NFL: Report, Aaron Hernandez Involved In Prison Brawl Already, Acted As Lookout


Aaron Hernandez knows he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and he reportedly is already getting into conflicts early on in his sentence. According to reports, he was involved in an ugly brawl earlier this week which resulted in more punishment for himself.

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NBA: Rumor: Knicks Already Looking To Trade The 4th Overall Pick


Knicks fans everywhere are in disarray after missing out on the top pick; another disappointment after a horrendous season that saw the Knicks finish with only 17 wins. Well, it looks like Phil Jackson isn’t ready to just take the cards that were dealt to him, as it is being reported that Jackson is looking to move the 4th overall pick in a trade for a veteran player.

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Boxing: Mayweather Blames Pacquiao For The Bad Fight

Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Marcos Maidana

The so called, “fight of the century,” drastically failed to live up to expectations after Mayweather had his way with Pacquiao and leaving no questions when i came to who won the bout. Although Pacquiao said he believed he won the fight, it was pretty easy to tell he didn’t. Many fans were upset they had to pay 100$ to see such a disappointing fight. Well, Mayweather is making sure fans know he came prepared and if you’re going to put the blame on anyone; it should be Pacquiao.

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NBA: The 2015 NBA Draft Order Has Been Announced! Check Where The Knicks Are Picking!


The 2015 Draft Order has been announced and now speculations can begin on what player is going where. The Jahlil Okafor/ Karl Anthony-Towns sweepstakes can now officially begun! Hit the jump to see where the Knicks and the other Lottery teams are picking.

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(Photo) NFL: Frank Gore Attacks His Former Teammate Vernon Davis On Instagram


Early in Vernon Davis’s career, he was known as a distraction and for not being a team player; leading to one of the greatest coaching rants, ever, by then coach, Mike Singletary. After that situation, Davis earned the respect of the locker room, after he matured and became one of the top tight ends in the NFL. Well it docent look like everyone around him shared the same sentiment: former teammate Frank Gore took to instagram today to let Davis know how he feels.

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(Video) NBA: Knicks Fans Hold A Candlelight Vigil In Hopes For The First Overall Pick LOL


After a dismal season where the Knicks saw themselves finishing with the second worse record in the league, Fans finally have a chance at optimism if the Knicks can secure a Top-2 pick in the draft and draft one of the top big men to come out of college basketball: Jahlil Okafor or Karl Anthony-Towns. Well Knicks fans aren’t trying to leave these odds to chance.

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(Photo) Sports: Porn Star Mia Khalifa Welcomes FSU’s New QB Recruit And Shows Her Excitement


If you follow Porn star, Mia Khalifa, on twitter, then you know shes one of the biggest sports fans out there and is most loyal to her alma-mater Florida State University. Well, using her appeal and charm, she always makes an effort to recruit the best players out there to play for her school. Looks like she her efforts actually pulled through this time.

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NBA: Bradley Beal on NBA Finals Pick: “I hope nobody wins. I’m a sore loser.”

IFWT Bradley Beal

Welp, at least he was honest.  The Washington Wizards were eliminated from the playoffs after a heartbreaking game 6 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.  Now that they’re out, Bradley Beal was asked which team is his pick to win the title.  His answer was hilarious and refreshingly honest.

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(Photos) NBA: Jason Kidd Finally Attends Fan’s Birthday Party 14 Years After He Was Invited

IFWT_Marks Kidd

So this story has been circulating and it certainly seems like one of those heartwarming, feel good stories until you get a couple of the facts.  When Daniel Marks was 10 years old, he wrote his favorite NBA player, Jason Kidd, a letter. The letter addressed to Jason “Da Bomb” Kidd was full of unabashed, earnest praise, as only a young, devout fan could dish out. It also included an invitation to his birthday party, naturally.  Kidd couldn’t make it at the time but 14 years later, he showed up to the fan’s birthday party.  But there’s more.

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NBA Report: Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan Had Issues With Each Other Throughout the Season

IFWT_Chris Paul DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan will become a free agent this summer and he plans to explore the market but the Los Angeles Clippers definitely need to keep him.  Though they can offer Jordan more money, they might have trouble retaining him due to friction on the team.

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