(Photos) Chrissy Teigen Shares A Picture With Social Media Of John Legend And Their New Baby Girl

IFWT_John Legend Chrissy

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen welcomed a baby girl named Luna to the world not to long ago and she looks absolutely precious. Chrissy took to Instagram and posted a picture of her new baby girl and John Legend and it is the cutest thing ever! Check out the picture in the gallery after the jump!

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Mother Gunned Down By Police After She Shoots And Kills Both Of Her Daughters


Christy Sheats, 42, was shot and killed by police in Texas on Friday after she shot and killed her two daughters Taylor Sheats, 22, and Madison Sheats, 17. When officers arrived to the scene both daughters were discovered and were shot. One daughter was fatally wounded as the other was flown to the hospital in critical condition where she was later pronounced dead. Christy Sheats’ husband was unharmed and taken by the paramedics for evaluation. According to authorities, the father was there at the time of his daughters’ shootings. He left to seek help from the neighbors.

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(Video) Gunmen Invade A Somali Hotel Killing 15 People And Leaving 25 Injured

IFWT_Somali Attack

Gunman stormed into a Somali hotel on Saturday after detonating a car filled with explosives at the hotel gate. The attack has left at least fifteen people dead and twenty-five others injured. Read more after the jump.

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(Video) Gucci Mane Hits The Studio And Addresses Clone Rumors In A New Song


There have been rumors swirling around the internet about Gucci Mane being a clone. I mean those allegations seem very bizarre and preposterous if you ask me. Although Gucci Mane has never formally come forward and said that he wasn’t a clone he went to the studio and laid down some bars addressing clone rumors.

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(Video) Man Stands Up For Little Boy Who Was Judged And Harassed By An Old Woman For Selling Candy


It’s very common to see kids selling candy walking in and out of the store for fundraisers etc but one old woman disapproved of it. The old woman stood in front of the boy harassing and prejudging him before a man walked up to both the little boy and old woman and defended the boy. I really don’t see what the big deal was or why the old woman was so mad that the little boy was selling candy. Check out the video after the jump!

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(Video) Jimmy Kimmel Wants To Know What It Would Take For Donald Trump To Lose Your Vote


Donald Trump supporters are extremely passionate to the point where it seems as if he could say anything or do anything and they will stick by him. Jimmy Kimmel put some random Trump supporters to the test and went out into the streets and asked people “What would Donald Trump have to do to lose your vote?” Some of the responses were interesting and others were just flat out stupid. Check out the video after the jump!

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Drake’s Set The Billboards Top 100 Charts Bar Pretty High With the Longest Running No.1 Single In UK’s Digital Era!


Drake’s single “One Dance” off his album “Views” rose to No.1 on the Billboard top 100 charts about a month ago, and is currently breaking records in internationally now.

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(Video) Sports: MMA Fighter Sprays Water Bottle Full Of Urine On His Opponent


Kiko Matos and Baron Heisler fought each other in the Philippines this weekend but before the actual fight, things took a gross turn at the weigh-in.

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NBA: Lebron James Gave Ben Simmons A Reality Check After He Was Selected First In The Draft


Ben Simmons may have been the first pick taken in the NBA draft a few nights ago but this is just the start. He has a long way to go to show he was worthy of the pick and to earn the respect of guys in the league. While speaking with “The Dan Patrick Show”, Simmons revealed something Lebron said, or should I say did, to remind him that he hasn’t earned the right to talk just yet.

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Judge Rejects Whitney Houston’s Estate From Auctioning Emmy Award


Being that Whitney Houston had a successful music/acting career, she left behind many valuables. Recently, we informed you about Whitney Houston’s estate plan of auctioning some of her valuables including her 1986 Emmy Award.

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