(Photos) NBA: Doc Rivers Tries To Avoid Making History In Game 7

IFWT_Doc smile

Imagine being up in a series of 7, 3-1, only to have the opposing team win 4 straight. Seems pretty unbelievable, right? Well, Doc Rivers has been there before and he looks to not have that same fate repeated. Click more to read the full story!

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(Video) NFL: SNL Takes Shots At Tom Brady And New England


I think we saw this coming, right? I mean when it comes to SNL nothing is off-limits–not even “America’s QB” Tom Brady. After an entire week of Patriots and Tom Brady news, it was only right that SNL take a couple jabs at them during the season finale. Click more to check out the video!

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(Video) NBA: Allen Iverson Puts A Select Few In Their Place


Perhaps the most controversial player to ever step into the NBA, Allen Iverson has gained many fans over the years but he also had a few haters as well. The Iverson documentary was premiered on Saturday from Showtime and he finally addresses some of his haters. Click more to check out the clip!

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(Photos) NBA: Is This The Last We’ve Seen Of Uncle Paul?

IFWT_Paul Pierce Wizards

What a heartbreaking way for Paul Pierce and the Wizard’s season to end. A three point shot to tie the game was waived off in the final seconds of the game and the Wizards were sent fishing. Paul Pierce is reportedly undecided on whether or not he will return to the league. Click more to read the full story!

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(Audio) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Talks T.I. Fight, 50 Cent, And Future In The Ring

IFWT_Floyd Mayweather Warriors game

Floyd Mayweather recently called in to Shade45 for an interview and he touched on a few topics and went more in depth than previously heard. Mayweather coins himself as the “First 48″ and also talks big bucks that were raked in from the historic fight. Click more to check out the audio!

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(Video) Huge Crash At Indianapolis 500 Practice As Car Gets Absolutely Destroyed


During the pre-qualifying morning practice, driver, Ed Carpenter’s car was involved in a very scary crash. His no. 20 Chevrolet spun out and crashed in to the wall, causing extensive damage to the indy car. Luckily Carpenter was able to leave the car unscathed and threw his helmet to the ground as the ambulance came to attend the driver.

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(Photos) NFL: Odell Beckham JR Wants More Money!

IFWT_Odell Beckham Jr OBJ

There is an art to using your platform to get what you want these days and it looks like Odell Beckham Jr knows that. In a recent interview, ODB calls for NFL players to make more money. Click more to read the full story!

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(Video) College Football Player Trains In The Offseason By Tackling Trees To The Ground

IFWT_penn state2

Now this is a workout you don’t see everyday. Anthony Zettel trains like a good-ol lumber jack in the offseason, taking down trees like they were running backs who dared cross his path. 6’4″ 278-pound Defensive tackle from Penn-state University was a 1st-Team All-Big Ten last year and trees everywhere are never safe in his presence.

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(Photos) Could A Underwater Tennis Court Be In The Works?


An insane Polish architect is salivating at the idea of creating a tennis court that is engulfed under a huge aquarium! Enjoying a tennis match while exotic fish and other sea animals swim over you has to be one of the craziest proposals ever! Hit the jump to check out pictures of this ludicrous idea!

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(Photo) NBA: Udonis Haslem Drives His Cousin To Prom In His Rolls Royce


How about having a famous cousin to make sure you roll to your high school prom in style; in a Rolls Royce that is. Well Udonis Haslem made sure his younger cousin had the opportunity to put those perks to good use when Haslem chauffeured his cousin and his date to prom. That definitely had to turn heads.

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