LOL Well Damn! Dad Puts Daughter On Blast For FB Cheating On Boyfriend !!!


LMAO, I’ve seen these FB(Facebook…Duh) blasts before, but it’s usually the parent just Not liking their youngin being ON FB, But the Dad here actually apologized to her boyfriend for his daughters actions, He considers her talking to guys on FB cheating, even though she says she didn’t cheat, she did get quiet when dad asked her how she would feel if the boyfriend was talking to girls on FB….Ahh Young Love 0_o

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(Video) Kanye Gets Weird At Hammersmith Apollo…Screaming For A While & Throwing His Mic!

Kanye West at the Hammersmith Apollo

Kanye West is definitely on some other ish as he’s doing his shows across the pond. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper has made headlines every night while there, but not for his amazing performances. Instead, for his rants and behavior! The first night, he went off on his homie Jay-Z for his “Suit & Tie” collab with Justin Timberlake, on corporations not wanting to endorse him, the Taylor Swift incident and a whole bunch more. Last night, he saved the rant…but instead decided to scream for close to two minutes, then ended the show by throwing his mic in the crowd. LMAO! Got to love Yeezy. Watch the footage below.

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When Will It END ??? Seems Like Rihanna & Chris Brown Have Beef With Yet ANOTHER Person !!!


What happens when you mix a character apart of “Family Guy” and the ‘Oscars’ together ??? MADNESS is what !!! Seth MacFarlane is is known for controversy. He’s a character who more than a few people would love to attach a muzzle to. This time, I’m sure the people that would greatly appreciate the honor is RiRi and Chris. While taking part at the Oscars as HOST, MacFarlane shared a tasteless and awkward joke. I mean, “Law & Order: SVU” has taken their incident and turned it into sheer entertainment, why not more scrutiny. Drop down bottom to see what Seth said.

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NASCAR: So, About That…50 Takes To Twitter After Trying to Kiss Erin Andrews on The Lips

IFWT_50 Erin Andrews

Can’t blame the guy for trying right?! Social media went crazy yesterday after 50 was caught trying to kiss reporter Erin Andrew’s on the lips, but she turned her face and he got the cheek instead. That’s ok Fif, we know there’s a lot of women that would be happy to take her place in that kiss! Check out what he said on Twitter after it happened…

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Achievements Guide

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Here are 5 ways to boost your score and Trophy count inMetal Gear Rising: Revengeance .  

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IFWT Celebrates Black History Month: Honoring Jim Brown

Jim Brown

Jim Brown is an American former professional football player who has also made his mark as an actor. He is best known for his exceptional and record-setting nine-year career as a running back for the NFL Cleveland Browns from 1957 to 1965. In 2002, he was named by Sporting News as the greatest professional football player ever. He is considered to be one of the greatest professional athletes the U.S. has ever produced. His birthday is tomorrow as well so happy birthday! Read more about Jim below.

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(Video) Trinidad James Brings Out King Louie & Chief Keef’s GBE Clique In Chicago

Trinidad James

Though Chief Keef is still doing his time, his crew got their shine Saturday night as “All Gold Everything” rapper Trinidad James brought out GBE, as well as Chi star King Louie, while he performed in their city at Reggie’s. Watch the video recap below.

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The Guy Who Played Pedro In Napoleon Dynamite Has A Twin?! And He’s Been Illegally Impersonating Him!

Efren Ramirez in Napoleon Dynamite

Will the real Pedro please stand up?! Of course we are all familiar with the wildly popular 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite, and have come to love the starring characters Napoleon (played by Jon Heder) and Pedro (played by Efren Ramirez)…but did you know, Efren has an identical twin who he almost sued for $10 million for impersonating him?! LOL! Chances are when you possibly met Efren on the street or at an event, you may have been really meeting Carlos instead! Back in 2008, Efren actually had to send a cease-and-desist letter to his bro, warning him to stop making appearances as him or the $10 million suit would come into play. Since then, the guys haven’t spoken but Carlos is trying to clear his name and hopes they can be cool down the line. Details below.

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(Video) NBA: Killer Crossover! Kobe Bryant Puts O.J. Mayo on Skates


Black Mamba back at it! Kobe Bryant left O.J Mayo with the ‘which way did he go face’ after a mean crossover! Even the Lakers bench had a nice reaction to it! Check it out…

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Update: (Photos + Video) Damn, Who Knew This Was Going On Behind The Scenes At The Oscars Last Night?!

Water flooding the Dolby Theater

The Oscars got a little sh*tty last night…literally! After someone went IN in the bathroom, they clogged the toilet so bad that it burst a pipe and it flooded the entire lobby of the theater, just before the opening curtain was pulled. It was “quite a thing” according to people there, but luckily, the custodial staff handled the situation with vacuums. Check out another pic from the incident in the gallery. Good thing it didn’t get any worse! Can you imagine all of those celebrities dressed in their best, overstepping some nasty things trying to get out? It would have been such a mess!

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