(Video) NBA: Demar Derozan Fails At 360 Slam And It Is Embarrassing


Demar Derozan Did say pretty recently that he felt he was playing like complete trash . Well I don’t really see how trying to hit a 360 dunk on a break away run down the court in the first quarter of a basketball game is the best idea to make when YOU KNOW you haven’t been on you A Game. Welp! Hop into the post to Watch this Embarrassing video of Demar Derozan Fails At 360 Dunk. #IFWT

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(Video) NBA: Michael Jordan Once Asked Common To Forge His Autograph For A Fan


Common talks on Jimmy Kimmel about how Michael Jordan Once Asked Common to Forge His Autograph For A Fan ! Hop into the post for the full interview and details .

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(Photos) NBA: Patrick Ewing, Spike Lee, Kobe, Reggie Miller & More Pay Respect To Anthony Mason


Based on how Anthony Mason carried himself and the way he played the game of basketball, you knew alot of people involved with the league are going to want to show respect to Mason and his family on this tough day. Everyone from Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, to former teammates like Patrick Ewing & Charles Oakley and even former rival Reggie Miller spoke on the life and legacy of the one we knew as Mase! Check out the gallery to see their heartfelt comments and keep reading for more.

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(Video/Photos) NBA: Russell Westbrook Has A Dent In His Face After Being Kneed By Teammate


I can honestly say I do not think I have ever seen this before. Russell Westbrook got kneed in the face by a teammate last night during the closing seconds of the Thunder’s loss to the Trailblazers. Typically if that happens you may see some blood, or abrasions on the skin, but not in this case, just a random dent in the side if Russell’s face. I joke about him not being human because of his freakish athleticism, but now I am wondering if he really is a cyborg. He appeared injured for a few seconds but then seemed fine to finish the game. It appeared nobody even noticed the dent until Mark Jackson, who was calling the game said something. No word on Russell’s condition from the team just yet, but wouldn’t be surprised to see him possibly wear a mask next time they play. Check the gallery!

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NBA: A Look Back On The Career Of Anthony Mason & Why New York Loved Him So Much


Hearing about the death of a loved one is something you can never be prepared for and one of the toughest things to deal with in life. Even when you have an idea that things do not look good for someone you care about, when they pass on to the other side, the feeling of loss is still the same. Today, Knicks fans and basketball fans around the world are mourning the loss of one of our own guys, MR. New York himself, Anthony Mason. He was a basketball player, he was a Knick, but most of all he was one of us.

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NBA: Beloved Former New York Knicks Player Anthony Mason Dies At 48

IFWT_Anthony Mason

Very sad news to reports. Sources reports that NBA: beloved former New York Knicks player Anthony Mason dies at 48. Get more details on the tragic events which led to his untimely death inside.

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(Video) NBA: Powerade Releases Inspirational Commercial Featuring Derrick Rose & Poetry From Tupac


Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose continues to deal with adversity. On Tuesday, the team announced he has a torn medial meniscus in his right knee, in which he underwent surgery Friday morning. Although the prognosis appears good for now, it is still another bump in the road for Rose. As he prepares for another long road to recovery, Powerade is launching the #PowerThrough campaign. On Thursday, the sports drink company released its latest commercial featuring Rose in an inspiring and powerful ad.

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(Video) NBA: Someone Stop Him! Charles Barkley Uses Racial Stereotype To Explain Why Analytics Isn’t Real

IFWT_Barkley (2)

I’m starting to believe people are setting Charles Barkley up to keep talking about analytics just to hear him do it. It’s obvious Chuck doesn’t get it, and that is totally fine, everyone can have their own opinion on it, but when he talks about it he makes himself sound like a fool and I don’t think he realizes it. Watch what he uses as a comparison when Ernie Johnson asks him. You can even tell Shaq and Kenny are laughing more at him than with him. Can we please stop asking him what he thinks about analytics?

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Boxing: Winner Of Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight To Get New Belt Worth Millions Of Dollars


It makes sense that there would be a new belt created for the winner of such a highly anticipated fight. The money alone that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are going to draw with the fight is going to be astronomical so why not spend some on a new belt. Not too mention the winner would be unifying three different belts as is so it should be turned into one mega belt.

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NFL: Report, Dez Bryant Was Questioned By Police In Wal-Mart Incident In 2011, But Was Not Arrested


Well yesterday came and went without the alleged video involving Dez Bryant doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice” being released to the public. However, things got serious this week when ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a very respected and credible sports reporter, said that there is in fact a tape, although he said he had not seen the contents with his own eyes. He said he had been working on the story quietly since September, and for a guy like Schefter to admit the tape does exist, well that carries alot of weight.

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