Details Behind Recent PSN & Xbox Live Hack Revealed; That’s Why It Was Done?

IFWT_Lizard Squad-LeadLS-1

Hack Revealed, Wow!!! On Chrismas Day, a day where many consoles were dropped off by Santa, a day where boredom from family gatherings could have only been cured by some some good old MDK from 1 of many MDK games was in complete denial….Denial of Service that is, as a hacking group known as ‘Lizard Squad’ decided to pull of a DDoS attack on PSN and Xbox live on Christmas Day!

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Man Dies After Getting Tasered By Border Control On Christmas Eve

border patrol

Man dies after getting tasered by Border Control
In San Diego California, A wanted man died after getting tasered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Christmas Eve.

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(Photo) Awww Snap! Birdman Gets Immortalized On The Cover Of Special Edition Spider-Man Comic?


Awww snap! Birdman gets immortalized on the cover of special edition Spider-Man comic? Looks that way. It appears as though Marvel and Lugz has teamed up to create something special to celebrate a very big anniversary…::rubs hands like Birdman:: Check out the collaborative cover inside.

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(PHOTO) The Game Reacts To Murdered Police Officers “I Guess Y’all Can’t Breathe Either”

The Game

The Game Reacts To Murdered Police Officers ?
Compton California Native and Young Vet in the Hip Hop Music Industry , rapper by the name of The Game went ahead and ruffled a couple of feathers yesterday on December 20th with some pretty controversial comments about the recent shooting deaths of two New York City police officers. Taking his feelings to social media, the Compton rapper The Game went ahead and posted a picture of the head line about the New York City Police officers being murdered along with the caption of the report

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(Video) Police Officer Shot Dead in Florida

Florida Shooting

Police Officer Shot Dead in Florida ?
Authorities say a police officer was fatally shot in Tarpon Springs , Florida Earlier this morning

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(Video) Bill Oreilly Says Black People Should Wear Dont Get Pregnant at 14 shirts

Bill Orielly

Bill Oreilly Says Black People Should Wear Dont Get Pregnant at 14 shirts
Fox News TV Host Bill O’reilly just weeks ago agreed that Eric Garner was killed unjustly, has once again showed his truly despicable colors. Right when we thought you was down Bill…SMH !!

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(Video) Could Nas Documentary on BBoying, Music and the Human Brain Add to Azealia Beef?

Another Nas Documentary

There’s more work coming from the Stillmatic Queens native as Nas Documentary on BBoying, Music and the Human Brain is gearing up for release in 2015. In collaboration with General Electric (GE) the major energy, medical equipment and healthcare corporation and VEVO, the now independent spin off conglomerate of Youtube’s music department, the project is said to examine the effects of BBoying/BGirling (commonly known as “breakdancing”), and music on the human brain–with scientific facts, data and live footage of Hip Hop from around the world (so #Apparently it’s not dead)…

But could the Nas Documentary on BBoying, Music and the Human Brain add to the recent beef sparked from Azealia Banks to Iggy Azalea, Action Bronson and now amplified by Q-Tip’s #facts?

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Benihana Vs Benny Hunna In A Epic Name War


Benihana vs Benny Hunna in a Epic Name War
Benny Hunna, neé Benny Hodges is from Mississippi and. has been fighting to trademark his handle because he has some real big plans besides the music industry business. He says he wants to build an entertainment empire called Benny Hunna TV Real Plans on big moves.

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(Video) Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack: I’m Still HNIC

Obama on Cyber Attack

BREAKING: Early morning Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack in that he understands the executive decisions Sony had to make regarding the cyber attack–which sent the online and news world reeling as well as shut down premieres around the country for “The Interview” movie this week. While acknowledging Sony had to handle their business he was quick to remind that as President he’s the TOP exec and in charge for a reason. In other words…*Flex voice* –FALL BACK!!!

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Instagram Queen: Kim Kardashian Has The Most Followers On Instagram


Most Followers On Instagram, Before Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber won the crown for the Most Followers On Instagram but thanks to the instagram purge Kim K wins! Kim Kardashian is the most followed person on instagram. Justin Bieber had to settle for the number 3 slot when he lost more than 3.5 million followers which apparently were fake followers. Whomp whomp Justin!

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