(Video) LMAO, The Shade! J. Lo Is NOT Here For Jay Z’s TIDAL!

J Lo

Tons of superstars have signed up to be a part of Jay Z’s new streaming service TIDAL, from Rihanna to Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, J. Cole, Madonna and more…but Jennifer Lopez is clearly not one of them.

When asked if she’d heard about TIDAL during a recent red-carpet interview at American Idol, Jen responded, “No, I did not.” When the interviewer explained what it is, Jen laughed and told her, “Oh, okay,” and added, “I don’t know anything about it, sweetie,” when the interviewer asked if she’d like to be a part of it.

In J. Lo’s defense, she was totally sidetracked with other people in her face, but still – I sense some shade! Check out the full clip below and let us know your thoughts!

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18+ Caught On Tape: WTF! Man Kicks His Girl Out The House On Easter BUTT A$$ NAKED!


Easter is supposed to be a time where families get together and have a nice, peaceful day together. However for a woman in New York, it did not turn out that way. She was caught on tape getting kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment in the middle of the day BUTT A$$ NAKED on Easter Sunday. Just as people typically do, nobody offered to call the police or even help her cover up. Instead, they all just recorded away on their iPhones and yelled “WORLDSTAR” repeatedly. Oh, what a world we live in. Check out the caught on tape footage below.

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(Video) Former Head Of The Hip Hop Police Says NYPD Targeted Bobby Shmurda & GS9


The Former head of the Hip Hop police sat down and talked about what it was like being in a Hip Hop targeting unit, including that half of it was because rap artists are both victims, and assailants, ‘there were into a lot of things’. He goes on the say ‘of course they were going to get a street gang that was getting into Hip Hop’, the NYPD Targeted Bobby Shmurda.

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa – The Sleaze


Wiz Khalifa revisits his ‘Blacc Hollywood’ album and unveils the David Camarena directed clip for ‘The Sleaze.’

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(Video) Idaho Police Fatally Shoots Mentally ill Pregnant Women


Idaho Police Fatally Shoots Mentally ill Pregnant Women
Video footage of police in Idaho shooting and killing a mentally ill pregnant woman last summer has surfaced the internet. Hop into the post to watch the video and get the details. #IFWT!

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(Video) Snoop Dogg Partners With AHAT For “Take Flight On Sight”


“Take Flight On Sight” will feature battlers such as Shi Dog, Cali Smoov, Danny Myers and more! Hop into the post to see Snoop Doggs Involvement with the battle league. #IFWT!

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(Video) Karrine Steffans Puts Irv Gotti In His Place When Talking About Her Son


So apparently there is still some friction between Superhead and Irv Gotti. Hop into the post to see them throw some shots at each other on Instagram earlier today about her son! #IFWT!

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(Video) Beyonce Drops Exclusive Content In Tidal, Will You Sign Up Now??

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 5.31.56 PM

Will Exclusive Content In Tidal bring Subscriptions?? There was a backlash over the Tidal price plan, and how people would NOT sign up for $20’s a month, but maybe minds will change now that some exclusive content has dropped from none other than Queen Bey herself, as she also shouts #TheCarters 7 year anniversary.

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(Video) Update: Plies Puts Gates Between Him and Fans In Latest Show


Update: Welp! Looks like the lesson is learned and he’s not taking any more chances…Plies kept it professional by not cancelling his April 4th show in Winston Salem, NC–but fans definitely noticed a change. Plies Puts Gates Between Him and Fans In Latest Show and had the club like “we don’t normally do this but uh….” (SMH). He’s been all on his Twitter shouting out Easter, Winston Salem and* even Tallahassee (he still f*ck wit ya bihhh), still turned up with #DaLastRealNiggaLeft hashtag. Fans are pressing him on social about the drama but looks like we’re taking the “what body slam?” route on this–“it is what it is” handle your biz Plies! Check the gallery for the flicks!

Original: Well in case you missed it, Plies was performing down in Tallahassee Florida last night and was SLAMMED by some guy on stage! Some find it hilarious and some find it sad but EVERYONE has something to say about it. Hop into the post to see everyone’s reaction to Plies being slammed in Florida on stage. #IFWT!

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(Video) LMAO!!! If Cartoon’s Were Real And Uncensored!


Thanks to WSHH, an edit of of a couple cartoons reveal IF they were based in reality it would be HIL-Ar-Rious!!! Like if Spaider man was a bank robber, or even funnier if Arthur were to be a horny teenager that got catfished, too F’in funny!!!

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