What Will Happen To The Hotel Room Whitney Houston Died In?


February 11 will mark one year since the tragic death of legendary singer, Whitney Houston. Whitney died in the bathtub of room 434 of the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Since her death, the room has been shut down but it might be opening soon. The hotel even took the number off the door so guests won’t stop near it. Now the hotel is attempting to figure out what to do with the room. Read more below.

(Photos) Guess Who Is Sitting Next To Jay & Bey At The Grammys?!

IFWT_GrammyAwards feat

Pictures of the Grammy seating arrangements have surfaced and one shows who will be sitting next to Jay-Z and Beyonce. It’s always interesting to see who is sitting next to who, especially with big celebs like Hov and Bey. Normally, Kanye and his guest are seated next to hip hop’s first couple, but not this year! See some seating arrangements, including who is seated next to Lil Wayne, in the gallery.

(Video) Kat Stacks Goes At Juelz Santana, Juelz Responds

Kat Stacks Opens Up

Kat Stacks is out of prison and at it again, well sort of. Before prison, Kat was known for putting rappers on blast for pretty much anything. She posted pics of Soulja Boy with coke and a couple of times leaked rappers’ phone numbers to the public. She seemed to be everywhere before she got nabbed and taken into custody due to immigration issues. Now that she’s out of prison, she’s going at a new rapper but not for her usual bullsh*t. Kat set aim at Juelz for a comment that he made on her Instagram and Juelz fired back on Twitter. Apparently Kat’s close friend a rumored jump-off of Juelz, Jenna Shea, caught the comment and they didn’t appreciate it. Juelz made the comment in regards to Kat getting hit by a group of men and Kat dragged Kimbella’s name into he mix. I really was hoping this chick would just fade right away after being released but it seems that this bird just won’t go away. Watch what she said to Juelz below and check his response in the gallery.

CelebKicks: @S_C_ x Wearing Air Jordan III ’88

IFWT Jay-z

Check out the boy Hov as he rocks some recently released heat. hit the jump to see more….

(Video) A$AP Rocky “Generations Radio” Freestyle


Taking over France, A$AP Rocky had a dope freestyle taking over the studios of the radio station Generations. See the full freestyle below!

(Video) Porn Star Kelly Divine Says Kim K & Coco’s Butts Are FAKE!


Porn star, Kelly Divine, spoke to Vlad and claimed that she heard that Kim Kardashian and Coco have fake butts. Both Kim and Coco are known for their big butts so for someone to say their famous body part is fake isn’t a good look for either of them. During the interview, Kelly also spoke about what plastic surgery she has had done herself. Watch more below.

NBA: Whoa Kenneth Faried Is Gonna Use What in the Dunk Contest?!

IFWT Kenneth Faried

The dunk contest is all about creativity, athleticism and nowadays props.  This year’s dunk contest features James White of the New York Knicks, Eric Bledsoe of the Los Angeles Clippers, Terrance Ross of the Toronto Raptors, Gerald Green of the Indiana Pacers, Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets and defending champion Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz.  Faried isn’t exactly the favorite to win this year so he has something special in mind.  Read more after the jump.

Damn! 43% Of Women Lie About WHAT In Bed?


It’s no secret that both men and women lie about things, especially when it comes to sex and in some “relationships.” According to a new book, “The Normal Bar,” 59% of men and 56% of women lie to their partners about their real feelings outside of the bedroom. Only 27% of people in relationships say they have never lied to their partner about anything. The book explores studies about not telling the truth about where you have been, checking emails, etc. but the most shocking to be was one study that was done about how many men and women lie about a very important factor when it comes to sex. Find out more below.

(Video) Justin Timberlake & Timberland’s Pre-Grammy Performance


Grammy weekend is too exciting! Timberland brings out Timberlake last night for mPowering Action launch at The Congo Room! If you can’t wait till the Grammy’s, see the full footage of them performing live below!

(Video) Big Sean Speaks On “Cruel Winter”


G.O.O.D’s Music’s Big Sean spoke at a pre-Grammy interview with Jenny Boom Boom. Sean spoke not only on his forthcoming album and single but also on if the follow up to Cruel Summer will be dropping. There are rumors circling that Cruel Winter won’t be dropping, but according to Sean it might be coming and sooner than we think. Watch more below.

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