Nikki Mudarris Speaks Out About Leaked Sex Tape Says You “Can’t Trust Anyone”


Tuesday, a sex tape leaked of Love and Hip Hop reality star Nikki Mudarris and her former boyfriend Mally Mall. It’s a quick clip of the couple getting it on and was said to be put out by Nikki herself. However, Wednesday the starlet went on a twitter rant accusing her on-again-off-again boyfriend of exposing their intimate moment.

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Chris Brown To Raise Domestic Violence Awareness In Australia


Chris Brown is currently being denied entry into Australia because Government officials find him to have a “lack of character” ever since the Rihanna beating back in 2009.

Since he’s been getting the cold shoulder when he attempted to apply for a Visa to visit the country for his tour, he has another action plan set to prove he’s a changed man.

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Two Times The Pleasure: Kid Cudi’s “Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven” Will Be A Double-Disc Album


Since July, Kid Cudi has been held fans in suspense with the details of up sixth studio album, Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven. Now, however, he spilling the facts on what’s to come.

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(Video) Wendy Williams Says Erica Mena Never Deserved Bow Wow; Mena Responds


Wendy Williams, a.k.a. the Queen of shade, is at it again!

After reality TV vixen Erica Mena and Bow Wow called it quits recently, Williams went on her show to discuss how “ratchet” Mena never deserved Mr. Shad Moss to begin with.

The two split because Mena announced publicly that she had a miscarriage, and Bow Wow ended up blasting her for being an “attention whore” and so on. Things got really nasty and the two decided to call off their wedding.

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George Zimmerman Shows No Shame As He RTs The Lifeless Body Of Trayvon Martin


The asinine actions of an acquitted murder continues to loom in the air; three years later. George Zimmerman no longer needs to use his the mask of a neighborhood watchman because his eyes is all over social media.

Tagging Zimmerman, known on Twitter as @TherealGeorgeZ, an admirer, @SeriousSlav, of the merciless killer tweets “Z-Man is a one man army.” In addition to fire, Serious adds fuel by attaching the photo of a lifeless Martin. Of course, Zimmerman RTs the photo.

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(Video) Celebrities Read Mean Tweets On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

IFWT_Jimmy Kimmel

It is about that time again for yet another installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s segment where he brings celebs on his show to read mean tweets written about them!

For this episode, the late-night talk show host brings on Halle Berry, Bette Midler, Liam Neeson, Salma Hayek plus many, many more to publicly out themselves with some of the most embarrassing tweets ever written about them.

Get into the full video clip below!

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(Photo)LOL! Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly Continues To Troll Meek Mill


Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly has officially become Drake’s personal Canadian guardian angel. Ever since the whole Drake vs. Meek Mill beef went down earlier this summer, Kelly has been there to defend Drake. The beef has since died down, however the councillor can not let it go.

This week Drake was listed as number three on Forbes ‘Cash Kings’ list, edging out Dr. Dre for his spot. Meek was noticeably not on the list at all, while his GF Nicki Minaj found herself at number 9, raking in $21 million. Kelly tweeted at Meek earlier today just to remind him.

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Pharrell Confirms New N.E.R.D. Album


Tuesday (Sept 22) Pharrell took over iHeartRadio’s Twitter for a Q&A session with fans. While answering questions for his biggest fans, one asked him if he was going to make another N.E.R.D. album. His answer revealed that there is a N.E.R.D project in the works.

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(Photos) This Was Erica Mena’s Response To Bow Wow’s Video Blasting Her

Erica Mena x Bow Wow

As we previously reported, Erica Mena revealed last week via a heartfelt Instagram post that she’d miscarried a child with her fiancé, Bow Wow, at the 4-month mark. Following the news, Bow Wow put out a video blasting his fianceé for sharing the news on social media (which is funny, considering he’s doing the very same thing), and saying she was seeking attention because of how long ago the miscarriage was.

Erica later deleted all traces of Bow off of her Instagram page, and began correcting fans who called her Mrs. Moss in comments, replying, “Mena!” Seems as though a breakup certainly happened, but Erica is being diplomatic about it. When asked directly by a fan how she felt about Bow Wow’s video, she replied, “How would you feel?” then followed it up with, “I’m human, but I’m also super hero strong :) #ThisTooShallPass”

Surprisingly mature from her! Do you think these two are over for good, or could this just be temporary? Let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments!

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Amber Rose Throws Shots Are Artists Charing Her To Perform At Her Slut Shaming Walk


Thick vixen Amber Rose is putting together her first ever Slut Shaming Walk and it it gaining a lot of attention.

She has already received donations from huge artists such as Nicki Minaj along with many others, but Amb is not 100% happy. She went off on a Twitter rant about how every big name artist she reached out to for a performance during the walk is trying to charge her $30-40K to show up.

After venting online, I wonder if any of the artists Muva was throwing shade at decided to come through and do her the solid?

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