(Photos) Kim K Posts Pic Of Kanye In Bed; Followers Get Disrespectful In Comments

Kim & Kanye

All I can say is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, damn that wasn’t clean! Kim just trying to get some shine with her hubby in the bed, but the fans be noticing sh*t was to much. BUT to keep it 100, they kept it 100.

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(Video) NASA Rocket Explodes On Launch; Completely Destroyed

IFWT_Rocket explosion from NASA

Thank god this was unmanned, so no one was killed, but this definitely reminds us of when the challenger exploded be in the 80’s. Although no apparent loss of life, they do say ‘Damage is significant’.

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(Photos) Revisit Your Drunken Pitfalls With This App!


Have you heard of Timehop, the app that allows you to revisit your past mistakestatuses? If not, head over to iTunes or the Google Play Store and download it now. Not only will you make your friends laugh uncomfortably, you can also indulge in your masochistic side in the process!

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(Photo) T.I. Gets At Dude Over Hateful Comment

IFWT_TIs Paprework artworks

Apparently TI posted about one of his watches and called it a “Big Rich Ni$$a Rap-Kit”, and a few people tagged in @fakewatchbusta and TI decided to respond to one of them.

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(Photo) Like A Boss! Check Out Chris Brown’s 24ct. Gold iPhone 6!!


This is f***ing DOPE!! I don’t have many details, other than Flex shared this on IG the other day, it wasn’t made by Apple themselves, but by GoldGenie….regardless, this is some Boss Sh*t!!!!

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(Photos) Owwww….Its Scorpio Season! Check Out Your Favorite Celebrity Scorpios

IFWT_Scorpio Season 18

It’s that time of year again! From October 23rd-Nov 21st, the 8th astrological sign of the zodiac which is Scorpio, reigns supreme through the end of October to mid November. The 8th sign of the zodiac is known for being highly sexual, powerful, moody, and determined individuals amongst other things. Peep inside to see which one of your sexy celebrity crushes will be celebrating a born day this Scorpio season.

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Big Sean’s “I Don’t F***K With You” App.. Let’s You Degrade Your Ex’s Pictures!?

Big Sean

What?!!! Big Sean now has a new app! Named just like his song and just like his song his app lets you degrade any of your ex’s pictures…. Find out more about this app and where to get it ..

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(Photos) Congrats To @RevoltTV And The #RMC2014 For A Successful Weekend!!!


It went down this past weekend in Miami at the fontaine Bleau, Diddy brought our best and the brightest in the music industry to help shape young minds of the future(at least hopefully).

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(Photos) Divorce Drama: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Allegedly Locked In A Battle Over What?

IFWT_Nick & Mimi

Well it looks like while Nick and Mariah’s attorneys have been doing the heavy lifting getting things in order with this very tidy divorce due to their prenuptial agreement they both signed. With a lot of the hard part having been worked out, sources say the two are in the middle of a custody battle for WHAT? And no its not the twins. See inside.

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(18+ Photos) Model Gets Extorted Behind iCloud Hacking, Do The Cops Know Who The Hacker Is?!


Apparently there’s been a break in the case, apparently in early sept, which was like a week in from the start of this scandal, someone contacted Model Madison Louch about restoring her iCloud account since he was the one that took it down.

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