(Video) Drake Gives Sneak Peek Of “Worst Behavior” Video In New Orleans

Drake’s “Would You Like A Tour?” recently touched down in New Orleans and the lucky concert-goers got to see a preview of Drizzy’s “Worst Behavior” video off Nothing Was The Same. Check out the sneak peek of the video in the gallery!

(Fellas Check The Video) Battle Of The Pole Dancers!!!

Don’t we wish wifey could work a pole like this! Well maybe not, although these ladies are specifically athletic(which we would like wifey to be), yes for us, but not for every one, like this vicious battle below!

(Caught On Tape) Watch What Canadian Police Do To This Man For Resisting Arrest!!!

Canadian Police get real. Footage shows how they react to resisting arrest. Led by the real-world Paul Blart, they decide to arrest a man for intoxication while he was smoking a cigarette. Turns out that he was let off easy. Police were notified of the man while he was in a bar. One barkeep stated that he was getting ready to fight another patron that was allegedly “keeping an eye on him.” In their report, the officers noted that the man was significantly bigger and also more aggressive than the responding unit. See how they managed to get the man on the ground after the jump.

(Warning*18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Couple Doing It In The Park…Oh Yeah!

It looks pretty cold out there, but this couple found a way to keep warm!

(Video) Check This Compilation To See Nicki Minaj Twerkin, Anthony Davis Gettin Violated, & More!

This vine compilation had me dying! To check out, click below.

(Caught On Tape) One Lucky Man Escapes The Explosion Of WHAT???!?

Little is known of what caused the explosion of a propane tank feet away from one man, but there is definitely a lot to see. Surveillance footage captured the moment that unknown man escaped the blast, however, the man driving the forklift carrying the tanks –well, he wasn’t as lucky. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) ‘RoboCop’ Trailer Shows Remake Is An Upgrade?!

All my movie buffs, I have some good news! A remake of the 80’s classic, ‘RoboCop’, will hit theaters February 12, 2014. The new ‘RoboCop’, directed by José Padilha, may actually be an upgrade. To see the trailer for the movie, click below.

(Video) Typhoon Hits Philippines, Leaving 1200 Dead & Leveling Major Cities!!

As of today, the death toll in the Philippines has risen to 1200 after a destructive typhoon with 170 mph winds swept through the towns. The city of Tacloban was completely leveled by Friday, as more than 1000 bodies floated in its remains after meeting with Typhoon Haiyan. Authorities report more than 4 million people were affected by the level 5 typhoon, forcing 800,000 to abandon their homes. To see news footage of the incident, click below.

(Warning*18+*Video) WTF….Naked Men Humping Everything…As Art?!

I’m not sure how or why someone even think about this to become ‘art’, but they did. I want to say overt your eyes, but you kinda have to see this yourself.

(Video) Vine Compilation Of The Week!

To check out this week’s vine compilation, click below.

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