You Ready? Looks Like Kanye Is About To Join Instagram!


Kanye West is already enough of a handful on Twitter as it is – can you handle having him on another social network? Well, ready or not, it appears that Yeezy is coming to Instagram! In another random Twitter rant today, Ye announced that he’s considering bringing his talents over to the photo-sharing app, but he has some terms and conditions, however: “No one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram… It’s my art…,” he tweeted. “My tweets are a form of contemporary art only compromised by people trying to tell me what to tweet and not to tweet… Non artist trying to grab the paint brush…” It’s clear he walks to the beat of his own drum anyway, so I don’t see him running into a problem. Instagram, get ready for some Kanye!

Kanye West’s Favorite Song of 2015 Was By Justin Bieber


Unexpected? Ehhh…not really. Justin has been uniting music lovers from all genres with latest album ‘Purpose‘, including Kanye West. Hit the jump for the reveal.

(Photos) Metro Boomin, T-Pain, Missy Elliott & Dej Loaf Hit The Studio


Now we know of three more people Metro Boomin trusts. T-Pain tweeted he, Missy Elliott & Dej Loaf all just left the studio with Metro Boomin. New collab on the way?? I think so! Hit the jump.

(Photo) Wesley Snipes Questions “Why Does Young Metro Have So Many Trust Issues?”


Wesley Snipes, recently gained a huge popularity on Twitter. The New Jack City actor, recently posed an important question to to his followers when he tweeted, “Why does young metro have so many trust issues? lol” Clearly, Snipes has been put on to the ever popular Future ad-libs, that have proven to be meme gold, “If young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you.” Snipes received several answers from followers, however none of which were probably the answers he was looking for. Check it out in the gallery!

(Photos) 50 Cent Quits Instagram After Blasting The Justice System


It was “all love” about a week ago….actually a few days ago. But not anymore for Curtis Jackson. 50 Cent says he’s done with Instagram, but not before sounding off against the justice system after his hearing in bankruptcy court. Hit the jump.

(Photo) Kanye West Says “Final Mixes” Of “The Life Of Pablo” Are Still On The Way


No sooner did Kanye West apologize for going off on endless Twitter rants for three weeks straight, he was off on another tangent, what he called a “stream of consciousness” while on a plane home from Europe. Despite being out for almost a month now and already announcing his next project, Kanye revealed that the final cuts for ‘The Life of Pablo‘ are still on the way. He said, “excited to see my family and finish the final mixes of the Life of Pablo and keep working on Turbo Grafx 16 and Season 4 ….”” He followed up with another rant about the fashion industry; mainly his dislike for suit jackets, how “fake” everyone in fashion is and his “homeless sweaters.” Click the gallery for all the tweets.

Jermaine Dupri Goes Off On Fan Who Accuses Him Of Molesting Kriss Kross


Social media can be your best friend as a celebrity…or your worst enemy. “Fans” are known for their outlandish comments just because they don’t think celebs will answer them, but sometimes they do! Jermaine Dupri hopped on Instagram yesterday to wish Bow Wow a happy birthday, reflecting on all their years of work together, when a man started to accuse JD of molesting the beloved hip-hop duo Kriss Kross, 17 years ago. Hit the jump to see what this is all about.

Keyshia Cole Denies Egging Bow Wow’s Cars


Early this morning, Bow Wow’s friend took to Instagram to show off his egged car, alleging that the culprit was none other than Keyshia Cole. Bow Wow then followed up, and though he didn’t name names, he said an “ex” egged his homie’s car, thinking it was his. Put 2 and 2 together, and it’s pretty clear that there was a major blowout between Bow Wow and Keyshia. Keyshia is now denying any involvement, however, despite her angry tweets the day before the incident took place. “Then n*ggas wonder why they get f*cked up,” Keyshia tweeted on Monday…just shortly after she’d RT’d Bow Wow’s video of his daughter and adding that it was cute. “Stop playing with me. ASAP!!” Welp, looks like Bow Wow didn’t stop playing, and now that the proverbial (and literal) egg is on the proverbial face (or car in this instance,) the singer is denying any involvement.

Kevin McCall Disses Chris Brown Again On Twitter + Adds Team Breezy Into The Mix As Well


Fans of Chris Brown were introduced to singer/songwriter Kevin McCall in 2010 and 2011, when Chris took Kevin under his wing and signed him to his CBE imprint. The guys collaborated on songs like “Deuces,” “No Bullsh*t” and Breezy’s “Marvin’s Room” remix, but years later, ended up seemingly having some tension, judging by posts from Kevin on social media. In a later interview with Vlad TV, Kevin confirmed the beef with Breezy, saying that he’d been preventing him from releasing music and other behind-the-scenes issues. Now this week, Kevin revealed that he’ll be naming his album FAME – the same name of Breezy’s 2011 album he’d appeared on, and then encouraged #TeamBreezy to basically f*ck off. He also publicly tweeted Chris, writing:

“@chrisbrown we need to sit down and handle this business. I tried the adult business route. I feel my kindness is being taken for weakness.”

In a series of more tweets, he continued to diss Chris…and then finished the rant by saying he’s a fan. This is the same guy who has a restraining order on him by his daughter’s mother, Eva Marcille, randomly said Wale had herpes because he was mad that Eva left a kiss emoji on his photo and more…so…yeah. Mess.

(Photos) Keyshia Cole Allegedly Eggs Bow Wow’s Friend’s Car Thinking It Was His


Looks like Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow’s relationship (that they’ve denied) is over now anyway. At least for now, as it’s been pretty clear both of these people live for drama and will return to it at any point. Taking to Instagram last night, The Game’s manager (who’s friends with Bow Wow) showed off his egged car, saying that Keyshia was the culprit. Bow Wow then seemingly confirmed it, taking to Twitter to say that “an ex” had egged a friend’s car, thinking it was his. Messy, messy! Check the social media posts in the gallery.

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