epic commercials. Gatorade got in on things early by pitting Cam against Peyton in their new “Unwritten” ad.

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(Audio) NFL: Jeezy Releases Brand New Track “Hit Um” Inspired By Cam Newton


Cam Newton is literally everywhere right now and why would he not be? He is the new face of the NFL, he was just named MVP last night and he has his Panthers zeroing in on one of the best seasons in NFL history if they can win the Super Bowl. Cam’s presence extends far beyond the field though and this new track from Jeezy is an example of that. These two already have a friendship so making this song probably came very easy. The song is presented by Cam’s sponsor, Under Armour.

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NFL: Peyton Manning & DeMarcus Ware Reportedly Broke Down In Tears Addressing Teammates Last Night


The Super Bowl is the culmination of long year’s worth of hard work, dedication and persistence. Some players never make it to the big game, which is why you see guys get so emotional when they realize they are on their way to the biggest game of their career. Now what if playing in the Super Bowl was also likely going to be your final game ever? That is the position Peyton Manning currently finds himself in and the usual calm and collected Peyton reportedly got very emotional in the Broncos locker room last night.

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(Photo) NFL: Cam Newton Shares Inspirational Text He Received From His Mom Ahead Of Super Bowl 50


Cam Newton has a very strong, loving relationship with his mother Jackie. He will not hesitate to say everything he has is because of her and his father and Cam is not shy about sharing the love he has for them. The freshly named MVP revealed a text message his mom sent to him yesterday as the Super Bowl gets near. Cam was so moved by it that he wanted everyone else to read it. Check the gallery! There is nothing like a mother’s love.

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(Video) NFL: Five Friends Who Have Been To Every Super Bowl Share Their Favorite Memories


Here we are at Super Bowl 50. That’s fifty great years of football that have ended in the big game. Most fans would give anything just to attend one Super Bowl but a group of friends known as “The Super Bowl 5” have literally attended every single Super Bowl going back to the first one. It’s great to see them all still alive and kicking and hearing memories from them sounds much better than listening to analysts on television.

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NFL: Update; Marshawn Lynch Reportedly Has Retired; & Hasn’t Spent A Dime Of His $50 Million Dollar Career Earnings


Marshawn Lynch is referred to as “beast mode” by fans and other players alike but from the sounds of things, he went into “smart mode” the day he was drafted into the league. As Lynch contemplates retirement, reports are saying he has not spent a single penny of his career earnings, which sure would make walking away from the game very easy.

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