GOOD NEWS For Hulu Users!!!


As you recall the bids were on for Hulu since it was on the market for sale companies such as Direct TV and AT&T were interested but not anymore!

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Oprah & Lindsay Lohan To Have Eight-Part Documentary Series

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan will not only be sitting down with Oprah for an interview, but also for an eight-part documentary series. LiLo and Oprah will be showing the actress’ struggle to stay sober and rebuild her career. The series will be filming in August after Lindsay finishes her rehab program. The eight-part series will be on OWN but not until 2014. Oprah’s interview with Lindsay will be debuting sometime in August. Lindsay entered rehab in May and is expected to complete the program on July 31 she is also expected to make her first public appearance at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of The Canyons.

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(*Graphic*Photo*) MSNBC Accidentally Airs A Photo Of Trayvon Martin’s Body

IFWT_Trayvon Martin

MSNBC was covering the Trayvon Martin case Thursday afternoon when they made a split-second error of airing Trayvon Martin’s body shortly after his altercation with George Zimmerman. Although it was very, very brief, a Gawker viewer caught the image and submitted it to Gawker, and the site published it. It is very graphic, and we certainly regret the fact that this image was every published, and we apologize in advance if this offends you. Find the photo in the gallery.

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(Photos) Stevie J & Joseline Are Already Married?!?

IFWT_Stevie J Joseline

I guess Joseline ain’t going back to the strip club! Allegedly, they got hitched in Puerto Rico last month. The proof is in the pudding AKA Instagram. Check out the photos that suggest they’re married in the gallery.

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Oprah Gets Exclusive Interview With WHO?!


Oprah has the magical talent of locking down interviews with some of the toughest people to get an interview from. The actress has agreed to an interview shortly before she releases her next movie and her brand new reality show. This girl is a hot mess, so this will definitely be an entertaining interview. Check out who it is after the jump.

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Hulu Might Get RID of WHAT Feature?


Hulu is a big fan amongst people perhaps because it has almost every show, is ad-supported, has next day access to shows that just aired, the list goes on. But one of these things that sets them apart from other streaming sources might be coming to an end. Hit the jump for the full story …

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(Video) Kevin Hart Guest Stars On Wild’N Out [Season 5; Episode 1]

Wild'N Out

The brand new season of Wild’N Out kicked off earlier this week, with Kevin Hart as the very first special guest. Watch the hilarious episode in full below.

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(Video) Kourtney Kardashian Is Jealous That Kim Gets More Love From Scott?!?

IFWT_Kardashian Sisters

There are many reasons for Kourtney to get jealous of Kim, but Scott? Kourtney and gets upset claims that Scott helps out way more with Kim than he did with his own kids on the Kardashian reality show. It’s probably because Scott has a serious man-crush on Kanye. Check out the video after the jump.

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(Video) Kris Jenner Talks Baby North West With Jimmy Fallon!

IFWT_Kris Jenner

Grandma Jenner is gearing up for the premiere of her own reality show, and everyone naturally wants to know if North will be making an appearance. Especially because Kanye has been schooling Kim on how to keep her privacy and wants baby North to have some privacy. Nonetheless she gives us little tidbits about baby KimYe. Check out the video after the jump.

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Sony’s Doing WHAAAT Next?



On June 26th Sony filed a trademark application for what is called a “PlayStation TV.” But that wasn’t all the application entailed hit the jump for the full story ..

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