(Video) NBA: BBWLA’s Jackie Christie Weighs Her Husband’s What?


Poor Doug Christie. All-star basketball player. What seems like an all around nice guy…respectable…never in drama. We see why though. His wife does NOT play. Check out her method of verifying his fidelity when he gets home.

WNBA Fines 3 Teams & Players For Wearing Shirts Supporting #BlackLivesMatter


Many athletes including players in the WNBA have stepped up and spoken out about injustice.  Unfortunately, the support has come at a price.

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr. Says Josh Norman Joined Redskins & Is Only Relevant Because of Him


I’m sure you remember the issues between Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman (we covered it extensively on here).  Towards the end of the season, the Panthers were undefeated at the time and continuing their push towards the Super Bowl; it was a loss season for the Giants but they didn’t want to go out quietly.  The focus of the game ended up being the ongoing tussling and fighting between cornerback Norman and wide receiver Beckham.  OBJ was flagged for three unnecessary roughness penalties, twice on the same drive in the third quarter, including a deliberate shot to Norman’s head with a helmet-to-helmet collision. Norman also drew an unnecessary roughness penalty.  Beckham was suspended for one game while Norman was fined $26,044 for his involvement.  In a recent interview with GQ, Beckham discussed one of the things he learned while living with Drake is to stop allowing people to make a name off him.  The person he’s mainly talking about is Josh Norman.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Reveals How Close the Knicks Were to Getting Dwyane Wade

IFWT_Wade Melo

Dwyane Wade had a public falling out with the Miami Heat during free agency and began to explore his options with other teams.  The Heat offered Wade a two-year, $40 million deal but he believed he was worth more, especially because of the pay cuts he’d taken in previous years.  One of the teams that held mutual interest was the New York Knicks, but Phil Jackson had meetings and agreements with other players before the availability of Wade was known.  Carmelo Anthony revealed the Knicks were extremely close to getting Wade but the timing was off.

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr. On What He Learned From Living in Drake’s House

IFWT_Drake Odell Beckham Jr OBJ

Odell Beckham is just 23-years old and was catapulted into stardom due to his incredible one-hand catches and his elite play as a wide receiver for the New York Giants.  Though he’s become a big star, he’s still on a rookie contract and hasn’t made superstar money yet.  He spent his offseason house-sitting for Drake and learned a lot about having real money and superstardom, and what it takes to get there.

(Photos) NBA: Moses Malone Jr. Says He Was Beaten & Robbed for Dissing James Harden; 4 Men Charged

IFWT_Moses Malone Jr.

The District Attorney issued warrants for four men in the alleged beating of Moses Malone Jr., the son of NBA legend Moses Malone.  The victim says he was attacked outside of a Houston strip club as retribution for a Facebook post that was disrespecting James Harden.

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr. Says He Didn’t Date Khloe Kardashian But Rumors Killed His Real Relationship


Odell Beckham Jr. first met Khloe Kardashian in passing at 1Oak in Las Vegas; they were caught on video briefly and casually chatting.  They met again a few days later during a party at Drake’s house.  This time someone took several pictures of them.  Beckham was sitting on a countertop and Khloe started off facing him and slowly turned around and placed her ass on his lap.  The two meetings ignited rumors that the two were dating.  Khloe denied the rumors, saying it was just innocent flirting although it was revealed later that she is interested in him; Beckham however did an interview with GQ and said the rumors ruined a real situation he had going on.

(Video) NBA: Klay Thompson Not Dating Girl Who Spray Painted Her Name on His Patio, He Had Just Met Her!

IFWT_Klay Cherise

Klay Thompson says he is not dating the L.A. Rams cheerleader who tagged her named on his patio.  In fact, he doesn’t really know her, she’s just a friend of a friend he met that day.

(Video) NBA: Mic’d Up Coach K Caught Telling Kyrie Irving “F–k you” During Team USA Practice

IFWT_Kyrie Coach K

NBA TV aired a live broadcast of Team USA’s basketball practice as they prepared for the Rio Olympics.  Legendary coach Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski was mic’d up, so what could possibly go wrong? Well practices can sometimes get a little testy and Coach K dropped a F-bomb on live TV.

NBA: Delonte West’s Mom Explains His Weird Actions & Says He’s Trying NBA Comeback

IFWT_Delonte West

Delonte West is actively working on an NBA comeback according to his mother.  She says he’s getting his life back together after a string of troubling setbacks.

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