NBA: Kobe Bryant Tells Julius Randle He’s a Bigger Idiot Than ESPN If He Doesn’t Mimic His Work Ethic

IFWT_Julius Randle 4

Despite all he knows about how Kobe Bryant treats rookies, Julius Randle has been very excited to join the Los Angeles Lakers.  Randle said he believes he and Kobe have a lot in common and he can learn a lot from the NBA legend.  Well Kobe feels that way too but if Randle fails to learn from him and their coach Byron Scott, Kobe let Randle know straight up that he’s an idiot.

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(Photos & Video) Sports: LeBron, Durant & Even Brett Favre React to Peyton Manning Breaking His Record

IFWT_Peyton 509

Last night Peyton Manning made history by breaking Brett Favre’s record for most career touchdown passes.  Various athletes and numerous fans all congratulated Manning on the monumental feat including LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Brett Favre himself.

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(Video) NBA: Shook Ones! Alec Burks Hits Kobe Bryant With Behind-the-Back Crossover!

IFWT_Kobe shook

This is some good old basketball back and forth.  After Kobe Bryant hit a three-pointer over Alec Burks he was certainly looking for some payback and he got it right away on the other end of the court.  Burks hit Kobe with a behind the back crossover shaking the Black Mamba before he took it to the rim for the and 1 layup.  Even the greats get schooled now and then.

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(Video) NFL: Peyton Manning Breaks Brett Favre’s Record, Here’s Every Receiver Who Caught His TD Passes

IFWT_Peyton 509

Last night was historical as Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre’s record of most career touchdown passes.  The special number was 509 although Manning went past that.  Manning had quite a night with four touchdowns and a 22/26 completion rate while throwing for 318 yards.  Not only did Manning break Favre’s record, he also did it in fewer games.  It took Favre 302 games while it took Manning only 246.  Plus it’s only week 7 and Manning looks like he has a lot more game left in him so who knows what the new record will be when he finally retires.  Check out the historical touchdown pass and an infographic showing every player part of the monumental 509.

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(Photos) MMA: War Machine Leaves Suicide Note Accusing Christy Mack of Cheating & More!


A few days ago we posted that War Machine tried to kill himself while in jail facing 32 charges including attempted murder for the brutal beating of his former girlfriend Christy Mack and her new boyfriend Corey Thomas.  Now we have the suicide note and it sheds more light on what happened that night including the fact that War Machine believes Christy was in fact cheating on him although she denies that claim.  Still that doesn’t justify what he did to her and War Machine seems seriously delusional in the letter.

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(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Pulls Off Crazy Play & Finishes With Alley Oop Slam!


This incredible play shows just how much Blake Griffin has grown to an even greater basketball player.  Griffin recovers the loose ball, dribbles it between his legs, takes it up the court then kicks it to an open Matt Barnes who throws it up as Griffin finishes with a dope alley-oop slam!

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NBA: LMAO Spurs’ Coach Gregg Popovich Has Hilarious Clapback For Suns’ Owner Robert Sarver


San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was already in midseason form when five players stayed home for the preseason game against the Suns in Phoenix.  Patty Mills and Tiago Splitter were injured, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili were resting, and Kawhi Leonard is recovering from an eye infection picked up overseas.  Things then got even worse or funnier (depends on who you are) when Popovich then joined them and elected to skip the game as well.  Many fans were unhappy about this as well as Suns owner Robert Sarver who apologized to the fans in attendance and even offered financial credit.  Popovich fired back at Sarver as only Popovich could.

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Sports: Manny Pacquiao Makes His Professional Basketball Debut, Check The Stats

IFWT_Pacquiao Kia

As coach of the KIA Sorento, Manny Pacquiao drafted himself.  Pacquiao made his professional basketball debut on Sunday, just a month before he is set to defend his WBO welterweight crown.

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(Photos) NFL: Coldblooded! Darnell Dockett Holds Up ‘0-6′ Sign & Taunts Raiders Fans After Cardinals Win


A loss hurts but it gotta hurt even more when the winners rub it in.  The Arizona Cardinals defeated the Oakland Raiders 24-13 dropping their record to 0-6 and indeed making them the worst team in the league (the Jacksonville Jaguars got their first win today beating the Browns 24-6).  Darnell Dockett who’s sidelined for the season with a torn ACL btw, decided to make things worse by taunting Raiders fans and making a sign that says 0-6 with a smiley face in the 0 and “worst team in the NFL” on top.  Coldblooded…

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(Video) Sports: LMAO Alex Rodriguez Almost Gets Trampled As Dallas Cowboys Run Out The Tunnel

IFWT_A Rod Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are playing the New York Giants in Dallas today and suspended New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was in the building.  I guess A Rod arrived late because he was walking out as the Cowboys were running out of the tunnel.  Players are usually hyped up as they run out the tunnel to begin the game and A Rod is lucky he jumped out of the way before getting trampled.

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