(Photos) Friend Of Lil Wayne & Mack Maine Killed By Police Over Little Hug Fruit Juice


Police Officers: The Originators of ‘Stand Your Ground’
New Orleans resident Keith “Magik” Atkinson was shot and killed by police, while standing in front of a corner store.
Officers were responding to a call, early Sunday morning about a shoplifter who stole a Little Hug fruit juice. The juice thief was said to be wearing a blue shirt, which was the same color shirt Atkinson was wearing.
Officer Jonathan Hirdes said that he saw a weapon on Atkinson, so he shot to kill. Later, a .45 was found next to the body.
The victim was friends of YMCMB’ s Lil Wayne and Mack Maine, who along with his father has spoken out on the incident. Check it out, after the jump.

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(Photos) LMFAO! #GhettoJeopardy Takes Over Instagram With Out-Of-Control Memes


Leave it to some fools on Instagram to ruin the remainder of Black History Month for us. As ratchet as it may be, I have to admit that these new memes are hilarious. Out of nowhere, social media blew up with a “Ghetto Jeopardy” game that seemed to have made it onto everyone’s news feed and even gained a spot on Twitter’s Trending Topics. Needless to say, Black Twitter is having a field day with this one. Head over to the gallery and check out some of the most RIDICULOUS memes from the new #GhettoJeopardy epidemic.

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(Photos) Hmm…Could Ariana Grande Have A Collab In The Works With This Controversial Singer?

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is still ‘pure’ in America’s eyes, with relatively no controversy as of yet and a still-in-tact career on Nickelodeon. Though she’s done collabs with a handful of rap artists already in her realtively new singing career, they’ve been all artists that aren’t too controversial, like Big Sean and Mac Miller. However, it seems she may be spicing up her resume now, because if Twitter is any indication…she may have a collaboration with Chris Brown in the pipeline! Taking to the social network over the weekend, Chris first tweeted a lyric, which Ariana then tweeted right after to finish it, and both RT’d each other. Hmm! Check out the tweets in the gallery. What do you think about a duet between these two?

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(Photos) Amber Rose Denies Slandering Kanye’s “Drunk In Love” Remix


At this point in life, I’m sure that Amber Rose is over Kanye West and vice versa – I mean they both have their significant others, children and seem to be happy in love.
However, Kanye recently dropped a remix to Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” and it just so happens that Amber sent out a tweet about her “favorite song being ruined,” that same day. While someone took the story and ran with it, it didn’t sit well with Mama Rosebud. She claims that she was not talking about her ex-lover, but was talking about her husband, Wiz Khalifa. Of course, Amber despises twitter a little bit more because of the twist, but it happens, lol.
Until the next twitter mix-up, hit up the gallery to find out what Wiz did to ruin a song for the Mrs.

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Got ‘Em! Which Star Trumps Kanye By Giving His Girl 10,000 Roses On Valentine’s Day?

Jordin Sparks

How romantic! A dozen roses and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand, and these two men went above and beyond in the flower department for their ladies. When Kim K. Instagramed her 1,000 roses from fiance Kanye West, we can’t say we were surprised. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Kanye. But this Valentine’s Day, Kanye West was certainly out done.

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Breaking News: Christina Aguilera Is Engaged!


After most three years of dating, Christina Aguilera announced her engagement to boyfriend Matt Rutler via Twitter.

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(Photos) Michelle Williams Explains Being A No-Show At Kelly Rowland’s B-Day Party & Goes HAM On Twitter

Michelle Williams' birthday

We all know former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are really close friends, so why would Mich skip out on her “sister’s” birthday bash? After people realized Williams was missing from “Kelly’s Liquid Gold Fondue Party” in NYC, Twitter blew up with assumptions that she just wasn’t invited. Bey was there to support her girl’s born day, so why wasn’t Michelle?

Well, she didn’t seem to be too fond of the slandering going on in her mentions and fired back at the haters ASAP. Check out the snappy tweets in the gallery.

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Drake Apologizes To The Hoffman Family And Fans For Having An “Extremely Emotional Day”

Drake Sad

After sending out a series of Tweets expressing his frustration with ROLLING STONE mishandling his interview and photos, Drake went to a place where it all started to clear the air.

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Drake Goes In On Rolling Stone Magazine For Publishing Negative ‘Yeezus’ Comments He Claims Not To Have Said


This feels like Future x Billboard all over again! Hope it doesn’t mess up Yeezy and Drake’s budding bromance like it almost did Future and Drake’s!

Yesterday afternoon, a preview of Drake’s interview with Rolling Stone hit the web via photos of the soon-to-be-released issue. The late Phillip Seymour Hoffman covers the mag, but according to Drake, that was supposed to be his spot and he’s not happy about it. For those blasting him for saying that – I THINK what he’s saying is he would have rathered Rolling Stone wait until next month to publish his interview along with his cover, instead of promising a cover and then not delivering, but putting him in the issue anyway. They could have let Hoffman rock this go ’round and then let Drizzy have his shine. That’s my take on it!

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(Photos) Tahiry Fires Back At Amina Buddafly After She Tried To Get Bold On Twitter


…& the drama continues! After Season 4 of LHH:NY came to an end last night with part two of the reunion, emotions were at an all time high. Tahiry offered some advice for Peter Gunz after Amina Buddafly revealed she was pregnant. WELP, I guess that’s what triggered the “singer” to name drop on Twitter and come for Tahiry’s neck! However, the Dominican diva didn’t keep her mouth shut for long and shot RIGHT back at her fellow Love & Hip-Hop co-star. Check out the never-ending drama in the gallery!

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