Robot Buys Drugs & Cleared Of All Charges


Online shopping is one of the newest ways to past time, that even robots are getting into it. What items would you expect a robot to order from the deep web? Ecstasy. That’s right, ecstasy. And when the robot gets caught, it gets all charges dropped. Check out how this robot gets away with a felony after the jump.

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(Photos) Chipotle Now Offers Delivery But There’s a Catch!


This is not a drill. Everyones favorite make it yourself Mexican food chain has revealed in its earnings call this week that it has signed a deal with Postmates that will change a burrito addicts life forever. Although Postmates and other service have offered to deliver Chipotle for a fee, this is the first time the Mexican food giant has officially partnered with a food delivery service. Chipotles Chief Creative Officer had this to say “There have been a lot of people that have been delivering Chipotle through various services over the years,” the company’s chief creative officer said, according to a transcript of the call. “And we’ve tried to in a lot of cases shut them down, because we weren’t sure whether the quality was going to be sufficient or whether they were following our rules. This is different because we’ve made an official deal with Postmates and they have been delivering Chipotle for quite a while, too.” In a strategic business move Chipotle partnered with Postmates. Postmates is a service that guarantees delivery of goods within one hour of ordering. You can now order Chipotle for delivery in all 67 of Postmates markets. However there is one significant catch.

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Google Announces New Wireless Service Project Fi


Google has just announced its new wireless service called Project Fi. It really Looks amazing! With no annual contract, and pay for nothing more then what you use. The basic plan is $20/month, with that you get voice and text. As an add on to the plan for internet service you would pay $10 per gig per month. Google will also refund you for all unused data!

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(Video) Jay Z & Beyonce Plan To Drop A Joint Album EXCLUSIVELY For TIDAL

There is going to be new heat EXCLUSIVELY for TIDAL users a joint album by Hov & Queen B, Not to bad for Tidal subscribers right? Although as of lately Tidal had dropped out of out apple’s top 700 charts with its toughest competitors like Pandora,Spotify and Beats Music still remaining comfortably in the top 50 could this joint album by the most powerful couple in music save the app from it’s current situation?

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(Photos) Aziz Ansari Strikes Deal With Netflix For New Show!


Aziz Ansari has a new sitcom coming to Netflix! The show which currently has no title has been given a 10 episode run by Netflix. Ansari has just finished 7 series of the hit show Parks and Recreation and was the first person to be cast to the show even in it’s conceptual stages. Aziz a co-creator of the new Netflix sitcom teamed up with Parks & Recreation buddies Alan Yang, Michael Schur, and David Miner whom all will be executive producers. The show which stars Aziz Ansari is said to be a semi-autobiographical comedy sitcom about dating and relationships, which is pretty general so you can expect a unique style to this project.

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(Photo) New Tech: Tesla Home Battery???


The electric car company sent a letter to investors and analysts that announced the “Tesla Home Battery” and a “very large utility scale battery.” These batteries will hold enough energy to power your home. Although there are similar products out already, Tesla will prove why their product will be the uprising one. Check out the specs on the home battery below after the jump.

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(Photos+Video) New Clear App Erases Controversial Social Media Posts!


I know a few rappers who could use this app. You ever wake up after a long night of bad decisions and think about not only what you did but what you posted on your social networks? Have you ever frantically made your accounts private before a job interview so your potential employer cant find anything bad you may have done? Fear not because you are not alone in the least. The new Clear app that connects to your social media accounts and looks for potentially offensive posts to delete. “Clear” although is in its beta testing phase and not available to the public yet. This is the kind of app you use before a job interview to scan all of your social media accounts for potentially offensive posts and gives you the option to delete them.

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Netflix, Whats Getting Tossed, Whats New For May 2015


Your favorite streaming service Netflix is definitely making some room for its new series. 60, thats right 60 movies and television shows will be axed from Netflix. No fear, there are 60+ new shows and movies that you will be able to stream.

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(Photos) This New Hip Hop-Oriented Emoji App Will Make Others Obsolete


Ever since Apple gave their emoji’s a cultural update, there have been several of Emoji apps that have hit the Net recently. Apps like Expressor have allowed us to super-impose our favorite celebrity’s memorable faces in text messages. Now a new app, called RapKey, is coming to sweep the competition with emojis of blunts, smilies with grills, and Jay Z’s “The Roc” hand sign. Finally, you’ll be able to tell your friends you’re “runnin’ thru the 6 with your woes” with one emoji. Check out the details for RapKey after the jump!

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Meet Dell Glover….The Man That Changed The Music Business Forever!

Dell Glover

It all started with the curious mind of Dell Glover in 1994. Glover was a temporary employee at the PolyGram factory which manufactured the new sensation of compact-disk. Glover trying to land a full time position with the company found himself at employee parties giving himself a chance to socialize with managers. Glover noticed that the music being played was smuggled music form the plant.

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