(Video) Man Severely Burned By Exploding iPhone


We all know the pros and cons of having a smartphone but nobody knows the cons as well as Erick Johnson. Erick Johnsons Phone exploded in his pocket ! Hop into the post for video and details !

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(Photos) Tyler Perry Keeping Oprah’s Network Alive?

ifwt_ tyler-perry-and-oprahs

Tyler Perry Keeping Oprah’s Network Alive? It’s no secret that Oprah’s OWN Network was struggling in the beginning. The viewership was down and they were having a hard time connecting with audiences. Mona Scott even gave her opinion some time ago on the “Ebro In The Morning” show. She stated she was unaware of the target audience for the OWN Network. Thanks to good friend Tyler Perry I think they have figured it out. OWN network currently has four of the “Why Did I Get Married ” Creator’s series;and has ordered 20+ Episodes of each. “Oprah Winfrey’s partnership with Tyler Perry has been a tremendous success, garnering millions of viewers for OWN and setting ratings records.” More info after the jump.

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(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Troll On Instagram “D**khead” After Fan Says Westbrook Is Better


I really wish some athletes would make more examples of out idiotic fans on social media to hopefully make them think twice next time they wanna troll someone. Yesterday, Kevin Durant posted a picture which he wound up quickly deleting because he wound up calling a fan a “dickhead” after he commented that Russ was better than him. KD wasn’t mad at the comment, he was annoyed it was just another person trying to drive a wedge between them and it’s not not gonna happen. Durant called him that and said who cares because they are teammates, which is 100% correct. Regardless who you think is better, they form the most lethal duo in the entire league and playoff time there are gonna be some teams in big trouble having to face OKC! Check the gallery.

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Lionel Richie Blasts Kanye West For Using The N Word


Lionel Richie Told press how much he disliked the way Kanye West used the N Word in his performance of “All Day” At the Brit Awards. According to Lionel Richie The N Word shouldn’t be used by anyone. Hop into the post for the details ! Also check out Kanye West perform so you can form your own opinion! #IFWT

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NFL: Report, Cowboys To Use Franchise Tag On Dez Bryant, Will Let DeMarco Murray Leave


It seems for now the loud rumors of Dez Bryant being involved in a nasty altercation and it being caught on video a few years ago have quieted down. The Cowboys either know it’s false or don’t seem to care much because they are prepared to use the franchise tag on Bryant, which would lock him in for next season at a guaranteed $13 million dollars. Even still, Dez is very upset with the situation and will likely skip all the off season meetings and workouts because he wants a long term deal. Perhaps even more surprising is the Cowboys decision to let DeMarco Murray, who was the best running back in the entire league last year, go ahead and test free agency.

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(Video) Man Is Assaulted By Police While In Handcuffs


Man Is Assaulted By Police While In Handcuffs. Coward.. all I saw in that video was a cowardly man who can’t control himself and takes advantage of those who can’t defend themselves. We all know this happens all the time during interrogation but to actually see it is very disgusting.

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(Video) Top 5 Ways To Know You’re In The Friend Zone


Top 5 Ways To Know You’re In The Friend Zone. The friend zone can be a tricky place to be in because you never really know that you’re in it when you are. So many guys (and girls) are friend zoned daily and it’s pretty embarrassing to actually see someone try so hard to get themselves out of such a difficult position. The video below lists the top five ways for people to know when they’re being friend zoned and it’s pretty spot on.

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(Photo) Someone Really Got A Tattoo Of “The Dress”


Terrible tattoos are almost a norm now a days so this is definitely not a surprise but still a let down . Some guy got a tattoo “The Dress” YES THE BLACK AND BLUE BUT SOMETIMES WHITE AND GOLD DRESS !! HOP INTO THE POST FOR DETAILS !!!

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NBA: Russell Westbrook Has Surgery On His Face, Will Be Re-Evaluated Later This Week


Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook underwent a successful procedure to address a fracture in the zygomatic arch bone of his right cheek Saturday, the team announced. He has been ruled out for Sunday’s game at the Los Angeles Lakers and will be re-evaluated this week to determine when he can return to play.

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(Video) Sports: Ronda Rousey Ends UFC 184 In Record 14 Seconds After Submitting Cat Zingano


The highly anticipated UFC 184 fight between Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano unfortunately didn’t come remotely close to living up to the hype, and it could be a long term issue for UFC. Rousey made extremely short work of Zingano, finishing her off in 14 seconds after getting her in an arm bar almost immediately after the opening bell. Zingano will no doubt be second guessing her decision to try and rush Rousey at the start. Long term though, fans are already rumbling that Rousey is becoming boring through no fault of her own. There just aren’t many quality opponents out there so Dana White is going to have to do something. In the mean time enjoy the clip because that is literally how fast the fight was over.

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