Corporations Using “bae” To Reach Young Ppl: Effective or Hilarious?


Slang, emoji’s and internet slang have become a part of us, but does that make Huge corporations entitled to use them as well. For example maybe you’ve seen a tweet Toshiba sent out which said: “Twerk as You work”….

Then there is Restaurant chain Chili’s which used the word “BAE” to tell a customer they appreciated them.. or Olive Garden’s “You can’t spell breadsticks without Bae” campaign.

But the Bae campaigns don’t stop there, Sonic also tweeted “Sonic is such Bae”

Oh and can we forget the time Ihop said” Pancakes on Fleek” LMAO!! Check out the hilarious photos in the gallery…

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Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Is Tired Of Waiting For Floyd, Meets With Amir Khan To Plan Potential Fight


Manny Pacquiao gave Floyd Mayweather until the end of January to sign the contract for them to fight in May. Now either Manny is fed up or trying to show Floyd he has other options for a big fight because he went to London for personal business but while he was there he met up with Amir Khan and reports say they are in the early stages of planning a fight between the two of them instead.

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A 1,000 Foot Slip N Slide Coming To NYC!


YAY, that sounds like fun. A company called Slide The City plans to bring their program to NYC this August. Slide The City plans to host events throughout the 5 boroughs as well. For only $20.00 you can slide through the city on a slip n slide on top of an awesome huge Floaty. But because we are New York, they are also offering a VIP package. For $50.00 you get to slide an hour before everyone else and you get to ride as many times as you want. I don’t know about you but this is totally on my 2015 things to do this summer. Are you guys excited for this project?

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(Photos) 9 Year Olds Left Home Alone for Months with Nothing But Ramen Noodles

9 Year Olds Left Alone for Months Just Ramen Noodles

Ramen is known to be a life saver for the broke, in school, lazy, and on the grind–but looks like it’s front and center in the spotlight on this one. In yet another case of ‘guess who’s not babysitting anymore,’ child endangerment charges have been filed against an uncle left in charge of the two 9 Year Olds Left Home Alone for Months with Nothing But Ramen Noodles.

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(Video) NBA: Well Damn! JR Smith Connects With Lebron For The Alley Oop From Half Court


The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a party right now as they are embarrassing the Charlotte Hornets. Obviously they aren’t literally partying, but the way they are beating Charlotte down, the entire atmosphere in the arena is festive. It got even more loud when JR Smith hit Lebron with a crazy alley oop pass from half court and the King finished the job! Happy to see JR enjoying himself in Cleveland.

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Airpnp: Rent A Toilet To Pee!


We already have airbnb, so naturally we would need Airpnp. Yes folks this is very real! A quote straight from the airpnp website: “Find a clean, comfortable bathroom no matter where you are.”

Crying emooji face and a LOL. The new app was created by a group of New Orleans software developers. They have gave us the dream app we’ve been waiting for and are connecting people who have to PEE to a bathroom. Instead of going into Starbucks or McDonalds you can pull your app up and find someone’s home to pee in. Some of these bathrooms are free and some are going to cost you $10.00. But I am pretty sure under the right circumstances people will pay any price. So nothing weird about going into someone’s bathroom and giving them a dollar. Modern world, new technology folks. Also get this, some people will offer you a refreshment! A bathroom and some lemonade. To our surprise people in NYC have already signed up and are currently renting their bathrooms!!! Read on to find out where airpnp is in New York City..

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(Video) NBA: Durant Does It Again! Drives Through Entire Hawks Team For The Mean Throw Down!


Kevin Durant is making sure his name stays in the highlights. Couple nights ago he had an angry posterizing dunk over Wizards Marcin Gortat, but he wasn’t satisfied with that because he just went coast to coast against the Hawks and threw it down with some more anger. The Thunder look like they are about to get on a roll, but are currently locked in a tight game with the Hawks.

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(Photos) Beyonce Threatens To Sue The Retailer Etsy “Bow Down”


Beyonce Threatens To Sue The Retailer Etsy. If the craft retailer knows any better they better “BOW Down”. For those who may be unfamiliar with the online retailer. Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. Apparently an entrepreneur was so inspired by the Beyonce Album that he/she decided to create merchandise with the “7/11″ singer’s images and typography from the album. Beyonce’s team was not having that and said NO NO NO NO NO. More details below.

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(Video) Lupe Fiasco Says Kid Cudi Let’s Settle This, Before I F*ck You Up

Lupe Fiasco: Kid Cudi Let's Talk, Before I F*ck You Up

Mincing no words as he made his last rounds on radio and media interviews, Lupe Fiasco Says Kid Cudi Let’s Settle This, Before I F*ck You Up, finally explaining the whole story of why he’s been blasting Cudders, and calling him out–before tweets and talk turn to action!!!

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NFL: Report, Cops Called After Dispute Between Jaguars Marcedes Lewis & His Porn Star Baby Mama


Porn stars and custody battles sound like something that would turn into drama and it damn sure did for Jacksonville Jaguars star Marcedes Lewis. He has a five month old son with porn star Savannah Stern and last night he told her he is filing for full custody. That is when all hell broke loose.

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