Mailbox Launches New App For THIS Device!!!

Mailbox for iPad

Mailbox recently launched its app for iPad. The new app works the same way as the iPhone version, but with a new side bar.

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(Video) French Montana & Fat Joe Discuss The Status Of Their Relationship With 50 Cent

Fat Joe & French Montana

Fat Joe and French Montana both have had public feuds with 50 Cent, the latter being way more recent, but also way less intense. Of the former, though, they kind of made peace on stage last year at the BET Hip-Hop Awards for a tribute to Chris Lighty. Stopping by MTV Rapfix yesterday, the BX rappers discussed what the status of their relationship with 50 is now. Find out below.

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All They Want Is MONEY! House Passes Student Loan Bill!


The government can’t make money any other way, so they come for the pockets of of students that want to make a future for themselves. This student loan madness is NO JOKE, and the old rich folks don’t understand it, because when they were between the ages of 18-24, an education didn’t cost them their limbs.
Currently, the interest rates are 3.4% for subsidized and 6.8% for unsubsidized loans, and the talk of politicians is that these rates are going to DOUBLE on July 1st! Lawmakers are claiming that both Republicans and Democrats wanted to avoid the increase (BULL!), but the division comes to HOW. Drop down below for more on this numbers game.

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(Video) NBA: K. Michelle Responds to Rihanna Dissing J.R. Smith!


Even though K. Michelle says she’s over JR Smith, people still want to know her opinion of Rihanna dissing the Knicks baller.  Listen, if the man himself can joke about it – no one should care either.  Check out what his ex K. Michelle thought about the situation…

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Stephanie Santiago Topless & In A Thong!


Fellas check out this pic of Stephanie Santiago topless and in a thong!

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MMA: Whaaat?! Fighter Suing Sex Shop After Penis Gel ‘Permanently Disfigures’ His Genitals!

UFC 114 Weigh-In

This just sounds horrible. SMH. MMA fighter Waylon Lowe is suing a Philly sex shop after a gel left his genitals badly burned and scarred his genitals.  No one wants to hear this kind of story.  Details after the jump…

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IFWT Wishes Drew Carey A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Drew!

Happy birthday, Drew! We wish you many more!

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(Photos) Filthy! Amanda Bynes’ House Must Be The Stash Spot!


I’m sorry to say, but I think that this downward spiral that Amanda Bynes is riding, is hilarious! Clearly she’s a little off, but the thing is, what is SHE going to do to fix it?
InTouch did an article on the attention seeker, and they’ve come to the conclusion that, Amanda Bynes lied about smoking that sticky green.
A ‘spy’ by the name of Joe (false – for his ‘sneaky’ protection) was partying in Amanda’s NYC apartment Wednesday night and flicked some photos of what looks like a stash house. Joe as well as photographer, Giovanni Arnold was in the house as Amanda smoked the green grass, flirted, and sprawled out on the bed with cracked feet, in a shirt that she was busting out of. “She probably gets so high that sometimes she won’t even leave her house,” claims Arnold, who was also at Amanda’s apartment that night along with “Joe.” “One minute she’s cool and down-to-earth. The next, she’s totally di fferent — indecisive, and she can’t hold a conversation,” he tells In Touch. “Mentally, she’s all over the place.” Amanda of course had to respond! Drop down bottom and see what she said.

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(PHOTO) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Posts Another Intimate Picture of The Two!


Realllllly?!  It didn’t work the first time, so why would it work now?  And how do we know that this picture isn’t old?!  Last time Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Josie Harris, posted a picture on Instagram of herself in bed with a sleeping Mayweather (the pic was kinda creepy).  She was tryin to send a message to Floyd’s fiancee Shantel Jackson.  Yes, Shantel responded … by posting pictures of all the things Floyd spoils her with.
THIS time Josie posted an even more intimate picture, but it’s reportedly aimed at another woman. SMH. There are so many things wrong with this.  First, he’s engaged and seems to be happy with Ms. Jackson. Second, why go through all this drama?!  Third, why would you want him back if he’s supposedly with all these other women?  I know relationships are complicated, but c’mon b.  I really feel bad that Shantel has to deal with this kind of immaturity.
Check out the photo and who the “other woman” is after the jump…

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#DJFunkFlexApp NEW MUSIC : Le$ ft. Smoke DZA – Autobahn


Le$ gets Smoke DZA for his latest single titled “Autobahn”. Take a listen after the jump!

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