(Video) NBA: JR Smith Throws Another Shot at the Knicks After Record Breaking Win With the Cavs

IFWT_JR Smith Cavs

Being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers is probably one of the best things to ever happen to JR Smith and he’s not shy about displaying his happiness.  On Wednesday night the Cavaliers beat the Atlanta Hawks 97-89 to take game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  They won off the great play from their superstar LeBron James but he also got some record breaking help from Smith.

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(Photos) NBA: SMH, Woman Who Claimed Lebron Liking Her Pic Was A Sign To Leave School Might Be A Hooker


So it wasn’t too long ago that we told you the story of Josett Latrice, a veterinary school student who thought Lebron liking her picture on Instagram was a sign from God that she should drop out and model. Yeah we know, pretty stupid but those were her exact words.

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(Video) NFL: Cuba Gooding Jr As OJ Simpson In American Crime Story


Back in December it was reported that Cuba Gooding would be playing Oj Simpson in the new FX series American Crime Story. Recently, some pictures of the cast were released and it looks like a good job was done as far as casting goes. Click more to check out the story!

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(Photos) NBA: Scott Brooks Gives Up Coaching Prospects


What turned out to be a catastrophic melt down for the Oklahoma City Thunder–after being hit with injury after injury–took a turn for better, or worse depending on who you ask, after they decided to cut ties with head coach Scott Brooks. Normally, a coach would be hungry to find a new opportunity but it doesn’t look like Scott had that same passion–right now. Click more to check the full story!

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(Photos) Sports: No More Deflated Footballs…Ever?


Even in controversy, Tom Brady somehow still has a significant impact on the game of football; but this impact is for the good of the game. After the chaos that is still surrounding Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and deflated footballs, there may be an easy fix to all of this in the future. Click more to read the full story!

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(Video) NBA: LOL! Jamie Foxx Hits A Mean Doc Rivers Impression


Doc Rivers easily has one of the most recognizable voices around the NBA. It’s like that guy is always horse from screaming on the court and at his players. Jamie Foxx appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon and nailed his Doc Rivers impression. Click more to check out the video!

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(Video) NBA: Steph Curry’s Daughter, Riley, Takes Over Post Game Conference!


After being down 16 points at one point, Steph Curry and the Warriors fought back to take down the Houston Rockets, 110-106 in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Although Chef Curry was the star on the court after dropping 34 points, his daughter Riley definitely took the show in the post game press conference. Click more to check out the video!

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant’s Reaction To The Lakers Getting The Second Pick In The Draft Is Priceless


The Los Angeles Lakers wound up with the second overall pick in the upcoming June NBA draft and they really shouldn’t be complaining.

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(Photos) NBA: What The Hell Is This? Russell Westbrook Selling $500 Moon Suit


I love everything about Russell Westbrook on the court. In fact he is one of my favorite two players in the league, largely in part due to the passion he plays with. Off the court he has a huge passion for fashion, but this new item is doing a little too much.

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NFL: Report, Aaron Hernandez Involved In Prison Brawl Already, Acted As Lookout


Aaron Hernandez knows he will spend the rest of his life behind bars and he reportedly is already getting into conflicts early on in his sentence. According to reports, he was involved in an ugly brawl earlier this week which resulted in more punishment for himself.

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