AP.9 Shopping Coco Adult Film Releases New Photos


AP.9 has become known more for being a home wrecker than a rapper, but in a recent interview with Star Magazine he eluded that he was shopping a video of the two having sex the night they met in Las Vegas where those steamy pics came from that sent Ice on a twitter rant about his wife. Star Magazine has confirmed that they have numerous photos of Coco in “various states of undress,” basically backing up AP’s story, and making Coco’s statement a bunch of lies. Hit the jump for more.

Uh Oh! Paparazzi Saying They Had Nothing To Do With Chris Brown’s Accident


Yesterday we reported that Chris Brown smashed up his Porsche after he was being chase by the paparazzi. Chris claimed that he hit a brick wall because he lost control of his vehicle while trying to evade the paps. Now Chris Doherty, owner of INF, the photo agency who the photographers on the scene of the accident worked for claims that nobody was following the singer. Police officers interviewed the photogs that were on the scene at the same time they interviewed Chris and they all claim they weren’t there. According to Doherty, it’s “convenient” of Chris to blame his car crash on the paps it’s also very convenient to say that your workers weren’t the case of the accident. I personally think that Doherty is just covering for his photogs especially since we all know how pushy they can be! Read his full statement below.

NFL: Yikes Washington Redskins London Fletcher Delivers a Message to Cowboys Fans in DC

IFWT London Fletcher

The Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins are both in the NFC East and fought till the very last week for a playoff spot which was awarded to the Redskins.  With RG3 helping to make the Redskins relevant again, the NFC East rivalries are heating up more than ever.  So much so that London Fletcher of the Redskins has a message for Cowboys fans living in DC.  Check it out after the jump.

(Video) CRAZY! Professional Pickpocket Shows Off His Insane Skills


Apollo Robbins, known as the “gentleman thief” has some crazy pickpocket skills that he shared with the “Today Show.” Robbins was featured on a segment in which he had to pickpocket items from three people, including Ryan Seacrest. Robbins handed the men different items that he would “steal” from them and showed exactly how he manages to grab items off of people. Robbins doesn’t actually steal anything, he is a theatrical pickpocket who works in Vegas but people can definitely learn many things from him! Watch his insane skills below.

Kicks: @Nike x Basketball 2012 All-Star China Exclusive Pack

IFWT Nike 2012 "Galaxy" China Pack

The ‘Galaxy’ still reigns supreme as it introduced a whole new set of concepts for basketball shoes in terms of graphic options, colorways, and the sheer abuse of details. Hit the jump to get a detailed look at the pack and to read more info…..

(Photos) Kim & Kanye Link Up With WHO In Brazil?!

Kim & Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in Brazil on vacation and were spotted having a blast yesterday in Rio. Today, pictures of the couple were spotted on Instagram and they linked up with a legendary actor! Kim and Kanye look so happy and Kim’s baby bump is so cute! Find out who they linked with in the gallery.

(Photos) Beyonce On The March Cover Of Vogue???

Ad for Mrs. Carter World Tour

So far Beyonce has had a great 2013; she was chosen to sing the National Anthem at Inauguration and rocked her halftime show at the Super Bowl. Now a Beyonce fan group, @beyoncelite, has released the upcoming issue on Vogue with B on the cover–Queen B to be exact! Anna Wintour must love her…Check out the pictures after the jump.

NBA: Wow Dwight Howard Addresses His Father’s Comments & Tells Who He Confides In

IFWT_Dwight Howard Lakers

Dwight Howard found himself having to deal with more comments surrounding him and Kobe Bryant, but this time they came from his father Dwight Howard Sr.  He was reluctant to address the issue but did share some surprising information.  Read more after the jump.

(Photos) Whoops! Wardrobe Malfunction Alert: Miley Cyrus’ Side Boob Sticking Out A Little TOO Much!


Miley hasn’t exactly been “conservative” lately, but this? I’m sure she didn’t intend for this to happen. Saturday’s pre-Grammy bash in LA, Miley nearly popped out of her daring black gown. She was displaying a hint of sideboob throughout the evening, reveals a clear nipple cover. See malfunction photos of her below!

(Video) LL Cool J Speaks On Chris Brown Drama


The Drama surrounding Chris Brown never seems to end. If he’s not being pulled over for speeding, or crashing his black Porsche in Beverly Hills, he’s in court for possibly failing to do his legally mandated community service. It’s starting to seem like all of Mr. Brown’s offstage antics overshadow his music, a cloud from the night about four years ago when he and on-again-off-again girlfriend Rihanna got into a domestic violence situation just a night before the Grammy’s still hangs over the young star, but see what LL Cool J had to say about it all. LL is a seasoned veteran in the game, so even though he hasn’t dropped much music lately, when he speaks, we listen. Check the video for more.

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