(Fellas Check The Pic!) We Were Just Wondering…Whose Boobs Are These!


Fellas check out this pic and tell IFWT whose boobs you think these are!

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(Photos) Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A New Girl ? Which Blonde Is Better ?


Messing with Arnold Schwarzenegger will get you in all kinds of trouble. Young blondes, secret children and political elections. I mean come on. Arnold was recently spotted with a really hot blonde and well, who would you rather see him with, the younger girly or the mature mother of his once hidden son. Drop down bottom and let us know.

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(PHOTO) NBA: Chris Bosh & Wife Could Care Less What Anyone Thinks!

Chris Bosch and pregnant wife Adrienne Williams watch the Miami Dolphins.

The Bosh’s have been super church mouse on the whole Lil Wayne situation. Adrienne has been using other people’s tweets to send a message and when Chris Bosh was approached by reports on the drama, teammate Rashard Lewis stepped in. Well Chris Bosh took to Twitter last night for the second time — and it was the first time he said anything about his family — since the incident. Looks like they are giving zero f*cks about the situation and showing how happy they are.  Good for them!  Check out the tweet and pic Chris posted & Adrienne retweeted…

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(Photos: 18 & UP Only) Oh Hell NAH! Kimbella Accidentally Shows Her Unshaved Lady Parts!

Kimbella & Juelz in Miami

Ladies and gents, I can’t stress to you enough that you must thoroughly check your photos before posting them online! (Before I realized Instagram was a social network and not just a photo-filtering app, I accidentally posted a crazy photo there if ya know what I mean, LOL! Learned the hard way there!) Kimbella is enjoying some fun in the sun in her hometown of Miami alongside her longtime boyfriend Juelz Santana, but she had a bit of a mishap while the pair were on a boat in the water. She posted a cute photo of them while she was wearing a sexy one-piece, but the bottom dipped down too far and you could see EVERYTHING…and it wasn’t pretty! We all have our days and all, but yikes! Thankfully, she quickly realized her mistake and took the photo down, then re-posted a cropped version. However, the original still made it to the web! Check it out in the gallery. It’s cool, though…she’s “still pretty”!

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Christopher Dorner’s Mother Is Asked To Sue The LAPD By Whom ???


I say DO IT !!! Nancy, Christopher Dorner’s – the cop killer who was on the run from law enforcement for days – mother is asked by a few family members to sue the LAPD for the death of her son. “Associates of the family have contacted several prominent civil litigation lawyers, specializing in suing the LAPD, to explore the possibility of pursuing legal action,” says a source in the family. Despite the fact that she hasn’t met with any attorneys yet, has not taken the idea out of her head. Nancy is still considering (she has two years after her son’s death to make that decision). The family feels as though, had the LAPD not terminated Dorner, then he would still be alive today. The LAPD’s Chief, Charlie Beck announced that he was launching a new investigation into the termination of Dorner in order to be as transparent as possible with the community over how it was handled. NOW, he wants to make all things right. Why wasn’t a clear and cut investigation done before hand? COVER-UPS! Drop down bottom for more response from the family.

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So COOL!! Woman WORKS Google Glasses At The Oscars Party!!!

IFWT_Google Glasses

I mean, it’s one thing for Google Execs to wear them in public, But this chick, whom we don’t know Who the F*** is, wearing them to the Oscars!!! And Using them on a TMZ camera man in some sort of competition, NIIIICE *Fab Voice*!!! Hit the Jump to see for Yourself!!!

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(Photos) Rick Ross Toasts To The Good Life With His Girlfriend

ifShateria Moragne & Rick Ross

Rick Ross has been more public with his girlfriend, fashion designer Shateria Moragne, as of late…but these two aren’t a new couple. In fact, reports state that the pair have been dating for close to 5 years! Shateria must have grabbed him up right when he came into the game! But she doesn’t need him for his money, as she’s launched her own clothing line, Frontrow Couture, this past year and has previously worked as a personal stylist and consultant. She recently celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas, and Rozay was right by her side to help her usher in another year of life, along with his famous friends like French Montana and more. That photo is above, and more of the cute couple in the gallery!

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Kicks: Dope Customs By Far Of The Air Jordan 4 by El Cappy Called “Samurai”

Air Jordan IV Custom Samurai

I just came upon these The Japanese influence Air Jordan IV over classic White/Cement colorway. I think these are dope, the customization done by El Cappy called ‘Samurai’. It features traditional Japanese graphics on the midsole and on the upper wing with a sick Samurai mask logo on the heel. Check out the pics after the jump…

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(Video) Love & Hip-Hop [Season 3; Episode 7]

Love & Hip-Hop

The drama continued on last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop New York. Fights, romance, music and more await you below!

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So, Chris Brown Speaks Out About That Faithful Night That Bruised His Career ?!?!


This would be the first time that Chris has openly spoken about the domestic violence incident between himself and Rihanna (without throwing chairs). Chris admits that what he did was a mistake. “That night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake,” he said. He took a lot of things for granted and didn’t know how to take the fame and the criticisms for what they were. Apparently, he’s matured. Now, Rihanna has forgiven him and he explains that he’s “worked hard” for that forgiveness. Drop down bottom for more of his APOLOGIES(LIES).

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