BRUH, Really? Bartender Claims Jeremih Tipped HOW Much On A $1800 Tab?


So I find this story funny for my own personal reasons but this is out of control if it is 100% factual. A bartender who works at the well-known King of Diamond’s strip club in Miami took to her Twitter account after a long night of work to put R&B crooner Jeremih on BLAST. She says the club comped five bottles for the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer, which would have ran him a nice $1800 if he had to actually pay. However, she is saying that all he tipped her was $19! Really dawg, not even a full $20? SMH!!!!!!!!! And it’s not even like she’s ugly because the chick is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Let’s not forget the fact that Jeremih has gotten into himself into a bunch of other messy situations so far this month including his beer bottle tossing incident at Fuddruckers that could still land him in jail and getting arrested at Newark Airport.

I find this hilarious because I personally know a bunch of girls who are constantly fighting over him. Ha, let’s hope he’s a little more generous when it comes to dating, ladies! If not, y’all are just a mess for that one. I am SLEEP though! *Sips on tea with Kermit and minds my damn business.* Check out the tweets in the gallery along with some flicks of the bartender who is blasting Jeremih for being a cheapo!

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What’s Beef: Kid Cudi Comes For Chuck Inglish For Leaked Music; Chuck Responds


In true celebrity fashion when s**t goes wrong, they hop on social media. Chris Brown did it, Lil Wayne did it, Kim K. did and Kid Cudi did it – AGAIN. “Some s**t just won’t be tolerated,” was one of the many tweets that the rapper/actor sent out after some music material, starring his vocals, was leaked by no other Chuck Inglish. The war begins.

Check out the details down bottom.

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(Photos) Kylie Jenner Addresses Pregnancy & Marriage Rumors

Tyga x Kylie

Kylie Jenner has had the rumor mill spinning out of control these past few months ever since she has been spotted getting real cozy with rapper Tyga. Word is that she is trying to become a rapper and elope with the artist because she’s pregnant with his second child. Kylie took to her Twitter account to set the record straight about all of the he said, she said that is floating around the blogs and tabloids. Kylie tweets, “in not trying to become a rapper, I’m not getting married, & I’m not pregnant….”

WELP folks, there we have it. Do we believe her? I would sure hope so being that she is only 17 and Tyga, who JUST got out of a long-term relationship with Blac Chyna, is 25. Definitely not a good look from a legal standpoint. I can’t wait until she turns 18 to see how things will pan out because then, if they truly are an “item” like we all think they are, Tyga and Kylie can technically confirm their romance and make the entire thing public. If they were to do so now, the cops have the legal right to lock him up. They DO look very cute though as a couple, so we shall see. Check out her tweet over in the gallery.

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(Photos) Kim Kardashian Addresses Backlash Over Cropped Selfie With Daughter North


Kim Kardashian received a great deal of backlash from her followers Monday morning (Dec. 15) after posting a selfie with daughter North clearly cropped out of it.

Later that evening, the reality star took to social media to address the “news” and explain why North was cropped out of the picture.

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(Video) Bill Cosby Finally Speaks On Recent Rape Allegations.

_Bill Cosby Jokes About His Sexual Assault Allegations During Stand-Up Routine In Canada!

Bill Cosby Speaks On Recent Rape Allegations, concerning Bill Cosby have been the talk of the town. And All except Cosby seem to be speaking out. See how he finally breaks his silence inside.

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(PHOTOS) & (VIDEO) ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Character Names Revealed Via TRADING CARDS

IFWT_ Star Wras The Force Awakens

Collect and Trade the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ Cast … Read More Inside

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New Year, New You: This MMG Member Plans To Change His Name In 2015


It’s about that time – you know, when people feel the need to make changes in their lives. Out with the old and in with the new. Apparently, that includes names. This MMG member says that as of January 1, 2015, he will have a whole new name.

Find out the details down bottom.

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(PHOTOS) Daughter Of Eric Garner Leads Protest And Die In The Same Spot Of Her Fathers Death

Daughter Of Eric Garner Leads Protest March In Staten Island

Last night daughter of Eric Garner, Erica Garner organized and led a protest in Staten Island in memory of her father Read more inside!

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(Photos) Lil Wayne Makes His Position Loud And Clear

Lil Wayne

Amidst all of the beef and the drama with Cash Money and Birdman, Lil Wayne took to Twitter today to make his stance clear. Last week, Tunechi shocked the world when he revealed that he and Birdman were no longer seeing eye to eye after nearly two decades working together, and that Tha Carter V was basically being held hostage.

Since his announcement a week ago now, Wayne had not tweeted until last night, when it was simply a sports related reference. However, he did make mention of the situation last Friday during a performance in Brooklyn for VICE’s 20th anniversary, saying that he was “f*cked up in a bad situation, but I will be out of it soon.”

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(Photos) Wait – What? Keyshia Cole Is Going To Jail For 30 Days?!

Keyshia Cole

Well this certainly is interesting. According to Keyshia Cole’s Twitter, the Oakland songstress was sentenced to 30 days in jail during a court hearing this morning, stemming from “something from 10 years ago.” But uh…by 10 years ago, did she kind of maybe perhaps mean 3 months ago?

Back in September, Keyshia Cole was arrested for fighting a woman she found at her man Birdman’s apartment early in the morning. The victim – a woman by the name of Sabrina Mercadel – turned out to be a longtime employee of Birdman’s, and has since filed both a restraining order and a lawsuit against the Oakland singer.

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