(Video) #JusticeForSandy Mysterious Death Of Woman In Texas Jail Cell Will Be Investigated As A Murder


According to the district attorney, the mysterious death of a woman in a Texas jail cell will now be treated as a murder case. Several questions have been raised surrounding her death which was originally ruled a suicide.

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Shots Fired! Chris Brown’s Auntie Goes ALL The Way In On Wendy Williams For Her Coverage Of The Robbery


A week ago, Chris Brown and his aunt were recently the victims of a home invasion robbery. His aunt was forced into a closet at gun-point while the robbers ran through Breezy’s home, taking as many valuable items as they could find.

While the whole thing is extremely startling for CB’s aunt, being that she was the only one home, one could only imagine how upsetting something like this is to go through. Unfortunately when Wendy Williams did her coverage on the topic for her show, Chris’ aunt was NOT too pleased with how it went down.

Breezy’s aunt took to her Instagram page to vent her feelings regarding Wendy Williams and things got nasty real quick. Check out all the drama below!

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(Video) Gang Members Beat Up Klu Klux Klan Members After Rally In South Carolina


Yesterday, the white supremacy group KKK rallied at the South Carolina State house to protest the removal of the confederate flag. During the rally police had to break up only a few small fights however, after the rally members of the Bloods gang beat up several members of the KKK.

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(Video) Fab 5 Freddy Goes BTS With Members Of N.W.A. For ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Fab 5 Freddy

I’m literally counting down the days until Straight Outta Compton hits theaters. (August 14 – I’m so in there!) What’s dope about the film too is that they can get so creative with promo, and their latest viral piece does exactly that!

There’s nostalgia all around as Yo! MTV Raps’ legendary journalist Fab 5 Freddy sits down with the original members of N.W.A on the set, discussing their legacy as well as their thoughts on the biopic. So cool!

Go behind the scenes of Straight Outta Compton with Fab 5 Freddy and N.W.A below.

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(Photos + Video) Ghostface Comes For Action Bronson Over Comments; Bronson Apologizes

Action Bronson

Last month, Action Bronson was a guest on ESPN’s SportsNation, and though the Ghostface Killah comparisons are pretty old now (their voices are very similar,) the topic was brought up anyway.

“No matter what, you’re gonna get a comparison to something, you know?” Bronsolino said. “And I’m just glad it’s one of the greats.”

However, it’s when the hosts joked they thought his new music was a new Ghostface song and bought it because of that, it’s his response that caught the attention of the legendary Wu-Tang rapper.

“He’s not rapping like this no more.”

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(Video) You Go, Girlllllll! Kourtney Kardashian Shows Ex Scott Disick What He’s Missing!

Kourtney Kardashian Is Having A Baby Girl!

Can somebody say… MILF ALERT! From the looks of it, Kourtney Kardashian is single and extremely ready to mingle. This past week, her long relationship with her baby daddy Scott Disick came to an end after years of fighting, alcohol abuse, infidelity and so on.

However after having 3 kids together, things can often get a tad bit complicated. While trying to stunt on her ex in the most motherly way possible, Kourtney posted up a video onto her Instagram page riding one of those new popular motorized scooter things in a sexy one-piece, showing off her SEXY physique.

Check out Kourt flaunting her post-baby body below. She still got it!

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(Video) John McCain: Donald Trump Should Apologize To The Veterans, Not Me


Arizona Senator John McCain is finally speaking out about the

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(Photo+Video) Action Bronson Punches Fan Before Throwing Him Off Stage


Action Bronson really doesn’t appreciate it when fans hop on stage during his performances. During his set at The Lovebox Festival in London, a fan got passed security and joined the rapper on stage. It only last about 5 seconds however, because when Bronson saw the fan he punched him and proceeded to throw him off the stage.

Check out the video below.

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(Video) #AskAPornstar: XXX Stars Reveal Some Of The Wild Stuff They Get Turned On By!


In order to be successful in the porno industry, I would imagine one would need a very vivid imagination and some thick skin. After having sex every day on camera, normal things that would excite the average Joe just doesn’t cut it anymore.

In the latest installment of #AskAPornstar, find out what some of your favorite XXX-film stars think about to get turned on when they want to pleasure themselves!

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(Photos + Video) Burger King Pays For Wedding Of A Man Named Burger & Woman Named King!

_Burger King Pays For Wedding

Joel Burger, 24 and Ashley King, 25, got married in a ceremony that was paid for by Burger King. Check out the video as well as photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

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