(Photos) Tyga Blasts TMZ For “Fabricated” Stories


Early last month, Tyga was served with a lawsuit while at a autograph signing, making for some funny headlines because of the perseverance of the process server. Over the weekend, TMZ revealed that the suit stemmed from a dispute with a former landlord, who says Tyga owes him $90k in back rent from a Calabasas home he’d rented back in 2010. The case had previously gone to trial and the landlord had won, but because T-Raww never came through on the payments, he was sued again – hence the process server at the L.A. Gear event.

Taking to Twitter just moments ago, Tyga had quite the response to the allegations.

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(Photos+Video) 6 Cops Charged in Freddie Grays Murder Released On Bail


The state of justice in America is definitely up for debate. The 6 police officers charged with felonies in the death of Freddie Gray were taken into custody Friday night and released on bail today. In a shocking twist the officers bail was lower then that of one of the protestors that was arrested. Read more for the details and video on the case

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(Photos) Obama Administration Grants $20 Million For Police Body Cams!


This is definitely a start. The Obama Administration announced today on the heels of the Freddie Gray protests that it is granting $20 Million dollars to local police departments to be used for body cameras. Read more to find out about Obama’s $75 Million dollar plan to roll out body cameras across America.

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(Photos+Video) Tesla Unveils Groundbreaking New Technology!


This is going to change the way we use power in our daily lives forever. The future is going to depend on new forms of energy. Tesla is tackling this issue head on by releasing their new Tesla Energy home and office batteries. Tesla has been releasing information on their new home and office technology but last night in Los Angeles they finally unveiled their revolutionary new products. Check out the details and video of the amazing new technology after the jump!

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(Photos) Instagram Launches @Music A New Creative Community


Instagram launched a new account called @Music dedicated to highlighting artists and their activities. Musicians drive a huge amount of traffic to Instagram and now they are trying to monetize off of it. Find out how the new account works after the jump!

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(Photos+Video) Joseph Kent “Kidnapped By Police” On Live TV


Joseph Kent a known protester from the Ferguson protests was grabbed by police on live television last night in Baltimore. Read more to see the disturbing video and huge social media reaction

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(Photos) Jay-Z To Perform Classics At Secret Tidal Concert In NYC!


Jay-Z is pulling out all the stops for his music streaming service Tidal. This morning an announcement was made that Hov is going to have an intimate concert in NYC on May 13th where hes going to perform his best B-side hits from his career. Apparently songs that have never been performed live or havent been performed in over 10 years will be the attraction of this exclusive concert. Read more to find out how you can attend this special show!

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(Photo) B-More Riots: David Banner Keeping It All The Way 100 on Twitter, Says He’s Proud Of The Youth!


David Banner, a well known activist in the Hip Hop community, hasn’t been holding any punches in regards to the riots in Baltimore! He’s been tweeting his opinion; and it looks like he agrees with the tactics performed by the youth and united gangs in the area. CNN has been covering the story, constantly reminding us that people are looting, and Banner doesn’t approve of the way the story is being told! Check out the tweets after the Jump!

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(Photos) Meek Mill Speaks Out About Baltimore & Responds To Donald Trump’s Ignorant Statement

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is no stranger to issues with the police. At 27-years-old, he’s already had his run-ins with the law and seen the inside of a jail cell more than once, so he knows first hand just how bad things can get. As the world watches the tragic events going on in Baltimore right now, the Philly native took to Twitter to share a few words – particularly in response to Donald Trump’s ignorant tweets.

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(Photos) David Banner On How Men Respond to How Women Present Themselves

David Banner on Women, Men and Truth

If you hadn’t already realized, the “Like A Pimp” rapper, producer, actor, activist and Mississippi native has been on a new mission in life. As he cranks up the heat on his messages it looks like a lot of people can’t take the temperature…check the epic tweets of David Banner On How Men Respond to How Women Present Themselves, questioning why many are surprised about their own mixed messages!

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