(Photo) NBA: Agree Or Nah? Brandon Jennings Says Michael Jackson Has Got Nothing On Chris Brown


I am sure Brandon Jennings’ twitter mentions are in flames right now even though he just shared his own opinion. Jennings must have just finished either watching Chris Brown or listening to a track because he jumped on social media to tell the world Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson! While I realize some people with closed minds will immediately think that is blasphemous, remember there is nothing wrong with someone sharing how they feel about a topic. To go further, Jennings feels Breezy would be the biggest start in the world if not for his troubles with the law. Check out the gallery. How do you guys feel about this?

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(Photos) NFL: Hacked? Darrelle Revis Goes Nuts, Tells Fan His D*ck Is Bigger, Says He Did Tom Brady A Favor!


This was certainly entertaining! Darrelle Revis either really was not in the mood for New England Patriots trolls mad he went back to the Jets, or he was hacked as he is now claiming. Revis (if it was him) went OFF on Pats fans, resorting to troll tactics himself. He told one fan “I’m paid and my d*ck is bigger” before also saying he was the reason the Pats won the Super Bowl and he did Tom Brady and Belichick a favor by going there to begin with. It wasn’t long after that Revis tweeted his Instagram was hacked but I don’t think anyone care because of how great this was. Check the gallery!

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(Video) Boxing: Webbie Says He Made 50 Cent Send Him A Verse To Pay Alleged $1 Million Boxing Debt


Webbie has been talking kinda crazy about 50 Cent ever since the Louisiana rapper claimed 50 didn’t honor a $1 million dollar wager the two made on a fight between Terence Crawford and Yuriorkis Gamboa last May. 50’s guy Gamboa lost to Webbie’s guy Crawford and soon after Webbie claimed 50 disappeared after the fight and refused to pay up. 50 has never spoken on this subject (at least publicly) so who knows how much truth there is to begin with in this story, but Webbie was mad enough that he even recorded a diss track towards 50 (which I am sure not many people ever heard). Now finally Webbie claims the “beef” is over because Fif’ paid up in the form of a verse on Lil Boosie’s upcoming album instead.

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NBA: Report, Greg Monroe To The Knicks This Summer Is Basically A “Done Deal”


The Knicks can take ANY upgrades they can get at this point and it appears one seems to be on the way already, although it can not publicly be discussed. Pistons Greg Monroe will be a free agent this summer and knows he will be in demand. Phil Jackson and the Knicks however seem to be the front runner to land his services by a mile compared to other teams that will want him. While Monroe is not an elite forward at this point, he is young enough to still achieve greater heights in this game and let’s be honest, he would be a dramatic improvement over some of the front court players the team had this year.

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Says “F*ck You B*tch” To Grizzlies Kosta Koufos After Scuffle


Players around the NBA continue to think Blake Griffin is a punk because they keep testing him. One of these days he is going to snap and hit someone hard, and it almost happened last night before he caught himself. Grizzlies Kosta Koufos did a dirty play when he pulled Griffin down to the court and then on top of that pushed Griffin off him as if it was his fault! For one brief second you see Griffin cock his right hand back as if to punch Koufos before other players stepped in and he caught himself. He then politely said “f*ck you b*tch” and “suck my d*ck” in Koufos’ direction before both players where hit with technical fouls.

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NFL: Report, Johnny Manziel Released From Rehab Facility


Johnny Manziel has been released from a rehab treatment facility, multiple sources told ESPN. The Browns expect Manziel to attend offseason workouts starting April 20, though they could see him earlier than that. What remains to be seen is what rehab did for him and will he be able to earn the job he was drafted for.

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(Photos) NFL: Aaron Hernandez’ Jail ID Available For Purchase On Ebay


Do you have $500 hanging around right now that you really don’t need? I doubt it, but if you did you could own the jailhouse ID card belonging to Aaron Hernandez. No clue how his ID card even hit the market, let alone got out of the prison but it is currently up for grabs. I actually won’t be surprised to see the bids wind up much higher. I gotta assume a corrections officer or someone involved in the prison thought it would be a good idea to sneak out and sell. A verdict is expected next week in the trial itself. Check the gallery!

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NBA: JR Smith Shares His Rules For Going Out So You Don’t Wind Up Like Chris Copeland


JR Smith learned a lot about nightlife during his tenure with the New York Knicks. In fact, most fans and people within the team thought he was spending too much time poppin’ bottles and running around the city than focusing on his career. Perhaps the change in location was a wake up call cause JR has been the JR of old (in a good way) since joining Lebron in Cleveland. Since we know he does enjoy the nightlife his rules for going out for celebs and athletes actually makes sense so you can avoid scary situations like what happened at 1oak with Chris Copeland. JR even compliments the club itself.

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(Video) NBA: New Video Shows NYPD Cowardly Hitting Thabo Sefolosha With A Baton Outside 1Oak


Thabo Sefolosha will definitely have quite a bit of video evidence on his side when he goes to court to fight his obstruction charge after he was arrested when Chris Copeland was stabbed outside 1oak in NYC. He already is out for the rest of the season for the Atlanta Hawks after he broke his ankle when police were overly aggressive with him for no particular reason. One video already showed them using unnecessary force and slamming him down even though he wasn’t resisting. This new angle shows a tough guy cop pulling out his baton and appearing to strike Thabo as he is already laying in the street with officers holding him down.

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NBA: Derek Fisher Says Knicks Can Win 63 Games Next Year


As a Knicks fan, I would like to believe in Derek Fisher. But when he is talking crazy like this it makes it a little harder. The Knicks have only won 15 games so far this season with just a few left. It is the worst season in the history of the franchise and while Fisher shouldn’t get a lot of blame for it, he does. Who knew back before the season started how quickly things would fall apart, or that Melo really wouldn’t be anywhere near 100% before shutting it down. It is cool to look forward to next season with a positive attitude, but to say a team this bad could win 48 more games next season is more than a stretch.

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