#DJFunkFlexApp New Music: Waka Flocka Flame ft. Future – All These B*tches


Waka and Future link up for this new called “All These B*tches.” Listen below.

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(Video) Migos – Aight


Migos drops the visual for their track “Aight.” Lookout for the trio’s forthcoming debut LP, “YRN: The Album” which is due later this year. Watch below.

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(Fellas Check The Pics) @KyraChaos Hard Nips Are Poking Through Her Dress.. DAMN!


The super bad female DJ Kyra Chaos flaunts her hard nips and curvy figure for the ‘Gram. Fellas, peep the flicks over in the gallery!

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(Video) Arizona Dad Cares for Quadruplets After Wife Dies from Childbirth

Arizone Dad After Quadruple Birth and Wife Death

Man of the House: Stepping up to the plate big time is news of Arizona Dad Cares for Quadruplets After Wife Dies from Childbirth. What’s even wilder is his wife who was prepared for the situation, left notes on how to journey on without her!

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(Video) Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon

Lil B Gives Rare Speech at Carnegie Mellon

#ThankYouBasedGod—Lil B Gives Rare Lecture at Carnegie Mellon this week to drop gems, lift hearts, and continue to mystify as one of the most intriguing presence’s in Hip Hop and pop culture today.

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(Video) Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson

Justice Department To Make New Ferguson Announcement

Could the string on non-indictments in our rear view have a change in sight? Long-standing discrimination, a racist joke coming to surface, cover-ups and possible settlements swirl as the Department of Justice To Make Major Announcement About Ferguson. “It should be more than obvious that something had to change in Ferguson…”

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(Fellas Check The Pics) Oh Sh*t! Tammy Rivera Almost Has A Nip Slip!

IFWT_Tammy Rivera Almost Pops Out Of Her Top 1

Former VH1 star Tammy Rivera shows off her massive jugs without realizing she almost had a nip slip.. WOAH! Fellas, check the pics over in the gallery.

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Boxing: Trainer Freddie Roach Predicts Manny Pacquiao Will Knock Out Floyd Mayweather


Freddie Roach is one of the most famous trainers in boxing, he’s also one of the biggest sh*t talkers.  Roach is hyped up for the mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.  In fact, Roach has already come up with a fight plan for Manny and even believes he can knock the undefeated boxer out.

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(Photos) NFL: Grown Man Upset Dez Bryant Wouldn’t Take a Picture With Him

IFWT_Lejon Jefferson

Okay maybe my title is a little harsh, it has to suck when you meet one of your favorite celebrities and they turn out to be a douchebag towards you.  Anyways that’s what this man is claiming after mustering up the “courage” to ask Dez Bryant to take a picture and getting shut down by the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver.

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(Photos) Oh Boy: Which Love & Hip-Hop Star Was In Bed With Bieber?!


Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday, and one of the first people to wish him a happy birthday was Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s Masika Kalysha…with quite an interesting photo. Instead of sharing a picture of the two in a regular setting like most normal people, Masika felt the need to ruffle feathers, and shared a photo of the two in bed. It doesn’t appear that it was taken at the time it was posted, however, because the Biebs was with his boys and a few other women he’s been linked to.

She quickly deleted the photo after catching tons of backlash. Girl, you’re too old to be trolling!

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