(Video) Kehlani ft. Chance The Rapper – The Way


Kehlani links up with Chance The Rapper for the visual of “The Way.” Watch below.

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Video: Juicy J ft. Wiz Khalifa – Whole Thang


Check out the visual for Juicy J’s “Whole Thang” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Watch below.

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(Video) Memphitz Speaks Out On Robbery Allegations ‘Maybe I Handled It Wrong, Maybe I Didn’t’


Music producer and former reality star Memphitz was a wanted man after he robbed a car wash attendant at gun point for his cell phone after accusing the man of stealing from his car. Memphitz is now speaking out about the incident. Read more below.

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(Video) ‘Baby CEO’ Music Video Causes Concern As 14-Year Old Raps Vulgar Lyrics, Holding Gun And Smoking


Kids are just growing up faster and faster these days, recently a music video surfaced online featuring a 14-year old boy rapping vulgar lyrics, smoking weed and posing with guns. The video has sparked outrage with citizens in Memphis, Tennessee.

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(Video) “Anonymous” Calls For ‘Day Of Rage’ Says ‘Sandra Bland Was Murdered’


A video has been released by the ‘hackitvist’ group Anonymous claiming that it is fact that Sandra Bland was murdered and the Texas authorities are to blame. The video calls for a national ‘Day of Rage’ and for Sandra Bland’s arresting officer to be held accountable.

Watch the chilling video below.

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(Video) Ouch! Fetty Wap Broke His Hand While In Florida

Fetty Wap MAIN

While in Florida over the weekend, Fetty Wap found himself inside of a doctor’s house with a broken hand. No word on what caused the injury, but the “Trap Queen” rapper doesn’t seem too bothered by it!

“You guys, the doctors took care of me,” Fetty said in an Instagram video. “I feel so much better. I didn’t break my arm – it’s just my hand. Don’t worry.”

The latter was added because his entire arm is in a sling. Luckily for fans, the injury didn’t slow him down, and he was able to make the rest of his scheduled appearances for the weekend. Hope it heels soon, homie!

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(Video) Shia LaBeouf And Girlfriend Mia Goth’s Explosive Fight In Germany: “I Would’ve Killed Her”


Transformers star Shia LaBeouf got into a hugh fight with girlfriend Mia Goth on the streets of Germany. The couple was spotted yelling at each other in front of their hotel, while he’s trying to get into a taxi and head for the airport. In the video, LaBeouf is saved by a few locals and makes it to the airport, but not before saying quite a few alarming things.

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(Video) Was Nicki Minaj Taking Aim At Drake Last Night? Or SB?

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour rolled through Nicki‘s hometown of New York last night (albeit not her actual borough but close enough.) Since it was the first time Meek Mill was hitting the stage since Drake released his diss track, Meek took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the bars. (Check out what he said here.)

The interesting part is, Nicki had something to say about the ghostwriting thing too. Now, we know that she should be cool with Drake – as they have no reason not to be (as far as we know.) So either she switched sides and decided to ride with her man on whatever…OR, she may have been throwing shots at SB, because he kind of tried to take credit for her songs once before.

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(Video) WOAH! Chris Brown Reveals A Crazy Talent We Didn’t Know About!


Not only can he sing, dance and paint some awesome graffiti, but Chris Brown seems to just be coming out with more and more hidden talents that we had no idea about! Breezy posted a video on the beach doing multiple backflips in a row – looking like quite the gymnast. Who knew Chris could do all of that?!

Peep the video below. This guy is like Superman on the low low!

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(Video) Ssssqqquuuaaadd: Kate Hudson & Her Son Dance To Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’


It looks like even actress Kate Hudson wants to be a Trap Queen, too! Kate took to her Instagram account to post an adorable video of her 11-year-old son Ryder and herself dancing to Fetty Wap’s club banger “Trap Queen” while waiting in the airport for their flight. She is always posting funny videos to her page, giving us a treat on our Timelines.

Kate captioned the video:

How we deal with airport lounge boredom… #TrapQueen #DancingWithMyBoy #HeyWhatsUpHello #WhenYourPreTeenWantsHisOwnInstagramAndYoureLikeNoooooooo

Check out the hilarious video for yourself after the jump.


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