(Video) LOL, Is Khloe The Bully At The Kardashian House?!

Kardashain and Jenner Girls

Not Really, The Kardashian sisters truly show the ups and downs of being in a household full of girls. Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner shared one of their sisterly moments on the Social media Keek, fighting which involved name callings and slamming into chairs.

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Like A Boss! Spotify Buys Company That Powers Internet Radio!!!

Spotify listening

More than likely you never heard of ‘The Echo Nest’, shoot, I’m a super geek and I never thought to find out what’s the force behind(API) Internet Radio apps like Pandora(in the #1 position), Spotify, Rdio, Twitter Music, and I assume iTunes radio, Songza, and more, but now we know it’s the Echo Nest, and we now know it’s own by Spotify because they just acquired it! What does that mean for your fav radio app though?!

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(Photos) Bitcoin CEO Found Dead After 1st Bitcoin Bank Is Robbed


I might be a ‘bit’ on a conspiracy theorist, but this is one odd ass ‘coin’cidence. 28 year old(American) Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke was found dead in Singapore, with what is being called(for now) an apparent suicide by local authorities, which is like a day after the 1st Bitcoin bank, Flexcoin, was hacked and robbed, come on man, this is crazy, some real ‘Jason Bourne conspiracy’ stuff man.

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(Photos) Charge Key Might Be The Only USB Cable You’ll Ever Need!!

Charge Key for iPhone

While I was at CES I ran into hundreds of people, and some were there to show their wonderful products off, but most came to see them. The best thing of course was actually being able to try the products out for yourself, which was super limited due to hundreds if not thousands trying to be the next one to do so. As I was there as press, some manufacturers wanted me to see the products a little closer, and that’s what brings us here.

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(Video) Here’s What An Apple Dashboard Will Look Like In Your Car!!

Apple car Look

Apple, the #1 brand in the world is truly about to keep blowing up!! Recently announced, Apple has made a deal with 3 car manufacturer’s, Benz, Rari, and vovlo, but that’s just the beginning, after this initial launch, they will expand to Ford, Nissan, Honda, chevy(like they listened to Joell Ortiz or something), and more than likely every car made, except maybe the car’s Google makes driverless!

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(Photo) Ellen’s Backstage Samsung Sponsored Selfie Causes Issues!

IFWT_Samsung GS5

So Ellen is hosting the 2014 Oscars, and doing her damn thing!! But there is one hiccup in programming that was supposed to be a win for Samsung and just another dope moment for Ellen.

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(Video) Samsung’s NEW Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gear 2, & Galaxy Fit!!!

IFWT_Samsung unpacked 2014

Samsung hit Spain with what they consider their most innovative products yet, the NEW GS5, Gear 2, and Galaxy Fit!!

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(Graphic*18+*Video) Britney Young Is Back On Vine Being Extra Dirty!!

IFWT_vine funny video

I once asked if Britney Young was the most adult profile on Vine, I’m Not sure finding a whole bunch of dirty content on Vine, but damn it, she gives them all a run for they’re money!!

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(Video) Here’s How You Get Arrested For Posting On Instagram!

IFWT_Instalocked - Instacrime

Now I’ve told people ‘Do Not Post your dirt on social media’, but I guess I have to expand my writing to include ‘Do Not Post Fake Dirt On Social Media’ EITHER!!!

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(Video) Meet The Real Life Flappy Bird?!

IFWT_flappy-bird in a Box

Ummm, in a sense yes..A NY tech Meet up is happening this Mon(the 24th) where you can play ‘Flappy Bird In A Box’, which is a ‘real life version’ of the now defunct popular mobile game.

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