Yeah, The CIA Gets A Twitter Account 0_0


That’s right, the CIA’s first tweet was “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet”.

24 hours later it has 448,000 and counting followers. Followers actually found this tweet amusing and funny. As a matter of fact Americans are more likely than the average global citizen to share “funny” content than “important” content.

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NYC Man Walks His Mother Into The Hospital After Shooting Her


An off-duty NYPD school cop was shot this morning by her SON. The victim said to be 62 years of age was in her apartment when her son allegedly pulled a .380 Caliber gun into his mother’s back. He then casually walked her to the emergency room and promptly left the scene.

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Apple Stores Will Start Selling T-mobile Plans With An Unlocked iPhone


Apple’s new plan to drive more iPhone purchases through their stores is by offering prepaid plans to customers who buy unlocked iPhones. Starting this month Apple will sell T-mobile and AT&T prepaid plans in its stores. You can get the iPhone and T-mobile SIM at the apple store but you have to sign up for the service separately with T-mobile.

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(Photos) Umm…Raven Symone Debuts A New Look; Do We Like Or Nah?

Raven Symone

So Actress and business woman Raven Symone took to social media to debut her new look for her fresh new start at a San Francisco Art School, and there’s one thing apparent…. She sure has eclectic style. Take a look at her..ahem, interesting new hair style inside.

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Well….They’re Comparing Dr. Dre To Steve Jobs?!

IFWT_Dr Dre at Apple

As a Tech guy, I did Not see this one coming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that a hip hop legend like Dr. Dre would get the acknowledgement of such greatness, but I just look at them separately.

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Cruel And Unusual Conditions At LA Prisons!!


Mental Healthcare conditions inside Los Angeles Jail’s are SO poor that alot of its 19,000 prisoners sleep without even a mattress!! Such cruel and unusual conditions are at effect here that they are violating The U.S Constitution. More then fifteen suicides have taken place in only 25 months at these so called ” mental-health” facilities.

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(Photos) Rihanna Causes Controversy Yet Again With Her Latest Perfume Ad

As if Rihanna didn’t already stir up enough controversy with her sheer gown at the CFDA awards, her latest fragrance ad for her perfume Rogue attracts more controversy in the UK.

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(Video) Sports: LeBron, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj & Other Stars Featured in Beats By Dre World Cup Ad

IFWT_Beats spot 1

What an epic 5 minute commercial for the World Cup!  Beats by Dr. Dre presents “The Game Before The Game” — Check it out…

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(Video) Amazon To Have A 3D Smartphone?!?


Amazon announced a June 18th press event in Seattle, they threw a video out to entice people(below), and it does make you want to see just WTH they are looking at!

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(PHOTO) EA Sports Releases 1st Screenshot For Madden NFL 15 & There’s A Big Change!

IFWT_Madden 15  3

I don’t play Madden, but I think this is soooo dope!  EA Sports released the first screenshot for Madden NFL 15 & there’s a big change that fans noticed immediately!  Check it out…

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