(Video) Meek Mill and Wale Reunited and In the Studio

Meek Mill & Wale Reunite in the Studio

Hatchets buried and beef (or whatever you’d call their spat) digested, two of “The Untouchable” Maybach Music Group’s biggest stars have reconnected #ForTheWin. Getting back to the music and taking to Instagram to capture the update, seems Meek Mill and Wale Reunited and In the Studio!

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(Video) Juicy J Might Retire and Trade Music for the Board Room

Juicy J Retiring, for CEO Status?

At 40 years of age this successful Oscar winning, Grammy nominated Hip Hop artist and producer is seriously considering life after the mic. If Jordan Michael Houston aka Juicy J Might Retire and Trade Music for the Board Room soon, would the game’s newest CEO enter corporate life by exiting the latest peak of his music career?

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(Photos) Chris Brown Denied Entry At Canadian Border; Forced To Miss Multiple Tour Dates

Between the Sheets tour

This Between The Sheets tour has not been easy on Chris Brown! After he was forced to postpone the first two weeks due to unfinished community service (100 hours, to be exact,) the tour finally kicked off last week, with the missed dates rescheduled in between the existing ones (making for a bit of wacky routing.) Even then, a few dates unfortunately had to be cancelled because they just couldn’t be squeezed in. In his interview with the Hot 97 morning show yesterday, Breezy revealed that this setback not only cost him $3 million, but it also cost him a way less elaborate set, as the one he’d planned for the show would have been counterproductive at that point, costing more to use for the tour than what he would make in revenue.

Following a small rant yesterday regarding Drake and Rihanna, Chris ran into yet another issue today – the good ol’ Canadian border. The customs people are known for giving folks a hard time there – famous

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Nick Gordon Comes For Bobby Brown & His Family: I Took Care Of “Whitney Houston And Kriss,” Not Bobby!


Well, damn! Making a messy situation even messier, Nick Gordon takes to his Twitter feed to state his claim in the matter of relationships among he and Bobbi, Bobbi and Bobby and the rest of the Brown family.

Hit the jump for more.

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(Photos) Chris Brown Mentions Drake & Rihanna On Twitter In Frustrated Vent Session + Drake Shades Chris AGAIN

Drake x Chris Brown in the studio

When Chris Brown was asked about his issues with Drake in his recent Hot 97 interviews, the controversial singer declined to discuss them, noting that they’d only make Drake more famous…but in doing so, has brought even more attention to the situation.

Following the countless headlines regarding their issues (as well as Drake’s rebuttal,) Chris took to Twitter last night to vent his frustrations.

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(Video) Twitter Rips News Anchor Apology for #JigabooMusic Comment

News Anchor Ripped for Jigaboo Music Apology

Well, well, well. How many days can we go without a viral clip of people in positions of power recklessly spewing racist comments??? Apparently not too many as Kristi Capel of FOX News 8 in Cleveland, Ohio has quickly learned the error of public ignorance. The inter-web is in a bunch of feels about her derogatory reference of–ironically–Lady GaGa’s choice of sounds, and post-apology is still not getting off easy. Twitter Rips News Anchor Apology for #JigabooMusic Comment!

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(Photo) Did Lil Wayne FINALLY Reveal The Very First Photo Of His Son With Lauren London?

Lil Wayne and Lauren London

It’s been over 5 years since Lauren London gave birth to her son with Lil Wayne, Cameron Carter, and we’d still yet to see a photo of the little guy…until yesterday! Taking to his Twitter account, Weezy finally shared the first picture of Cameron, and he’s certainly the spitting image of both mom and dad – dimples and all!

The picture has since been taken down, and it probably came at Lauren’s request, since her desire for privacy has been the reason we haven’t seen Cameron up until this point. Of course we got the pic before it was deleted though, so check it out in the gallery!

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(18+ Photos) Twitter User Leaks Nude Of Another Users Girlfriend Over Video Games


Twitter User Leaks Nude Of Another Users Girlfriend Over Video Games. Ah man, I always ask myself this question every day, why is Twitter free? I would gladly pay $10 a month for the amount of entertainment it brings me daily.

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(Photos) Amber Rose Fires Back At Kanye; Calls The Family “The Kartrashians”


Amber Rose Fires Back At Kanye, So earlier today, Kanye ripped Amber by saying he had to ‘take 30 showers‘ before he got with Kim, well Ms. Rose didn’t really feel like that was appropriate. She not only responded, she may have dropped some info that ye could be nervous about?

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(Video) Russell Simmons Responds to Geraldo Rivera Blasting Hip Hop

Russell Simmons on Geraldo Rivera's Blast of Hip Hop

(ICYMI): The former talk show host and FOX News correspondent went on HuffPost Live earlier this week and cited Hip Hop culture as more destructive to black and brown people than “actual racism.” Among his monologue was a cheeky “…and I Love Russell Simmons, he’s a dear friend of mine.” But it’s a new day…and you can count on the mogul and former Def Jam founder to call real-real and bullsh*t-bullsh*t! Now Russell Simmons Responds to Geraldo Rivera Blasting Hip Hop and yea…maybe you’re not as good friends as you think Geraldo…

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