(Fellas Check The Pic) Sexy Smokin’ Hot Cutie Of The Day!!! WOW!!


Check out the random smokin’ cutie of the day. Click below to see the pic.


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(Photo) Dark Knight Shooter James Holmes’ New Mugshot! No More Orange Hair, But CRAZY Eyes!

ifwt james holmes new mugshot haircut

The “Dark Knight Shooter” James Holmes appeared in court today as prosecutors fought to get the infamous notebook into the soon-to-come trial. He had to take a new mugshot before his appearance, and we can see he cut off those crazy orange locks! The prosecutors ended up giving up the battle though, as it was too hard to get past the doctor-patient privilege protection. More details here.

Marisa Mendez

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(Check The Pics!) Aww! Kim Sends Mirror Pics (Including A Booty Shot!) To Kanye & He Shares Them On Twitter

kim k kanye west ifwt

Aww Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are acting like a normal couple! Wait…has Yeezy been watching Joe Budden’s Twitter lately? Ha! Kimmy is off in Australia right now doing a promo run, and stopped in a bathroom to take some mirror pics for her boo. Yeezy was so excited to receive them, he shared them with Twitter, along with some kind words. “So dope to get these pics of my baby while I’m in the lab,” he wrote with the first one. Adding “once again it’s the life” and “Motivation.” Too cute! Check the photos below.

Marisa Mendez

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The Drama Continues: Meek Mill Comes At Roscoe Dash For Going At Wale; Miguel Adds His Comments

ifwt wale roscoe dash

Earlier this afternoon, things got pretty crazy on Twitter. Roscoe Dash got fed up with not getting “credit” for songs he allegedly had a hand in, and wanted the world to know what’s up. He named Kanye West and Wale as the main culprits, the latter for his hit single “Lotus Flower Bomb,” featuring Miguel. Roscoe said he wrote the song, it went number one and his name was never added to the mix. Wale didn’t say too much following the claims, just a kind of “SMH” type of tweet. He also apparently hopped on the phone with Roscoe ASAP, making sure in the midst of his whining, he clears up what we figured he meant…he wrote the HOOK to the song, not Wale’s verses. Knowing Wale’s personality, he probably ripped Roscoe to shreds. LOL! Then Roscoe shared a link to a story from Complex, where they exclusively spoke to Miguel, who sings said hook. He completely plays Roscoe too. Ha! Then Meek Mill had to hop in, as he previously had an issue with Roscoe anyway so this was right up his alley. Check out all the tweets below. Roscoe needs to quit crying!

Marisa Mendez

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Throwback Thursday: Video Of 11 Year Old Aaliyah Singing On Star Search

Screen shot 2012-09-20 at 9.00.43 PM

Check out classic footage of 11 Year Old Aaliyah on Star Search 1989… Though she didn’t win, its clear at an early age Aaliyah was talented. R.I.P.

DJ RellyRell

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NBA: Walt Frazier Wants Carmelo Anthony to Be More Like LeBron James

IFWT Melo Bron

Heading into this season, Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s biggest piece of advice for Carmelo Anthony is to be more like LeBron James. Which, to be fair, sounds a whole lot easier said than done.


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Tech Talk News: Facebook Wants To Charge Merchants

Facebook Holds Its Fourth f8 Developer Conference

Earlier this year Facebook announced they would be offering Groupon like deals. But now Facebook is looking to charge merchants to offer deals on their Facebook feeds.  Anything to make a buck i guess.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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Another Horrible Case Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria!!!

Bacteria IFWT

There have been so many recent cases of flesh-eating bacteria that it leaves us wondering if this is an epidemic? Another recent case has shown up, where a Georgia mother is currently battling the bacteria in intensive care. Click below for the story.


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(Fellas Check The Kinda NSFW Pic) Sexy Girls Enjoying Each Other At A Car Wash!!!!


Check out these sexy girls at a car wash. Click below to see the pic.


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Kicks: New York Yankees Pop Cuff Knit 3 Navy Grey Official New Era Skully


The winter is coming and its getting cold out side check out the New York Yankees New Era Cuff Knit skully. Hit the jump to see the pics and tell us what you think…

DJ Juanyto

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