(Video) Ouch! Chris Brown Singing Off-Key At The Billboard Music Awards?!?

Chris Brown

Chris Brown performed his latest single, “Fine China” at The Billboard Music Awards. There were just a few notes that Breezy could just not hit. What did you think of his performance? Check out the video after the jump.

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(Video) Bruno Mars Performance At The Billboard Music Awards!!!

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars opened the Billboard Music Awards with his single ‘Treasure.’ He was taking it back with the stage outfits and curl. Bruno Mars is nominated for four awards himself tonight. Check out the performance after the jump.

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(Video) IFWT Remembers Malcolm X On His Birthday!

Malcolm X

The late, great Malcolm X would have been 88 years old today! Remember the legend as he was by listening to his “The Ballot or The Bullet” speech after the jump.

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(Video) Woman Caught Cheating, Lover Jumps Out The Window?!?

Lover's Escape

WOW–this man makes a getaway, AND gets help from the Brazilian fire department. Check out this crazy video after the jump.

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(Video) Trailer: Madonna To Release “MDMA World Tour” On Television!!!


It would be an honor to see Madonna live at any concert, but unfortunately this is not a reality for a number of her fans. That’s why they’ll be happy to know that she’s releasing the MDMA World Tour on television on June 22nd. She’s released a teaser trailer; be sure to watch it after the jump.

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(Video) Bill Hader’s Farewell On SNL ‘Weekend Update’!!!


Bill Hader AKA Stefon announced earlier this week that he would be leaving SNL after many seasons of laughs. Check him out on ‘Weekend Update’ with Seth Myers after the jump.

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(Video) Woman Recounts Rescue By Seal Team 6

Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan was working in Somalia as a humanitarian aide, when all of a sudden she was captured by Somalian pirates. They held her captive for nearly three months until the legendary Seal Team 6 rescued her. Watch the video after the jump.

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(Video) Anchor Who Cursed On First Live Television Appearance Back At Work…But As What?

A.J Clemente Bartender

A.J. Clemente was an aspiring television news anchor, up until his first live appearance that is. During the first seconds of his first ever show, Clemente let out two expletives before even introducing himself. Twenty-four hours later, he was no longer a news anchor. Keep reading to find out what he’s doing now.

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(Video) THIS IS NUTS!…Pilot Crash Lands Plane After Engine Failure


Here’s something you don’t see everyday. A pilot in Alaska experienced engine failure immediately after takeoff. Watch this video, from three different camera angles, as he brings his plane in for a crash landing in a remote field. Video after jump.

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(Video) Plane Makes Emergency Belly Landing At Newark Liberty Airport

US Airways flight makes "belly landing"

A US Airways flight from Philly to Newark had to make an emergency “belly landing” early Saturday morning after the plane’s landing gear on the left side of the aircraft jammed. Thankfully nobody was hurt during the dangerous landing. A “belly landing” is when a plane’s belly touches down on the runway causing sparks to fly which may lead to a fire. Emergency crews were on sight and quickly sprayed the plane and tarmac down to avoid flames post-landing at about 1.am. The Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating what cause the plane malfunction which lead to the airport being shut down for an hour and planes being delayed for close to eight hours. Check out the video of the emergency landing below.

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