WHAT….How Much Is Twitter Really Worth?!?!”


We all know Facebook is the top dog when it comes to social Media, worth billions of dollars as a company. Then you have the title for 2nd place with Twitter and Instagram, some prefer one or the other but would you believe Twitter is $10 billion, yeah with a b. At the moment Twitter is’nt exactly worth 10 billi but it has to potential to see those kind of figures in the future. According to Triton Research Twitter collects $4 for each of its 200 million-plus monthly active users and that number will rise by 2016, the firm estimates the number could go upwards to $7. If you do that math on that not including the revenue they make on ads that’s a pretty penny for Twitter. That number also does’nt include the rise of Twitter followers the firm also predicts Twitter could see some 500 million accounts by 2016. If Twitter can figure out how to insert ads on feeds with big companies the revenue they could see will be out of this world.  

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(Photos) Going Strong! Another Date Night For Future & Ciara!

Future & Ciara at Mastro's

Looks like CiCi and her man Future are still going strong! The pair stepped out in Cali once again last night (it seems to be their favorite thing to do…or perhaps that’s the only place they get photographed together at?), dining at popular eatery Mastro’s in Beverly Hills. Check out some more pics from their date night in the gallery.

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This Former Child Star Could Possibly Be Involved In An Assualt Incident – GUILTY ?!


Former child actor, Ricky Schroder (“Silver Spoons,” “Ebenezer” and “Crimson Tide”) has been questioned, in an incident involving an LAX employee. What’s going on with these celebs in the airport? According to the employee, she was checking the passengers’ boarding passes when Schroder tried to make his way through with three bags – the limit being TWO. The woman said that she stopped him and he smacked her hand once she tried to take a look at his pass. Schroder’s story on the other hand is the complete opposite. “The woman was rude and confrontational when she told him he had too many bags,” says the child turned adult actor’s attorney. “The woman hit Ricky’s hand and his phone went flying. Ricky lunged to grab his phone and she screamed, assault!” Drop down bottom and listen to the LAX employee explain her side of the event.

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(Video) Waka Flocka Flame Gives A Fan WHAT At The Airport?!?!”


LOL! Waka loves his fans, so it’s no surprise when I hear that his generosity has kicked in a bit, to show his gratitude. BUT, this time it’s a little different. Flock pulled up to the airport in a all black Rolls Royce, emptied out the backseat (with ziplock bags filled with money), and the trunk and then handed off a nice…gift. Drop down bottom to check out what it was.

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(Video) NBA: Stephen Curry Shatters George Hill’s Ankles!

IFWTCurry ankles 4

Oh my goodness! Stephen Curry crosses up Paul George and Tyler Hansbrough with his crazy handles!! Check it out…

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MIXTAPE: Shawty Lo – I’m Da Man 4


Hosted by DJ Scream, Shawty Lo lets loose the 4th installment of his “I’m Da Man” series available below.

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(Photos) Beyonce Gets Down & Dirty On Construction Site With No Makeup

Beyonce on site

Even super ridiculously rich celebrities have favorite items that they wear all the time! I think I’ve lost count of how many times Bey has rocked her black Isabel Marant wedge sneakers and black leather leggings! But hey, the look definitely works for her, so why not? In a new series of images posted to the singer’s Tumblr, Beyonce is pictured on some sort of construction site, favorite outfit on, makeup off and a hard-hat to complete the look. Wonder what she’s up to! More pics in the gallery.

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Coco Arching & Pointing It!


Fellas check out this pic of Coco arching her back and pointing them toes!

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NEW MUSIC: Eve Feat. Gabe Saporta – Make It Out This Town


With an May 14 album release, Lip Lock, on the way, Eve continues to move forward with new music available below.

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Trailer


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 hits the PS Vita, the journey continues with this updated version with the Dragon Sword.

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