Jay Electronica, Tell Us How You Really Feel! The Rapper Calls Out President Obama!


Sheesh! Jay Electronica has or HAD a lot on his mind, since he’s let it all hang out on Twitter.

Monday, Dec. 8 President Barack Obama sat down with BET’s Jeff Johnson to talk race, civil rights in the current age and much more. We’re guessing this is what sparked the outrage in the “Kingdom” artist. Well, that and the recent news of Mike Brown and Eric Garner’s murders being set lose without consequences.

“Number one, is the understanding that we have made progress, and so it’s important to recognize, as painful as these incidents are, we can’t equate what’s happening now to what was happening 50 years ago,” said the president. “And if you talk to your parents, grandparents, uncles, they’ll tell you, they’ll tell you that things are better — not good, in some cases, but better,” he continues.

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(Photos) French Montana Lets Everybody Know Who She Belongs To…

IFWT_Khloe Bday Wishes To French 3

French Montana kept it G, with all the feeling going around, between others like CB/Karreuche/Drizzy, and his own lady Khloe’s fam stressing her to bounce…well French may have made it easy for her…

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(Photos/Video) Azealia Banks Spazzes After Iggy Makes Slave-Master Reference

IFWT_Azalea-banks Vs Iggy Azalea-1.

Azealia Banks Spazzes After Iggy Makes Slave-Master Reference, Every once and a while Azealia Banks goes rants on twitter, but normally, who GAF, but this time she might very well be on to something. After the Garner grand jury decision, Banks took to twitter about those that ‘want to be black but don’t want to be black’, along a few other things, and even though she didn’t @ iggy, Iggy responded…

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(Photos) Lil Wayne Claims To Be A “Prisoner” & Wants Nothing To Do With Record Label


Update #2:

Lil Wayne has sparked a social media trending topic when he announced his urge to remove himself from the Cash Money equation.

In on the responses, along with Pusha T and EVERY fan/foe, is the one who did it before Wayne, T-Raww. The ‘Last Kings’ representer let’s everyone know how he feels about the issue at hand, but also uses it as a marketing tool to promote his first independent release, “The Gold Album.”

More details down bottom.

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(Photos) Sheesh! What Is Chris Brown Going Through?!

Chris Brown

Another day, another Chris Brown Twitter rant! The bad boy singer doesn’t seem to be in the best space right now, which comes as no surprise since that boy is constantly upset over something. Taking to Twitter to vent last night, Breezy unleashed a barrage of now mostly-deleted tweets, talking about being provoked and how you can’t take the bait. Seems like something is brewing behind the scenes, and it’s taking everything in Chris not to react!

“When someone provokes you just remember all the positive sh*t you have to look forward to in your life in the future,” Chris wrote. “You might feel satisfaction at that moment dealing irresponsibly with that issue but it will f*ck up so much sh*t for you in the future.”

Yes, we know he’s learned that the hard way, more than once! In the only tweet he left remaining on his timeline from the rant, Chris concluded his PSA with, “Can’t wait to get off this probation so I can get the f*ck out of LA.”

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I swear, Meek Mill was on my mind this morning (No, he really was), and now look. According to Fox 29 Philadelphia, the Philly rapper has been released more than a month before he was suppose to.

Hit the jump for the details and conditions of his release.

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(Photos) Karrueche Tweets That She’s A Single Lady Amidst Chris Brown Cheating Proof…But She Clears It Up!

ifwt_Chris Brown x Karrueche

Last night, Karrueche had everyone talking when she tweeted that she’s “a single lady again.” Everyone was ripping into the poor girl, making fun of the fact that Chris seemingly dumped her just before the holidays. This came in the midst of a video posted to popular forum Lipstick Alley, which showed a sleeping Chris in what was clearly his home, taken by another woman who was reportedly there over the weekend. This only added to the fact that Breezy had been spotted with other ladies after Trey Songz’ birthday party, so it seemed like the pair were really done…again.

However – that’s not the case! The tweet did seem a little off because she used a smirking emoji at the end, not something one would use when they’re going through a rough time. Other common elements of a typical Kae/Breezy breakup weren’t in place either – like deleting every single picture of each other off of Instagram – and sure enough, that’s because it’s not a real breakup!

After landing at LAX and seeing that her mentions were in SHAMBLES during her flight, Kae cleaned up her mess, revealing that she simply meant she’d filmed an episode of the show Single Ladies, which was recently picked up by BET after being cancelled on VH1. As for the cheating allegations, she left that topic alone…and I’m sure it’ll stay that way. These two seem to have an open relationship of sorts, and it appears that Breezy was just having a little fun while his boo

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(Photos) Ariana Grande Responds To Bette Midler’s ‘Whore’ Comments


Everyone has an opinion. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Bette Midler criticizes Ariana Grande’s image saying she was “making a whore out of herself.” Ariana took to her Twitter Tuesday (November 25) to respond to Midler’s comments.

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LMFAO: Amanda Bynes Only Follows 4 People – And 3 Are Big Name Rappers!

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes dated rapper Kid Cudi in the past, so it comes as not too much of a surprise that she has love for other rappers as well. She also urged Drake to “murder my v@g!na” in the past, so there’s that too….

As she continues her troubles, Amanda often vents on her Twitter account, using it as her “press release” of sorts on a daily basis. When she loads up her timeline, she’s only seeing tweets from 4 people, as that’s all she’s following…and 3 are rappers that you’d never think Amanda would care about: Sage The Gemini, YG and ScHoolboy Q. West sideee! Her fourth follow is cosmetic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Ramtin Kassir. What do you think about Amanda Bynes following rappers on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

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(Photos) JUICY! Is This Female Rapper Saying She Was Dating Her CEO?

Tyga x HC

Is Honey Cocaine mad at Blac Chyna over Tyga because they used to be in love? When Tyga and his longtime girlfriend/child’s mother Blac Chyna split over the summer, one of the first people to talk about it on social media was his artist, Honey Cocaine. In a series of since-deleted tweets, Honey fired a round of shots Chyna’s way, from saying she wished she could stick a toothpick in her [surgically-enhanced] cakes, to lamenting about how her best friend “made a h*e his baby mama.” Yikes! Honey and Chyna were cool at one point too, so this made things even more interesting.

It seems as though Chyna made more enemies than friends within Tyga’s camp, as the girlfriend of his best friend, popular fashion designer Heather Sanders, also distanced herself from the former stripper, having been close at one point as well. Hmm!

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