Auto:(Video) Worst Bus Driver Ever Loves His Beef Patties


Most of the time you don’t even realize if your bus driver on your local city bus is a good or bad driver because you are more concerned with getting where you need to be. Unfortunately for this driver, his own camera caught him being a fool. He has already been disciplined multiple times during his employment with Broward County, Florida. Most of the issues were minor, but still, with that many occasions, you would of thought he was fired a long time ago. If he was, he would not of been able to be caught on camera eating his beef patties, which is against the rules, trying to purposely cut off cars or not let them in a lane, and he would of never been caught being the single reason an elderly woman fell and hit her head on the fare box. The driver got mad that he had to let a car in and slammed on his brakes sending passengers flying. One of those passengers happening to be standing and was thrown to the floor and hit her head when he stopped. Showing his true colors, he doesn’t even acknowledge the hurt woman, he just keeps driving. This jackass has since retired but not before he left his county on the hook for a $100,000 lawsuit that woman won for his reckless driving. Check out the video below.

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(Video) Fashion: Get NYCE Clothing Trailer For Their Collection #HowDoYouGetNYCE


Here a look at NYCE Clothing collection, with the theme #howDOYouGetNyce is the today’s look in the streets. Check out the video after the jump…

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Sports: Yikes! WNBA Legend Chamique Holdsclaw Facing 65 Years in Prison!


Damn. It’s amazing how one bad moment can ruin a person’s life. SMH. Former WNBA player Chamique Holdsclaw has finally been hit with criminal charges for allegedly firing at her ex-girlfriend’s car last year and if convicted, she’s facing up to 65 years in prison. More details after the jump…

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(Video) NBA Top 10 Plays From Tuesday Featuring LeBron James, Blake Griffin & More


Count down the Top 10 plays from Fan Night.

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Tech Talk Spotlight: Check Out Todays 2/27/13 Top @Viddy Videos (Animal Edition)


  Check out today’s top Viddy vids

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Claudia Sampedro With The Camel Toe!!!


Fellas check out this pic of Claudia Sampedro rocking leggings showing off a mean camel toe!

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(Video) NBA: Shaq Asked If He Would Ever Wear Kobe’s Sneaker?! Check Out His Response…


Shaq & Kobe are BFF’s now, so why wouldn’t Shaq wear Kobe’s kicks?!  Right? I mean they were joking around and having fun at the Lakers game a couple weeks ago – the beef is over, so no problem right?! Yea, not so much. Lol. Check out Shaq’s response when he was asked about wearing Kobe’s sneakers…

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Music Labels Say They Are OK With Google Stream Service


We all know both Google and Apple is looking to get into the music stream business but it looks like the music business is looking to open it arms with Google and not Apple. As Apple has been working on a deal with the major music labels for sometime now. Music exces are saying with Google entering the streaming business will be a welcomed change. Are the record labels tired of Apple and its dominance in the music biz? When Google does launch its music service its said the service will mirror and compete against Spotify. “Google is a massive organisation with the many parts it operates, such as the search business and the device business and the music business with respect to YouTube and streaming,” he said. “Like all search engines, there is a problem; we’re asking all search engines to prioritize legal services. We know that search engines are a primary route for consumers to be able to find music and hope all search engines will implement those changes.”

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(Video & Pics) NFL: Chris Johnson Fills His SUV With Girls After Club, But What About His Pants?!

IFWT_Chris Johnson 1

Fellas, fellas, fellas.  I am NOT about the skinny jeans look on guys, BUT I also can’t stand when guys have their pants off their ass almost to their knees.  How is that even comfortable?! Titans running back Chris Johnson was spotted leaving a LA hotspot pulling a few girls into his SUV – which is great – but damn! Look at those pants!!! SMH. Lol. Check it out & let me know if I’m missing something…

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Miss Delaware Teen USA Offered Porn Contract After Resigning Due To Leaked Sex Tape

Melissa King

As we reported yesterday, Miss Delaware Teen USA was forced to resign from her position, after a sex tape of hers made its way online. The tape was filmed in June, just a few months before Melissa King received her crown. Now, is offering her some big bucks for their site…and the best part? She just has to promote it and tour the world! No sex necessary! Would you take that deal? On one hand it’s a pretty bad look for your name to be attached to. On the other, your name’s already attached to a sex tape and you lost your crown so, why not? LOL! Details on the offer below.

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