OG Maco Co-Signs Meek Mill’s Claims That Drake Has A Ghostwriter

OG maco

Apparently, there’s a guy named Quentin Miller that we should be looking out for, because according to Meek Mill, OG Maco and others – he’s more Drake than Drake is.

During the midst of his Twitter rant last night, Meek randomly tweeted out Quentin’s name, certainly piquing peoples’ attention. As rapper OG Maco hopped on his account to co-sign Meek’s claims that Drake doesn’t write his own stuff, he too named Quentin, showing his name in Drake’s album credits, as well as revealing that he’s friends with him and wants him to get his just due.

Check out all of Maco’s tweets in the gallery. Guess we won’t be getting a Drake and Maco collab any time soon!

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Roasted: Karlie Redd Shows Off Her New BF Lyfe Jennings & Gets CLOWNED


Karlie Redd never seems to have the best of luck when it comes to the man department. However, she has been dating her new R&B crooner bae Lyfe Jennings and she just wants to show him off to the world. Unfortunately for Karlie, showing off her trophy boo backfired on her in a HORRIBLE way.

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(Photos) Is This The Cause Of Meek Mill’s Issues With Drake?

Drake wearing a "Free Meek Mill" shirt

As you know by now, Meek Mill went on quite the tirade last night on Twitter, taking aim at Drake (amongst others,) calling him out for not writing his own rhymes. During the series of tweets, Meek made reference to Drake not tweeting out a link to purchase Dreams Worth More Than Money – despite having an appearance on it on “R.I.C.O.” – and many believed this to be the cause of the beef. If you’ll recall, that exact scenario was the reason Meek and his MMG labelmate Wale went at it last summer.

“And it ain’t about no tweet he ain’t post my album and he on it because he know we found out! It’s so much to it lol”

As onlookers began tweeting their responses to his honestly shocking beef, Karen Civil chimed in to explain that it wasn’t about the album link at all. Check out what she said in the gallery. Wonder if we’ll get a response from Drake soon!

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(Photos) Ze Dramaaaaa: Perez Hilton Comes For Beyonce (Sort Of) & The Beyhive Attacks!


Famous blogger Perez Hilton just couldn’t stay quiet during yesterday’s extreme MTV Video Music Awards drama. After the MTV network announced the 2015 nominations, Nicki Minaj went off on the only rant due to the fact she was not nominated. Amidst all of that drama we were glued to on our Twitter timelines, Perez joined in and started offering his two cents in regards to Beyonce, Nicki, Rihanna and many other famous artists.

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Interesting: Future’s ‘DS2′ Album Artwork Is Really From A High School Chemistry Book?!


While Future celebrates the release of his highly-anticipated album Dirty Sprite 2 which has everyone from trap gawds to hip-hop heads going crazy, there’s a group of high school students getting a kick out of the artwork for DS2. Apparently the cover art for Future Hendrix’s project is actually an edited Shutterstock image that appears on the front cover of a high school Chemistry book.

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(Photos) LOL! Curren$y Vents About His Crazy Stalker On Twitter!!


If you think artists are wil’n out now-a-days, then you underestimate the kind of power crazed stalkers think they have. While major artists like Chris Brown has had problems with maniacal women in the past, rapper Curren$y’s latest run-in with a stalker is more strategic. Find out what happened after the jump!

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(Photos) Fans Question Frank Ocean’s Release Of “Boys Don’t Cry”


Earlier this year, Frank Ocean got fans hype when he posted to his Tumblr page the hashtags, “#ISSUE1, #ALBUM3, #JULY2015, and #BOYSDONTCRY.” Boys Don’t Cry being the name of his magazine, and tentatively the title to his Channel Orange follow-up. However, here comes today [July 20], and there has been no Ocean drops. Fans were under the assumption that July 20, instead of July 2015 would be the album’s release, but NO.

Still in the dark, fans take to Twitter to share their feelings on the WAIT. Check it out down bottom.

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Jeezy Has Something To Say About Donald Trump’s Run For Presidency


Much like a lot of us, Jeezy is NOT here for Donald Trump‘s run for President of the United States. (It scares me that he’s surging in the polls, though.)

Regarding Trump‘s recent controversial comments about illegal immigration and America‘s relationship with Mexico, Jeezy took to Twitter to share his views.

“We don’t need @DonaldTrump representing us as americans,” he wrote. “His hatred in his most recent statements shows he’s not a legitimate candidate.”

He continued with a few more tweets, which you can check out in the gallery. Couldn’t agree more! I love how Jeezy is using his platform to address issues like this!

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(Photos) Joey Bada$$ Comes To Bill Cosby’s Defense On Twitter

Joey Bada$$

A few hours ago, Joey Bada$$ was apparently bored in his London hotel, and took to Twitter to get a few things off his chest. Starting with, “I don’t f*ck with the Bill Cosby slander,” Joey then launched into a lengthy series of tweets about the media brainwashing fans of his childhood idol.

“Ofcourse I’m always against a rapist but it’s just like yall EAT UP anything the media feeds yall….,” Joey said. “You internet kids know NOTHING except what they put in front of you on these devices. Every media site can start slandering anyone at any moment with some half ass story and you guys will fucking believe it. At the end of the day… Yall know the media is all propaganda and distractions anyway.”

As he began to get unmercifully slandered for his point of view, Joey began going even harder. Check out the full rant in the gallery. Do you agree with him?

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WELP: Draya Says All She Wants To Do Is Drink, Tan & Get F*cked In Miami!


Newly single Draya is finally on the market yet again after her relationship with NFL player Orlando Scandrick crumbled to smithereens in the most public and embarrassing way.

However, the former Basketball Wives: Los Angeles star isn’t sweating it one bit (at least that’s how it seems.) Draya took to her Twitter page to write a pretty provocative message, causing controversy as she always seems to do some how.

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