(Photos + Video) Meanwhile During The Alleged Breakup…This Is What Chris Brown Is Doing!

Getting in the studio

Chris Brown and longtime love Karrueche Tran seem to have hit a rough patch again, having been quite open about sharing photos of themselves as a couple up until this past weekend, when they deleted ALL traces of a relationship from their respective accounts. Kae followed it up with some quotes about losing a love and knowing what’s best for you, seemingly adding icing to the cake. However, her manager spoke out on Twitter yesterday about all the rumors surrounding the breakup, and dubbed them false. Hmm! He didn’t say much else, though, so we still don’t really know the situation. It seems Kae is doing just fine though, but what about Breezy? Well, he seems to be great too!

Taking to his Instagram the last couple of days, Breezy has been doing exactly what he’s supposed to – work, work, work! The singer has been in the studio, promoting his new single “New Flame” (which is doing really well and currently the #1 most added record on Rhythm and Urban Radio,) hanging with friends and even sharing some fan art…which has quite an interesting detail to it. Check the pic in the gallery and let me know if you see it. Could be a subtle hint that all is well with him and Karrueche!

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(Fellas Check The Pics) #WCW: 10 Reasons Why We LOVE Thick Brazilian Chicks!

10 Reasons Why We Love Thick Brazilian Chicks In Bikinis!

Despite Brazil’s painful loss during the semi-finals in the 2014 World Cup, there’s one thing Brazil will ALWAYS win in: the women! In honor of #WCW, we’re taking a look at some of the baddest females out of the beautiful country! Peep the flicks in the gallery!

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(Photos+Video) No More Trouble In Paradise! Stevie J & Joseline Stunt For The Gram Together

joseline hernandez finds out althea smashed stevie j

Last week, all hell broke loose on Twitter between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. She was tweeting about having smashed Kevin Durant, Rick Ross, James Harden and Drake (along with a bunch of others) while Steeeebie was going in about her having smashed 30+ dudes while they’ve been together. However, the Puerto Rican Diva made a claim that she got hacked and that none of that ever went down. Just a few days later, the two love birds stunted for the ‘gram and made an Instavideo together. Check out the vids below! Do you think they’re really married or is it all a publicity stunt? #WeNeedAnswersMona

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NBA: Take A Wild Guess at Who Cavs Part-Owner Usher Wants To Recruit To The Team?!

IFWT_Usher cavs 1

NOT a shocker here.  Cavaliers part-owner Usher has been making his media rounds and yesterday he was asked about the rumors surrounding the Cavs and LeBron James.  Would Usher recruit Bron to the team?!  You better believe it.
Check out what he had to say…

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Uh Oh! Katt Williams Claims The Rolls-Royce Car Accident Was A Set-Up!


Katt Williams has been causing some ruckus lately and every time something goes down, he always blames the other person. A few days ago, the comedian was on the road in his Rolls-Royce when he crashed into another car that he claims was “talking sh*t” and “trying to start a fight” while taking pics.” He says the Honda Civic swerved in front of him causing him to slam on the breaks and crash into the car. The driver of the Civic was taken to the hospital for “minor back pains” and claims Williams was speeding, but the cops do not believe them. Katt thinks the people are just out for a quick come up and want to get paid off of the accident. What do you think?

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(PHOTOS) MLB: Aww Man! Hilarious Memes Emerge After Prince Fielder’s Naked ESPN Cover Is Revealed

IFWT_Prince fielder 1

You guys didn’t have to do this to him!!  I think it’s great that he gave zero f*cks and went nude (see all the athletes here) for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue.  Texas Rangers star Prince Fielder boldly showed off his naked body for the magazine … and Twitter had ALL kinds of jokes yesterday for it.
I applaud his self-confidence, but the memes are still pretty funny.  Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA Jokes: Chris Bosh Texts To LeBron James Leaks


This is pretty funny.  I love finding these kind of “leaked” texts and emails (it’s all jokes people).  This time it’s Chris Bosh hitting up LeBron about their free agency moves.  LeBron doesn’t respond, but Bosh just keeps with it … hilariously.
Check it out…

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(Photos) Certified MILF: Gwen Stefani Shares Selfie In Lingerie From Her New Underwear Line!

Gwen Stefani Exciting NEws

Gwen Stefani might be a mother, but she’s one of the baddest around! The 44-year-old recently launched her own underwear range called L.A.M.B. and posted a selfie wearing some merchandise from her new line. Check out the blazin’ mother-of-three’s SEXY pic in the gallery!

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NBA: Will It Help?! Derek Fisher Makes Promise To Melo; Kevin Durant Offered Melo Endorsement of Fisher

IFWT_Fisher Knicks 1

Carmelo Anthony was supposed to make his decision on his future early this week, but no word yet.  So while we anxiously wait for his announcement, Knicks new coach Derek Fisher is giving a few details on what he told Melo — and we’re hearing that Kevin Durant stepped in and gave Melo his opinion on Fisher.  Will any of this help sway Carmelo to stay with the Knicks?!  It’s now just a waiting game.
Hit the jump for details…

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Did Scott Disick Finaly Put The Bottle Down And Sober Up To Save His Relationship?!

IFWT Scott Disick

Scott Disick has been struggling with his extreme partying ways for years now and if you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians (like I’m doing right now,) you know Kourtney does NOT play with her man’s alcohol guzzling ways. (Sidebar: shout out to E! for this marathon… I’m in Kardashian heaven!) Lord Disick recently got kicked out of the house for hitting the bottle again, but according to sources close to the couple– Scott has calmed ALL the way down. The thing is that Kourt doesn’t mind if Scott hits the club being that he brings in some MAJOR dough but she does mind when he starts his out of control binge drinking. This past weekend, Scott made about $50K to make an appearance at Harrah’s Pool After Dark. According to TMZ’s spies who were keeping dibs on him at the club, he had not ONE drink and only smoked ciggs. Let’s hope he’s back on the straight and narrow!

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