(Check The Pics!!) Christina Milian’s 10 HOTTEST Sexy Body Pics, Showing Off Curves In Barely-There-Outfits!

IFWT_Christina Milian

Christina Milian never seems to disappoint, especially in these flicks. See a compilation of her hottest photos below!!

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(Photos) Love Triangle! Future’s FIANCE Has A Few Choice Words For Ciara ???


More like a love square. I’m confused. If Future has a fiance, why is the relationship thing with Ciara even a subject to discuss?
Since the Freebandz member went viral, insinuating that him and Ciara still has something going on, his suppose to be fiance is trying to put a STOP to that. Ms. Brittani is warning Bow Wow’s ex (LOL) to back off before she exposes her “MOLLY” popping issues to the world. But wait, apparently Brittani and friends leaked this FALSE information out for recognition. And she’s an ex-stripper ??? From my understanding, Future was with, India J the mother of his 2-year-old daughter. Check out the gallery for Brittani’s tweets and Ciara’s subliminal instagram pics. Play close attention to the fabulous comments.

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(Photos) 5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Rich Dollaz!!!


Rich Dollaz has a new found popularity since the Start of Love & Hip-Hop New York has been airing. But do we really know who he is? Hit the jump to find out who we’re all really watching!

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(Video) Hidden Camera Reveals Nanny Drinking And Masturbating!


SMH, a nanny was so caught on camera! A nanny was trusted and left home with a couple’s baby, but she was just straight disrespecting their home.  She decided to drink on the job and then immediately started masturbating! How would you go about this situation if it was your baby and your home? Hit the jump

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Serial Killer Commits Suicide After Only Giving Clues Of Murders

serial killer

Israel Keyes was a serial killer that we can only imagine as a character in a movie. He flew many places and killed people all over the country all while going undetected. Until, he killed a young woman from his own area, Samantha Koeing. Once he was caught he admitted how he killed her, how he collected her ransom while she was already dead, and how long it took to strangle her. He spoke about all of this in a calm manner to police and according to reports seemed like he truly enjoyed what he had been doing all of this time. He spoke of his crimes as if they were his hobby and he in fact had to different personalities. He was so insane that when asked why he did all of this, he answered “why not?” He showed no remorse for the anonymous murders he committed and after admitting he did so, he took all of his secrets to the grave with him. So authorities are struggling to find out facts, but he is the only one who knew of them.

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NBA: Kobe Still Believes He Can Win a Championship With Dwight Howard


Although the Lakers got a much needed win last night over the Utah Jazz, they’re still nowhere close to where everyone expected them to be.  With a 18-25 record and sitting 11th in the Western Conference, people are beginning to question whether or not the Lakers will even make the playoffs.  Well Kobe answers whether he can see the Lakers going all the way to the Championship with Dwight Howard on board.  Read more after the jump.

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Man Get’s His Last Wish To Come True !!!


Never heard of this before, but c’mon it’s the man’s last wish. Hit the jump for the full story.

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(Video + Photos) Alicia Keys Performs “Brand New Me” – LIVE


Alicia Keys stopped by the Jonathan Ross Show and performed “Brand New Me”. I really like this song. Hit the jump and check it out along with some photos of the pianist.

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(Photos) Christina Milian Showing Off Her Curves

CM Cover

Christina Milian has been showing off her body a lot lately and I mean why not! She looks great! While she was in Miami she was spotted on the beach with a sexy one-piece, hit the jump.

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Woman Suffers Memory Loss & Forgets Her Daughter And 30 Years Of Experiences


Shawnda Rush lived 30 years of experience , she was married and had a daughter, until one day she woke up and lost every memory she every made.  She suffered from sclerosis took a lot of medicine and contracted amnesia.  She literally woke up one day and didn’t know who her own child was nor her husband, but memories of loved ones was not all she lost , she also had to learn everything she ever learned in her entire life.  She had to learn how to speak and how to interact in society again. It was as if she was reborn,but didn’t have the ability to re learn 30 years of life in a short time.  Can’t imagine what this would be like.

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