(Photos) Keyshia Cole Blasts Back at Stripper Who Says She Fell Off

Keyshia Cole Blasts Back at Stripper

No secret that people will always have something to say, but this R&B Diva decided to fire back at a certain critic in defense of her name, respect and career. Keyshia Cole Blasts Back at Stripper Who Says She Fell Off and in the end takes the high road…

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(Photos) Iggy Azalea Responds Perfectly to Eve & Jill Scott “Blaccent” Comments

Iggy Azalea at 2014 AMAs

Now it hasn’t been easy being in front of the firing squad from a long list of industry names but seems like the I-G-G-Y Hip Hop and pop star definitely has a grip on her comebacks now. Taking to her Twitter in a simple but masterful reply, Iggy Azalea Responds Perfectly to Eve & Jill Scott “Blaccent” Comments.

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(Video) Woman Who Married Herself Says It’s All About Self Love

Woman Marries Herself, Self-Love

Some say she’s doing too much, desperate or crazy…but some say this is an inspiration (and grown women do what they damn please)! On her 40th birthday the single Houston Woman Who Married Herself Says It’s All About Self Love!

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Migos Respond After Being Roasted For “Only” Donating $1,000 To ATL High School

Migos' donation

Atlanta rap group Migos have been the subject of criticism all morning, after a photo surfaced of all 3 members at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, presenting a check worth $1,000. Many are divided in their reaction, with some noting that a good deed is a good deed and it’s $1,000 more than anyone laughing at them has given, while others say they could have donated a lot more…and/or not have been dripping in expensive jewelery while doing so.

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(Photos) So Random: Snooki’s Twitter Hacked For WHICH Rapper?!

Snooki x Uncle Murda

I am not ashamed to admit that I proudly follow Snooki on Twitter and on Instagram. I think she’s awesome and I don’t care who judges! LOL! That being said, I was QUITE surprised when I saw the pint-sized Jersey Shore star dropping n-bombs left and right on Twitter yesterday, but I quickly realized she’d been hacked…and apparently by Uncle Murda’s biggest (and only?) fan.

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(Photos) Meet Dr. Dre’s New 23 Year Old Rap Protege

Meet Dr. Dre's New Rap Protege

A hint at or further delay on the “Detox” album many say at this point will be taken to the grave??? The Compton industry mogul isn’t slowing down the rest of his hustles as we now Meet Dr. Dre’s New 23 Year Old Rap Protege from Texas already stirring controversy, Twitter talk and intrigue. What’s most of the fuss about…and is he really that good???

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(Video) Twitter Announce DM’s Expanding To Groups; And Video Directly On Your Timeline

On Twitter

Twitter still in this social media game, but some may not be using as much now a days, I mean more just to connect accounts, i.e. IG, but is that because of features like Video from your camera roll, or Group DM’s?? Well if so, the turn around on that is here, Twitter has announced these services available via update this week!!

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(Photos) WOW: Retchy P Tells Wale He Should Have Died Instead Of A$AP Yams; Exchange Ensues

Retchy P x A$AP Yams

Upcoming rapper Retchy P had quite the co-sign from A$AP Yams, who we sadly lost a little over a week ago now. Naturally he’s still in mourning…but he’s doing so in quite a different – and unhealthy – way. Taking to Twitter over the weekend, Retchy decided to randomly come for Wale, telling the MMG rapper that he wishes it was him who’d died instead of his friend Yams. Of course, an exchange ensued, but Wale kept it quite mature. Wale’s MMG brother Fat Trel soon stepped in, threatening Retchy to watch out and that he’d be in NYC soon. Hopefully nothing real comes of this.

I don’t know HOW I’d react if someone on the web was telling me they wished I’d died…but it certainly would have been a LOT less classy than Wale! Check out the exchange in the gallery. Retchy needs to get it together…

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(Photos) Oh Sh*t! Instagram Commenter Questions Jhene Aiko’s “Blackness” & The Singer Goes OFF!


February is almost here which means one thing– Black History Month is just around the corner. Songbird Jhene Aiko recently got into it with a Twitter troll after questioning her about her “Blackness.” A college student tweeted out, “wait, ok I’m in Starbucks at Georgia Tech.. WHY, is their music playlist labeled “Black History Month” & they’re playing @JheneAiko?” Shortly after, the “Souled Out” singer replied by saying, “because it’s about to be February and I’m black.” For those who don’t know, Jhene Aiko’s father is African American, German-Jewish and Native American (he’s Drakin’.. HOLLA!) and her mother is Japanese, Spanish and Afro-Dominican. Being that her father IS Black and she was born in America, that would qualify Jhene as being African-American. The chick who tweeted the original comment went on to explain that Jhene is one of her favorites and she did not mean any harm by what she said. Check out the tweets over in the gallery.

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Meteorologists Apologize For The “Big Storm” That Never Happened!


All of us East Coasters went to bed today thinking we’d wake up with 5 feet of white snow outside our homes with no way to even open our front doors for the next two days, according to meteorologists. Most people stayed up all night thinking work would be canceled due to the “historic” amount of snow we were supposed to be getting. WELP– looks like the joke is on us because it is perfectly fine outside! I woke up this morning to look outside and my block has snow, but only a few inches. Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski, who is in charge of the National Weather Service’s office in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, tweeted out a sincere apology via his Twitter account to say sorry for the huge mistake he and his team made when broadcasting the prediction for this storm that never came.

“My deepest apologies to many key decision makers and so many members of the general public,” Szatkowski says. “You made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right, and we didn’t. Once again, I’m sorry.” Check out all of his apologetic tweets over in the gallery and let us know your stories from #Blizzard2015 below!

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