(Photo) Kanye West Reveals In Just Two Days Pablo Pop-Up Shop Sold $1 Million Worth Of Merch


Just a few days ago, Kanye West announced he would be opening a pop-up shop in NYC to support his most recent album, ‘The Life of Pablo.’ Fans went crazy all weekend over the ‘Pablo’ merchandise, lining up in front of the shop hours before it opened and spending all their hard earned coins. Tuesday evening, Kanye took to his Twitter to reveal just how well the shop did and to thank all his fans and supporters. “They called me crazy and pointed fingers,” he tweeted, “but there is no other brand that could sell 1 million dollars of clothing in 2 days from 1 location!!!” Congrats, Kanye! Click the gallery for more.

(Video + Photo) Are Kendrick Lamar And Drake Back In The Studio Together??


Uh ohh…social media is about to explode. Kendrick was in studio being filmed counting a stack of $2 bills, when days later Drake posted a photo with the 6 sign and the same 2$ bill stack above it. This could mean a lot of things, the most hopeful being new music from the two… hit the jump.

(Photos) Xzibit Lets One Fan Know That He Will Not Be Pimping Any Ride Like He Was Ten Years Ago


It’s X to the Z Xzibit back at it again and no he is not pimping anyone’s ride and he made that very clear to one fan. One fan on Twitter asked if he could pimp their ride like he was doing a decade ago. Check out his response to a fan after the jump. It’s hilarious.

Kanye West & CyHi The Prynce Working On “The Greatest Hip-Hop Album Ever”


A bold statement thought of by many, attempted by few. Looks like CyHi The Prynce’s loooooong awaited debut album will see the light of day soon. Kanye’s producing & the two are planning to the make it the “the greatest hip-hop album ever”. Hit the jump.

Kanye West Announces Surprise Pop-Up Shop In NYC This Weekend


Kanye West just announced on Twitter that this weekend there will be a “Pablo Pop Up Shop” open in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, a big area for fashion. If you’re a Yeezy fan, you might want to check this out. Hit the jump.

Vince Staples Comes For Spotify While Performing On Their Stage At SXSW


Vince Staples had his slot to perform at the SXSW Spotify stage over the weekend, and took advantage to shade the company that’s been playing his music. The streaming wars continue…hit the jump.

Fetty Wap Responds To His Daughter’s Mother Throwing Shade At Alexis Sky

Fetty Wap x daughter x Lezhae Zeona

Fetty Wap may have a bunch of women in his circle that we can’t keep track of, but he certainly can, and he’s not going to tolerate any drama between the sister wives! As we reported, Fetty brought his daughter and her mother out to Texas last weekend to celebrate the baby’s first birthday, and apparently he rekindled things with mom…or at least she’d like you to believe that via her social media. In a now-deleted post last night, Lezhae shared a photo of a man with his daughter and his wife, both calling him daddy and fighting for his attention. She captioned it, “This was dead me a few days ago.” Hmm.. Meanwhile, she was throwing shade to Alexis Sky on Snapchat – who Fetty just rekindled his on-again/off-again romance with. He brought both ladies to his show in ATL last night, and Lez was apparently upset that Alexis got to be side-stage and on Fetty’s bus, while she was in VIP and in the hotel. This is such a mess, LOL. Check out what Fetty had to say about it in the gallery. Messy!

Ian Connor Has Jokes For Tyga’s New Grill

Ian Connor x Tyga

Ian Connor isn’t here for Tyga’s new grill. T-Raw showed off the ice on social media yesterday, and while fans immediately started gunning him because it’s just plain ugly…Ian also joined in, more because the grill looked a little too similar to his own. Check out the tweets in the gallery. Seems like it was all in fun, however, so don’t call it a “beef”!

Kendrick Lamar Says Lil Wayne Is ‘The Greatest’; Lil Wayne Responds


In a recent interview with, The Coveteur, Kendrick Lamar opened up about a number of topics including his new deal with Reebok, fashion, style, and today’s youth. However, larger number of readers were most impressed with his answer while detailing his biggest style influences, which included rapper, Lil Wayne. Read more below.

(Photos) Amber Rose Responds To BeyHive’s Attack Over Her Beyoncé Comparison


Amber Rose is under fire from the BeyHive today, after she made a comparison between herself and Kim Kardashian to Beyoncé when it comes to showing off their bodies. Of course she is being criticized for her choice of words, but Amber wants fans to know, she too is a part of the BeyHive!

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