Amazon Named Top Holiday Retailer


Online retailer Amazon is laughing all the way to the bank, as the retailer announced yesterday that their holiday 2012 was their best holiday ever. According to Amazon they were selling 306 items per second, on cyber monday customers ordered 26.5 million items on that day alone with the Kindle Fire HD tablet leading the way with sales. And Amazon also says they were the top holiday retailer in customer satisfaction for the 8th year in a row.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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#SHAME – 19 Year Old Pennsylvania Man Suffocated His Girlfriend After Doing What ???


SO sad. People can be really sick. Daniel Klinger, had been threatening to kill his girlfriend for a while, but this day he succeed. Klinger drove his car at 100mph right into a gaurdrail. After the wreckage he then proceeded to sit on his girlfriend’s head and torso. Sammi Heller, did let a friend know that Klinger was driving like a maniac before it all went down. Among some of the things found in the car were marijuana, cash, a digital scale, a pipe, pills and a black air pistol. While sitting atop her head and torso, Daniel was closing his eyes, opening them and moaning. I know he was on something more than weed. CRAZY. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

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100 Fans Will Hit The Stage With Beyoncé During Her Super Bowl Performance !!!


This Oct. 23, 2012 publicity photo provided by Pepsi shows Beyonce during a Pepsi Print photo shoot at Canoe Studios in New York. This image will appear as life-size standees in stores starting first quarter 2013, as an extension of the brand’s “Live For Now” campaign. Pepsi made an announcement Friday that 100 fans will hit the stage when the “hottest chick in the game” performs on Feb. 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. A contest that kicks off Saturday will allow fans to submit photos of themselves in various poses, including head bopping, feet tapping and hip shaking. Those pictures will be used in a TV ad introducing Beyonce’s halftime performance, and 50 people — along with a friend — will be selected to join the singer onstage. This could be YOU!
Russ B

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Disgusting! Woman Arrested For Fake Newtown, CT Foundation


As if the tragedy at Newtown, CT wasn’t enough, now they have to worry about people creating fake foundations and lying about the connections they had with the victims and/or survivors. A New York City woman, Nouel Alba, has been arrested for scamming people into believing she was the aunt of Noah Pozner, a young child who was killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Alba, who is 37, used her Facebook account, telephone calls, and text messages to persuade people to make donations for Pozner’s funeral fund, SMH! Read more below.

Julie A.

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Celeb Kicks: @JLo x Wearing Air Jordan IV

IFWT Jennifer Lopez

Check JLo rocking some heat on her feet. Hit the jump to see the gallery….


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East Coast Port Strike Averted


A deal has been reached to avert the East Coast Port strike that threatened the jobs of many. For now, the dockworkers union will be given a 30-day contract extension and after the 30 days, the union will meet again to negotiate a long-term contract. The deal was made between the International Longshoremen’s Association and the United States Maritime Alliance. If the deal was not made, all of the ports on the East Coast would have been shut down.

Julie A. x TatWza

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Guess Which Actor Gave His GF Until V-Day To Get Her Sh*t Together Or He’s Gone?!


LMAO, this is crazy to me! Newly back together couple may not be together much longer. Pretty much an actor gave his also famous girl until February 14 to get her sh*t together or it was back to the curb for her! The couple hit a serious rough patch this past year and when they got back together, fans were pretty shocked that he took her back, well now we have an answer as to why. He said that this is only a “trial run” to see if the couple can stay together in the long run. She has always taken the lead role in the relationship, picking where they go as a couple, and more but recently he has been calling all the shots. It seems from his statement that come Valentine’s Day, the couple is either headed to spiltsville or maybe to the chapel? As much as I like seeing people happy, I really don’t like them as a couple and she already blew her chance to be with him. Find out who it is below.

Julie A.

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Sports: (Photo) Female Golfer Gets What For Christmas????


I am not sure if this pic was taken on purpose or if she did not realize what was in the pic before she uploaded it on her twitter account, but golfer Kristie Smith looks like she will be having a fun time soon. Take a look at the pic above and see what the golfer has in the picture. I’ll give you a hint. It’s the same color as Barney. Funny thing is, she tweeted the pic with the caption “spoiled girl”. Yeah? Is that what girls who get this as a gift call themselves? lol. Check the gallery above.

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Hands-on Samsung Galaxy S4 First Look (Render Video)


Samsung hasn’t formally announced the Galaxy S IV yet but a fan of the Galaxy S series decided to make a render video of what the Galaxy IV should look like and what it should do. Usually these render videos are made for Apple devices, I guess this should show the anticipation for GS IV.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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