(Audio + Photo) Radio Host Gets Fired For Allowing A Guy With Syphilis To Have Sex On Her Show


Jessica Bangkok is a known porn star as well as a radio host for an SiriusXM show named, Radio Sex. The owner of the channel went through with an investigation into one of the segments and found that Jessica allowed Mr. Marcus to have sex on the show – another porn star who’s known to have syphilis. If you remember Mr. Marcus was going around having sex with girls in the industry, knowing that he had the STD (he forged his papers). Which is why the owner is furious with Jessica. UMMM, EW. How could you not tell someone, especially with that being your profession. CRAY! Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter were also fired, because they were performing sexual acts on the show as well. Yes, it’s a sex show, but they don’t have the proper permits and things to have the actual sex happen. Better get to looking for new employment. Drop down bottom for more.

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So A G-Unit Reunion Might Be Happening After All


Despite 50 shooting down Game’s petition for a G-Unit reunion, 50 is recanting his story saying a G-Unit reunion could very well happen. A you know, there is no real issue with the original G-Unit members; Fif, Banks, and YaYo-Fif just simply doesn’t think they have the same work ethic. Although Fif and Game did peace things up, nothing has become of that and we all know about Young Buck and his crying on the phone. So who will be joining the reunion and who wouldn’t be part of it? Find out below.

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Kicks: @Nike x Air Max 1 – Denim Pack

IFWT Nike Air Max 1 Denim Pack

  Aint nothing better then you fav material to rock on a hot pair of kicks. Hit the jump to read more and see the gallery…..

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(Video) Harlem Shake: So So Def Edition

So So Def

Everyone is joining in on the “Harlem Shake” trend creating videos of their own. The Miami Heat, French Montana, Fat Joe, The Daily Show, and even The Angie Martinez show, which in my opinion has one of the best versions, got in on the action and now so does Jermaine Dupri and some of the So So Def family. Watch their version below.

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(Video) Jhené Aiko – ‘Burning Man (3:16 PM)’


Jhene Aiko finally drops the visuals for her latest single, the remix to “3:16am.” The video consists of original footage from her tour with Lauryn Hill and Nas from last year. See the dope official video below!

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NBA:(Video) Damn, NBA Rookie Gets His Allowance From Parents Cut After Fight!!


I understand Klay Thompson’s dad used to play in the NBA, so he knows you need to manage the money you make, but does it have to be like this pops? Mychal Thompson was a former NBA player in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the Lakers, but times have changed since then. Or maybe they haven’t. Check out what Klay has to deal with when it comes to his money after the jump.

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(Video) French Montana Speaks On Being Shot In The Head


French Montana isn’t that cocky! He speaks about rumors of him being the new king of New York, a little on 50 Cent, being shot in the head, his video shoot with Nicki Minaj, his wife going OFF online about their relationship, his father going on World Star, Uncle Luke’s check, Lil Poppy’s status with the Coke Boys and reveals so much more! Check out the footage below!

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NBA: Kobe Bryant Gets A New Nickname & Loves It!! But What Does It Mean?!?!


Kobe’s been pretty quite on Twitter lately, but early this morning he shared a new nickname he got from his man…that he loves…but what exactly does it mean?! I have an idea (don’t think it’s right though), but he gives hints as to what it means and he’s waiting for someone to break it down. Check out his tweets and let us know if you can figure it out…

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(Photo) LOL! French Montana Posted WHAT After The Shooting Incident?

French Montana

In no way, shape, or form is death funny. But what is funny is how silly (and even ignorant) some rappers can be. After the shooting in Philly that followed French’s show at the TLA on South Street, French was NOT amused what so all after the concert. I mean, we don’t blame him because he was performing all night, he was probably tired or even trying to party. But sheesh French, no remorse! Ain’t nobody got time to be questioned apparently! Find out exactly what he said below!

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NFL:(Video) Draft Bust Jamarcus Russell Runs 40 Yard Dash


Some of you will probably care less but this is still fun to watch. Jamarcus Russell, who was drafted #1 overall by the Oakland Raiders a few years ago, and given a huge rookie contract before finding himself out of the league is trying hard with his comeback. For those who don’t know, Mr. Russell has probably been the worst draft pick in NFL history. He never proved he was worth anything and he was out of shape and cut before he knew it. In an effort to show NFL scouts he is taking his comeback serious, he has been working with trainers to get in football shape. He ran the 40 yard dash the other day, which is the mecca of important football numbers. Let’s just say he still has some jelly donuts to get out of his system before people will take his comeback serious. Check out the video after the jump.

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