(Photos + Video) Petty Wap: Lauren London And Cassie Have A Message For The Fake Bi**ches Out There

IFWT_Lauren London Cassie

Petty alert! Lauren London and Cassie have a message for some fake bi**h out there. The two were in a video together letting people know that they “hate fake bi**hes.” They could have been just speaking in general or the two could have been throwing subliminal shade *sips tea*. If they are talking about someone I wonder who it is.

(Video) Is This Drone Really Made Just For #PokemonGO ?!


Pokemon Go has officially taken over the world, it’s practically hit every market, including crime! It’s all over the news from accidents, to robberies, to more Crime, to causing relationship issues, to business using it to boost sales. Passing Tinder, Twitter and FB on daily active users, changed to model of mobile gaming, successful integration of AR… Pokemon GO is one of those ‘game changers'(no pun intended), but a Drone made specifically to play in those ‘hard to reach’ areas??

(Fellas Check The Video) @ElkeTheStallion Puts Her A*s In The Camera & Shows Us How She Shakes It

Fellas, hit the jump and enjoy the view.

(Video) Man Robs Woman At Gunpoint In North Lauderdale!

IFWT_ Robbery

Thank God for smartphones. Luckily, for this woman, somebody caught this on camera. Check out the wild video after the jump.

(Graphic Video) New Video Emerges Of Nice, France Terror Attack


Viewer discretion is advised, really. It’s not too revealing, but it’s too revealing. Sources for Fox News gathered one of many cell phone videos taken during last night’s massacre and this is the only one they’re showing.

(Video) Mourners Gather For Philando Castile’s Funeral In Minnesota


Mourners gather and pack the 3,000 seat St. Paul Cathedral for Philando Castile, who’s life was cut short last week due to another police brutality incident. Castile was 32 years young and was delivered in a white casket with roses atop, on a horse drawn carriage for the 90 minute funeral. People were lined up along the church with signs reading “Unite for Philando”, in hope we get some peace. Rest in peace Philando.

(Video) President Obama Reflects On Facing Racism As A Child


During the live coverage of The President And The People, one segment particularly stuck out to folks, an interesting story of 10 year old Barack Obama facing racism in Hawaii. He speaks on one specific incident of a woman choosing to not ride the elevator with him and what he started to realize after…if she’s still alive, I wonder what that woman is thinking now…

(Video) Romeo Santos Hits Over A Billion Views On YouTube!


Jay-Z sure knows how to spot an artist about to take over…he just signed Romeo Santos to Roc Nation Latino as CEO and the “King of Bachata” becomes only the second Latino artist to hit the milestone of 1 billion views on YouTube.

(Video) Game Shares Exclusive Poem About Being Black In America


Game shares a new spoken word piece about being black in America, race, racism, religion, politics, the government, and everything corrupt in this world.

(Video) 2 Men Walk Off A Cliff Playing Pokemon Go In California

IFWT_Pokemon Go

Smh…This Pokemon thing is getting so crazy it’s nearly taking lives! Come live in the real world people! And watch your step…

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