Earl Sweatshirt Reveals He’s Not A Fan Of Post Malone’s “White Iverson”


Despite being one of the biggest hits of 2015, Earl Sweatshirt just recently heard Post Malone’s “White Iverson.” After giving the track a quick review on Twitter, it’s safe to say he was not feeling the Dallas rapper’s vibe…AT ALL.

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Free The Wave: Wiz Khalifa Has Some Words For Kanye Trying To Claim Max B’s Wave

Kanye West

Kanye West is dropping his highly-anticipated album sooner than later, but there seems to be a bunch of controversy and confusion in regards to the album title.

First, Kanye told us that his forthcoming project will be named SWISH. However, he then let us know it is being called Waves instead. Now as we all remember, Harlem’s own Max B was the originator of the entire “wavey” trend that blew up and is STILL relevant to this day, despite the fact he is serving basically a life sentence in prison.

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Kanye West Says ‘SWISH’ Isn’t Album Of The Year…It’s Album Of “The Life”

ifwt_Kanye West MAIN

When he tweeted SWISH’s tracklist over the weekend, Kanye West asserted that the project would be “the best album of all time.” To make sure his point was driven, today he followed that up with a new tweet:

“This is not album of the year. This is album of the life.”

Not life, but THE life. That Kanye guy – so modest, huh?

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(Photo) B.o.B. Starts Feud With Neil deGrasse Tyson Trying To Convince Us The Earth Is Flat


Rapper B.o.B spent most of the weekend trying to convince his followers the Earth is flat. In a series of tweets which included photos for evidence he wrote, “A lot of people are turned off by the phrase ‘flat earth,’” adding, “But there’s no way [you] can see all the evidence and not know… grow up. You can regurgitate force fed information all day… still doesn’t change physics.”

Respected astrophysicist and author Neil DeGrasse Tyson, tired to steer B.o.B in the right direction with a few facts on Monday. However, B.o.B. was still not convinced and clearly pissed off by the scientists attempt to correct him because Tuesday he dropped a diss track titled “Flatline.” Read more below.

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(Photo) J.K. Rowling Calls Trump’s Growing Following An Army Of “Death Eaters”


Sometime last year, ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling fired back at an article comparing leading Republican nominee Donald Trump to the villain of the Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort. She replied on Twitter slamming Trump saying “Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.”

More recently, Rowling found herself speaking out against Trump yet again with a comparison from the Harry Potter series when a tweet from former Ted Cruz supporter and Trump spokesperson was unearthed in which the phrase “pure breed” was used.

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(Photos) Khloe Kardashian Seemingly Reacts To Rob & Chyna; Amber Rose Follows Scott Disick


Earlier today, it was revealed that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are getting cozy, after Chyna posted a photo cuddling with an unidentified man…whose tattoos matched up directly to Rob’s.

Shortly after the news broke, Rob’s outspoken big sis Khloe took to Twitter with a cryptic tweet, seemingly aiming at her black sheep bro.

“You can do anything. But never go against the family.”

*Cues Godfather music.* Of course, the blogs picked this up and ran with it right away, and though I do believe she was referring to Rob, Khloe wanted to clean it up and look like the bigger person.

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Kanye West Almost Made It On Future’s ‘Purple Reign’ Mixtape


Future has been consistent with putting out new music, most recently with his Purple Reign mixtape. The tape boasts no features or guest verses, in notable Future fashion. Although, there was one man that just missed the cut-off to be on the tape – Kanye West. Hit the jump.

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Time For Change: The Oscars Make History To Increase Diversity


The time for change is upon us. After much uproar which shouldn’t have even been necessary in the first place, The Academy is switching up their policies to avoid any racial issues again with new voting rules. History is in the making as we read. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) Chingy Endorses Donald Trump For President

ifwt_Chingy CB4

Donald Trump has officially picked up his first supporter from the Hip-Hop community. Friday (January 22) rapper Chingy announced his support for the leading Republican nominee. While many rappers, like Killer Mike and Lil B have shown support for Bernie Sanders, Chingy expressed his feelings on why Trump is the right man for the job.

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(Photo) Talib Kweli Slams Iggy Azalea For Her Take On Macklemore’s “White Privilege II”


Iggy Azalea seems to find herself at the center of controversy more often than not.

Friday (January 22)rapper, Macklemore released his record “White Privilege II”, off his upcoming album, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. The track is the sequel to his record “White Privilege” from his The Language Of My World album and in the nearly nine minute song he explores the the racial injustice happening in America, Black Lives Matter and more.

At one point, Macklemore suggests artists like Miley Cyrus, Elvis and Iggy Azalea have “exploited and stolen the music, the moment/ The magic, the passion, the fashion, you toy with/ The culture was never yours to make better.”

After being questioned by a fan on Twitter about her feelings on Macklemore’s lyrics, Iggy shot back saying “He shouldn’t have spent the last 3 yrs having friendly convos and taking pictures together at events etc if those were his feelings.”

Now, Talib Kweli is chiming in on the conversation around the so-called “diss” saying Iggy Azalea misinterpreted the lyrics, which backs everything Macklemore was talking about.

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