(Fellas Check The Pic) Hungry? Why Wait?? I Guarantee You’ll Want To Grab This Snickers!!!!

If you really think this post is about a snickers bar….SMH!!! Click below to see the pic.

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Auto Talk: UK survey says Honda models most “pothole-proof”

A new study by Warranty Direct in the UK claims Honda makes vehicles that are the least-susceptible to damage from potholes. According to the company, only 1.4 percent of Honda owners submit a warranty claim for repair due to pothole damage. Compare that figure with the 12.2 percent of Chrysler owners who submit claims – the American automaker found itself the least resilient to pothole damage alongside luxury makes like Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Surprisingly enough, Smart actually landed itself in second place for the number of claims submitted as a result of pothole damage.

Funk Flex

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(Fellas Check The NSFW Pics! *18 & Over*) Victoria Belle (@Qu33nVictoria)Bares ALL!

Fellas check out these pics of Victoria Belle baring all!!


Victoria Belle 1

Victoria Belle 2

Victoria Belle 3

Victoria Belle 4

Victoria Belle 5

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(Voice) Tech Talk Beta: Swype Gets A Voice!!!

We told you the ‘Enhancement‘ was coming, but there is a Video showing how Clean it’s gonna be! Hit the Jump.


Set in the Action Movie Scene, I give you the intro to Swype with Dragon Diction:


Great for all my Android People!!!

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(Photo) Santa Got Lucky! Check Out Which Sexy Star Sat On His Lap This Weekend!

Santa sure got lucky this weekend! A certain reality star seated her infamous booty on his lap at her Christmas Eve party on Saturday night. Find out who below.

Marisa Mendez

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(Poll) NFL: Monday Night Football! Falcons vs. Saints, Who You Got?!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Funk Flex & his assistant Sabrina B. aka GameTimeGirl are betting on all MNF Games. Sabrina B. & Funk Flex are tied up 8-8. Tonight:  Falcons vs. Saints – 8:30p on ESPN
We’re gonna be battling it out all season long! Be a part of it and let us know what you think…
Funk’s got the Falcons & Sabrina’s got the Saints
Let us know who you got!

MNF: Falcons vs. Saints -Who You Got?!



Web Polls

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Santa Claus Costume Wearing Gunman Murdered 6 People Then Commits Suicide!!!!!!

The Texas gunman who killed six people before committing suicide wore a Santa Claus costume during his horrific Christmas Day rampage. The massacre in Grapevine, just outside Dallas, occurred just after the victims had finished opening their gifts. Click below to read the rest of the story.


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Diddy Has Big Plans For 2012 …But Presidency Isn’t One Of Them

Diddy recently spoke to Ad Week about his big plans for the upcoming year. Apparently he has a major surprise in store, but being called President Combs isn’t one of them. Read some excerpts below.

Marisa Mendez

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(Video) Tech Talk Hack: How To Charge Your iPhone ‘Hands Free’ In The Car!!!

Kinda Cool, just put the iPhone in the Craddle and Boom It’s charging, Hit the Jump to see for yourself.


Perfected for the iPhone 4/4S, Hit the source link below to see who hacked it, but watch the finished product:


Maybe you can ask How

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(Video) NBA Top 10 Plays From Christmas

Posted By: Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Check out the top 10 Plays of the Night on opening day of the NBA as fans were given a special Christmas treat.

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