Auto:(Video) Car Accident Turns Man Into Jackie Chan


You usually only see this type of action in a movie. The Honda Accord has a minor traffic incident with 2 other guys. It looks like one of them winds up on the hood of the car before rolling off and trying to karate kick the driver window. But the second guy is the amazing one. As the Honda starts to pull off again, all you see is a man coming over top of the car and flying through the air like he was a stunt double in a fighting movie. It is pretty impressive, but I wonder what would of happened if the car never took off and stayed there. Would we have seen the best fight scene ever? lol. Check the video after the jump.

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(Video) Sports: Better Than The Heat?! Terry Francona & Indians Do The Harlem Shake

IFWT_Indians Harlem Shake 3

Can we please be done with this people?! Please?! I told myself I wasn’t posting anymore Harlem Shake videos (unless it was the Knicks or Lakers), but here I am doing it anyways. SMH. Fans seem to think that this version of the Harlem Shake is better than the Heat. I don’t agree, so I’m sharing it to see what you guys think?! Check out Terry Francona & the Cleveland Indians doing their rendition of the Harlem Shake..

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Guess Which ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Is Pregnant & Talking About That Joe Budden/Consequence Fight

Winter Ramos

While talking about how she wound up being swept into the fight Joe Budden and Consequence, one of the stars of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” announced that she is expecting! Apparently as the rappers were fighting, she was shoved into a room and at first didn’t realize that they were fighting, she though Cons was fighting with an audience member. She said that she is four months pregnant and while everything was going down, she went looking for Joe’s mom. Find out who it is below.

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(Ladies, Check The Pics) Shia LaBeouf Shows Off His Abs!


Damn, actor Shia LaBeouf has definitely been working out. He was recently caught pulling his shirt up and showing off his abs for the camera and he looks so good. Click below and check out the gallery to check out the pics!

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(Photo) Damn! Mariah Carey Looks Stunning In A Curve-Hugging Dress!

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey will be joining the American Idol judges for the result show tonight and gave us a glimpse at what she is wearing. The judge looks phenomenal in a curve-hugging dress. A set of twins and years later, but Mariah still got it! Check her out in the gallery.

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(PHOTO) Sports: LMAO!!! Is This LeBron James’ Dad?!


C’mon son!  Oh you guys!  Always with the jokes! I HAD to laugh at this though! I saw this picture floating around Twitter tonight and fans were going hard about LeBron. Is this his dad or is this him in 20 years?!  You gotta see this picture…

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(Video) Soulja Boy- Top Back

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy flaunts his lifestyle in his dope new video for “Top Back”. Check it out after the jump and let us know your feedback in the comments section below it.

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Lindsay Lohan Fires Back At Justin Bieber, Justin Responds!

Justin Bieber

Earlier today we told you that Justin Bieber took to his Instagram to slam Lindsay Lohan. Biebs pretty much called out Lindsay for being broke and said that his career has only just begun. Although Justin is probably right, Lindsay took some serious offense to the singer’s comments. Justin quickly deleted the comment he made, but Lindsay is sure that karma will bite him in the butt for them. LiLo is “appalled” that he would say something like that about her. The actress is also telling friends that she has no beef with the singer so she’s unsure why he decided to bully her. Once he caught wind of how LiLo was feeling, Bieber told TMZ that he knew he was wrong for what he did and that’s why he took down his comments. The singer re-posted his words to Instagram without mentioning Lindsay anymore. Read what Justin said below.

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(PHOTO) NFL: Cam Newton Isn’t Going To Like This Pic He Took With A Fan When He Sees It!!!

IFWT_Cam Newton Superman

Caught slippin! C’mon Cam, how’d you let this happen?!  As NFL fans know, Cam Newton is know for his Superman touch down celebration (see above pic).  Well Cam, being the nice guy that he is,  took a picture with a fan – but little did he know what the fan was up to! SMH. Check it out…

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Auto:(Video) What Hollywood Star Did This Weird Chinese Commercial For Cadillac


First off, if your doing a commercial for China, then why is it filmed in San Francisco? There has been a long running behind the scenes type of thing with famous hollywood actors. For years, the faces of our favorite movies have done commercials overseas, mainly in Asia, that people in America would never see. Reason is because usually the products are cheap, or the commercial looks cheap itself, and they don’t want their biggest fans back at home to have a negative perception of them. The other thing is these actors are usually paid a HUGE sum of money to do a 30 second ad. Brad Pitt is the newest member of this group. His commercial looks good, it is for Cadillac so of course it is not going to look cheap, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason for him to be in it. He doesn’t say a word, it shows his face a few times, but that’s it. I guess they are banking on the Chinese just loving Brad Pitt. Check out the ad after the jump, because you will never see it on TV here in the states.

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