(Photos) Lil B Says He’s “Transphobic” & Apologizes For His Offensive Tweets


When he’s not pissing off the NBA with his notorious curse, Lil B spends his time on social media speaking his mind about whatever issues he feels compelled to elaborate on and discuss. After posting one, wild tweet last night, The Based God apologized to all the fans he offended and blamed his comments on his own insecurities and being “transphobic.” Find out what he said after the jump!

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Joe Budden & Ransom Poke Fun At Their Old Beef Amidst Safaree Diss Track Drama


Safaree “SB” Samuels seems to be the talk of the internet today!

Nicki Minaj’s former boyfriend of many years hit the booth and came out with a diss track this morning entitled “Lifeline.” I believe it’s safe to say that the song is SUPER trash, leaving SB to get clowned on by not only the entire internet but also by other rappers!

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Nicki Minaj “Favorites” Tweets Of Fans Bashing Safaree’s Weak Diss Track


This week has been overflowing with drama in the Hip-Hop world and it doesn’t look like it is stopping any time soon.

Rap’s new favorite couple, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, have been right in the center of all the he-said, she said going on after Meek decided to come for Drake’s life and put him on blast for having an alleged ghostwriter.

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Stop It: Chief Keef Announces His Hopes Of Becoming Mayor Of Chicago


Chief Keef for Mayor of Chicago?! The 19-year-old is feeling extremely political these days as he’s taken to Twitter to announce that he wants to run for mayor of his city.

Find out more below.

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(Photos) Tyler The Creator Officially Banned From WHICH Country?!


Tyler The Creator has been known to stir up trouble with his misunderstood music and wild-boy antics. However, there’s one place in the world that has finally had it with the former Odd Future chief. According to the Cherry Bomb MC, a country from down under decided to completely banish him from crossing their borders. Find out which country banned Tyler The Creator after the jump!

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Oh? Wiz Khalifa Had A Girlfriend Recently…But Then She Dumped Him

Wiz Khalifa x Koral Chen

Back in June, Wiz Khalifa shared a lovely photo from a beach wedding alongside a pretty girl, captioning it:

“Thank you for all you do for me and my team. You’ve turned this boy into a man in the short time we’ve worked together and I look forward to the future @koralchen”

It was later uncovered that Koral Chen works at an artist management firm in NYC, so that is likely where their relationship stemmed from. However, it wasn’t clear whether or not she and Wiz were an item. Turns out – they were…but it’s over now so it doesn’t really matter!

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Rick Ross’ Misuse Of The Greater Than Sign Ended Up As A Hilarious Mistake Last Night In The Meek vs. Drake Beef

Rick Ross x Meek Mill

While Meek was taking aim at Drake on Twitter, saying he doesn’t write his own rhymes and other things of that nature, Rick Ross wanted to make it clear that he stands by his artist’s side. Unfortunately, that wasn’t so clear in his tweet.


While Rozay was attempting to say that Drake is NOT as good as his artist, his misuse of the less than/greater than signs actually said the opposite! I guess that’s why he’s a rapper and not a teacher or something! He quickly deleted the tweet when he realized his mistake, and Meek took to his own account to shut the people up who were commenting on it.

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#MeekBeLike Vs. #IfDrakeDontWriteHisRaps Hashtags Takeover Twitter


LMAO! Since Meek Mill’s explosive Twiter rant took place in the late hours, sleep was the only thing on my mind this morning. However, this #MeekBeLike and #IfDrakeDontWriteHisRaps hashtag battle has given me life back. The people of Twitter makes everything happy again – for now.

Check it out down bottom.

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Toronto Politician Tells Meek Mill To Stay Away From The City!!!


Artists, especially the ones with rap-like reputations, are being banned from places all around the world. 2 Chainz from all Las Vegas clubs, Chris Brown banned from escaping the Philippines; and now a Toronto politician – council member – tells Meek Mill that it will not be all rainbows and unicorns if he comes to the city.

Find out more down bottom.

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OG Maco Co-Signs Meek Mill’s Claims That Drake Has A Ghostwriter

OG maco

Apparently, there’s a guy named Quentin Miller that we should be looking out for, because according to Meek Mill, OG Maco and others – he’s more Drake than Drake is.

During the midst of his Twitter rant last night, Meek randomly tweeted out Quentin’s name, certainly piquing peoples’ attention. As rapper OG Maco hopped on his account to co-sign Meek’s claims that Drake doesn’t write his own stuff, he too named Quentin, showing his name in Drake’s album credits, as well as revealing that he’s friends with him and wants him to get his just due.

Check out all of Maco’s tweets in the gallery. Guess we won’t be getting a Drake and Maco collab any time soon!

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