(Video) Caught On Tape: Oh Sh*t! Crazy Shirtless Fan Pulls Beyonce OFF The Stage During A Performance

Beyonce gets EXTRA love in Brazil. Maybe a little too much? A crazy fan pulled Bey off the stage during a concert Sunday night. The star was singing “Irreplaceable” when she started reaching out to fans in the audience, then suddenly this one fan just gets out of control!! But you know what? This just proves that Beyonce really is one of the classiest in the GAME. Her self-control is AMAZING. Some even joke around, saying she must’ve taken a class on this! Cause right after her security guard saved her from being attacked, she finished up and told the dude who almost jacked her concert, “Nice to meet you. I love you, too.” DOPE! See the footage from the performance below and see the still shots of her getting pulled off in the gallery!

Indie Spotlight: The Triangle Series Episodes 5 & 6

Triangulo [The Triangle] gives us a look into the rise of a modern day drug cartel. Based out of different locations Dominican Republic, New York, Puerto Rico and California — the series explores the underworld and how things get handled. Check out Episodes 5 and 6 below

(Video) Warning: Must Be 18+ Over! Rachet Couple Doing What While Driving??? YUCK!!

SMH!!! While cruising down the I-290, a driver got more of view than she expected while passing a mini van. To see the ratchness, click below.

(Video) Psycho Alert: Two Crazy Women Fight Waiter Over….Beer?!

Two ladies were at Beer Factory for a few pints when their true ratchet side came to the light. These already drunk (or maybe just straight up looney) chicks started to bug out on the waiter because he told them there was no more Guinness, throwing stuff and causing a scene. Hit the jump to check out the psychotic girls act a damn fool in public over some damn beer.

(Video) Miley Cyrus Speaks On Puffin’ Ganja In Amsterdam

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus enjoys getting lifted every now and then, but her interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man confirmed the blatantly obvious rumors. Listen to what the “We Can’t Stop” singer had to say about her, uh, eventful trip to Amsterdam.

(Video) Epic FAIL! Paula Deen Says WHAT About Her Racism Scandal?!

Paula Deen must have forgotten her water works video apology of her begging for forgiveness from her fans for using the n-word. Recently she was caught at the airport leaving Savannah, Georgia, where she made an appearance at a cooking convention. When asked about a comeback from her career destroying scandal, Paula said “never went anywhere”. To see the video of Paula Deen at the airport, click below.

90’s Boy Band Problems: Backstreet Boys Were “Let Down” Over ‘N Sync’s VMA Performance

As every female who grew up in the 90’s knows that during this year’s 2013 MTV Music Video Awards, boy band sensation ‘N Sync reunited on stage during Justin Timberlake’s glorious 15 minute performance after he accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. There was a lot of hype and chit chat over the group’s possible reunion during the awards, but when it happened, a lot of diehard fans were a tad bit let down because they only performed one song and that was that. Well, according to the group’s once rivals from the 90’s, the Backstreet Boys were disappointed, too. Find out why below.

(Video) Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: When Popping A Molly Goes Wrong

A Philly man popped a molly but sweating wasn’t the only thing that happened to him. He’s all over the ground, twitching all kinds of crazy. This video will definitely make you think twice before doing any kind of crazy drug. YIKES. Check out the bugged out footage below.

(Video) Pusha T “My Name Is My Name” Documentary Part 4

While King Push is gearing up for his album, “My Name Is My Name,” to drop on October 8th, he gives us the fourth and final installment of his documentary series. Check it out below.

(Video) Better Luck Next Time: Wanna-Be Robber Gets Sprayed With Bug Spray By Store Owner

This potential robber ran up into a store with hopes of robbing it, until the store owner whipped out a big ol’ can of bug spray. Needless to say, the robber ran out of that store ASAP. Click below to peep the wild footage caught on camera.

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