Jeezy Has Something To Say About Donald Trump’s Run For Presidency


Much like a lot of us, Jeezy is NOT here for Donald Trump‘s run for President of the United States. (It scares me that he’s surging in the polls, though.)

Regarding Trump‘s recent controversial comments about illegal immigration and America‘s relationship with Mexico, Jeezy took to Twitter to share his views.

“We don’t need @DonaldTrump representing us as americans,” he wrote. “His hatred in his most recent statements shows he’s not a legitimate candidate.”

He continued with a few more tweets, which you can check out in the gallery. Couldn’t agree more! I love how Jeezy is using his platform to address issues like this!

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(Photos) Joey Bada$$ Comes To Bill Cosby’s Defense On Twitter

Joey Bada$$

A few hours ago, Joey Bada$$ was apparently bored in his London hotel, and took to Twitter to get a few things off his chest. Starting with, “I don’t f*ck with the Bill Cosby slander,” Joey then launched into a lengthy series of tweets about the media brainwashing fans of his childhood idol.

“Ofcourse I’m always against a rapist but it’s just like yall EAT UP anything the media feeds yall….,” Joey said. “You internet kids know NOTHING except what they put in front of you on these devices. Every media site can start slandering anyone at any moment with some half ass story and you guys will fucking believe it. At the end of the day… Yall know the media is all propaganda and distractions anyway.”

As he began to get unmercifully slandered for his point of view, Joey began going even harder. Check out the full rant in the gallery. Do you agree with him?

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WELP: Draya Says All She Wants To Do Is Drink, Tan & Get F*cked In Miami!


Newly single Draya is finally on the market yet again after her relationship with NFL player Orlando Scandrick crumbled to smithereens in the most public and embarrassing way.

However, the former Basketball Wives: Los Angeles star isn’t sweating it one bit (at least that’s how it seems.) Draya took to her Twitter page to write a pretty provocative message, causing controversy as she always seems to do some how.

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Did You Know: Iggy Azalea Is Getting A Cut Off Jidenna’s “Classic Man”

Iggy x Jidenna

I’m sure the Iggy Azalea haters aren’t going to like this one!

If you’ve heard Jidenna‘s breakout hit “Classic Man,” you may notice that it bears a resemblance to Iggy‘s 2014 hit, “Fancy”…and that’s because the producer sampled her record for it!

Iggy confirmed the news recently on Twitter, and revealed that she also gets a percent (albeit probably a small one) of the song’s earnings. Complex then did a little digging just to verify her claims, and Iggy is indeed listed as a composer in the song’s credits! Such a random tidbit.

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#GrowingUpBlack Hashtag Brings Back Childhood Memories On Twitter


If you are unfamiliar with the Twitter world, “Black Twitter” is a real thing and probably the most entertaining thing on social media. For this week’s online shenanigans, the #GrowingUpBlack hashtag has been having our Timelines LIT with jokes and childhood memories.

If you’re black and/or grew up in a predominately black area as a child (like myself), you will be crying while looking through some of the stuff people posted.

Take a trip to the gallery and get a good laugh with the #GrowingUpBlack hashtag!

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(Photo) Susan Sarandon Is Feeling Her [Old] Shout Out From Action Bronson

1 Train

She may be over 2.5 years late to the party, but Susan Sarandon has arrived, honey – and that’s all that matters!

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the 68-year-old legendary actress had a shout out for both Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky, having just heard their 2013 track “1 Train” for the first time.

“Hey @asvpxrocky & @ActionBronson thx for the shout out on “1Train,”” Susan wrote. “Not sure what it means, but let’s blaze one & talk about it some time.”

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(Photos) Iggy Azalea Isn’t Here For Jackee Harry Or Billboard


Iggy Azalea is still going up against the world, and her latest are pretty random – both actress Jackee Harry and Billboard.

Iggy is reportedly upset with the latter because when the whole Britney fiasco went down, they posted about it with the headline:

Iggy Azalea blamed Britney Spears for “Pretty Girls” not being a hit

When fans were tweeting each other over the weekend to encourage voting for Billboard’s Fan Army Face Off, and Iggy responded that she doesn’t support the site and asking her fans not to give them clicks.

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See How Ciara Responded To Future Airing Out Their Sex Life Business!

Ciara & Future

Just like many industry relationships, Ciara and Future could not make it through the rain unfortunately. Now as things heat up with her new boyfriend Russell Wilson and as we get closer to the release of Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 later this week on July 17th, the two seem to be going blow for blow.

Future had an intense sit-down with the Huffington Post Live where he detailed the issues regarding his failed relationship with CiCi, his new project and much, much more. However, Ciara was NOT feeling what Future Vandross had to say in regards to their personal life. He basically said that unlike Russell Wilson who is waiting for marriage to do the nasty with Ciara, they wasted no time and even did it right before praising the lord. SMH!

Ciara took to her Twitter page ASAP after hearing the news and went in on the Commas rapper, questioning his fathering skills and basically going in on her baby daddy. Check out the HuffPo Live interview along with Ciara’s clap back tweets in the gallery.

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Action Bronson Announces “Blue Chips 7″


Bam Bam reveals that the last of his Blue Chips trilogy is on the way. Taking to Twitter, Action Bronson announces Blue Chips 7.

Find out more down bottom.

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OG Maco Says Future’s Music “Has Destroyed Countless Lives”

OG Maco vs Future

Don’t consider this a “beef” really, but OG Maco certainly feels a way about the messages being conveyed in music right now, particularly in that of Future’s.

On Thursday night, the “U Guessed It” rapper took to Twitter to express his concerns with the glorification of drug usage in today’s rap, and cited songs like Future’s “56 Nights” as a specific reference.

“I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn’t cool.”

He went on to explain that though his breakout hit “U Guessed It” was equally as mindless and referred to women as b*tches, the song was actually very calculated and done so simply on purpose, and essentially released to gain a fan base so that he can then preach his true principles to them. Interesting! He also made sure to prove that he’s not “hating” and is truly a Future fan, sharing a photo of his iTunes with over 80 songs from him. Check out all of his tweets in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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