NBA: Michael Jordan Says He Will Be Remembered More For His Sneakers Than Anything He Did On The Court


When it comes to sneakers, there is NO competition! Michael Jordan runs the world and the rest of the pack is far behind in the rearview. Jordan & Nike have done something that will forever be unmatched and the Goat knows it. At this point, MJ believes he will be remembered far more for his sneakers and brand than for anything he did while playing in the NBA.

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(Photos) NBA: Lebron James Angrily Tweets After Drive By Shooting In Cleveland Where A Baby Was Shot


Lebron James is tired of the bullsh*t! We all are for that matter! There is too much senseless, idiotic violence that is plaguing our country regardless of where you live. After the news yesterday of a mass murder at a community college in Oregon, there was another tragic story in the Cleveland area, where a baby was shot in the chest during a drive by. Lebron could not contain his anger and emotions and took to twitter to express himself.

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MLB: Congrats! Yankees End Playoff Drought With 10,000th Regular Season Victory


Well damn! 10,000 wins is alot of games but what else would you expect from possibly the most recognized franchise in all of sports. The Bronx Bombers clinched a playoff spot for the first time in three years and the 52nd time overall Thursday night, beating the Boston Red Sox 4-1 at Yankee Stadium. The same win also gave them their 10,000th win as a franchise in the regular season.

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NFL: Warren Sapp Pleads Guilty To Domestic Incident Where He Bit His Girlfriend & Stomped On Her Head!


Warren Sapp plead guilty yesterday in Las Vegas to domestic violence charges, stemming from an incident where he attacked his girlfriend back in April, biting her and stomping on her head.

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(Video) NFL: Snoop Dogg Curses Out Steelers Kicker Josh Scobee After Missed Field Goals Cost Them The Game


Unless you are a fan of the Steelers or Ravens, their game last night was hard to watch. Wasn’t much offense going on, both teams looked sloppy and it was one of those game you wish just ended. Then of course, it went to overtime, in part because of two missed field goals from Josh Scobee that likely would have put the game away for the Steelers. The Ravens came back to eventually win in overtime and Snoop Dogg, a diehard Steelers fan, went OFF on Scobee, cursing him to no end.

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(Photos) NFL: Jimmy Graham Throws Shot At Saints While Congratulating Player Who They Just Traded


It’s no secret Jimmy Graham wasn’t very unhappy when he learned the Saints traded him to the Seahawks. It’s not that going to a Super Bowl contender is a bad thing, he was upset with the way it went down and how he was kept in the dark. Apparently he still isn’t feeling his old team as he fired a shot via twitter, before deleting it of course.

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NBA: Spurs David West Claims The Beef With Drake & Meek Helped Him Change His Outlook On Life


During the midst of the “beef” with Drake & Meek Mill, most hip hop fans were on full blown ignorant mode, thirsty for another shot from Drake and for some type of reply from Meek. It was during that moment, after Drake dropped “Back to Back” and before Meek came back in an underwhelming fashion with “Wanna Know” that Spurs David West had a realization that there is more important things going on.

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(Photos) NBA: Adidas Showed Up To James Harden’s Home With Literally A Truckload Of Kicks


Earlier this morning, Adidas made sure James Harden will never be tempted to wear Nike’s or any other kicks for that matter besides their own. They showed up to his crib, bright & early with an entire truckload of sneakers.

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NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says The Knicks Can Contend For A Championship This Year


People are probably going to read that headline and think Melo is drunk but in reality what is he supposed to say? He is the franchise player and needs to exude confidence to the rest of the guys on the roster. While most fans around the NBA expect the Knicks to struggle again this season, Melo is thinking on a much bigger picture.

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NBA: Dirk Nowitzki Plans to Play Two More Seasons Before Retiring

IFWT_Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzski is entering his 17th season in the NBA but unlike Kobe Bryant, he has an absolute timetable of when he will call it quits.

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