(Video) Hotel Made Gruesome Discovery As To Why Their Water Tasted Weird- Dead Girl Was Inside Water Tank!!!

A Los Angeles hotel made a gruesome discovery as to why their water had low pressure, tasted and smelled weird. A Canadian tourist Elisa Lam was found dead inside the hotel’s water tank. This means that guests were showering, drinking, and brushing their teeth with this water. Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian girl who went missing and was found in the water tank on the roof of the hotel. Click below to watch the video.

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Auto:(Video) LOL, A Dumba** With A Gun..FAIL!!


Just cause you have a gun in your hand does not mean you are in control. Just ask this idiot. He cuts in front of a vehicle that seems to be minding it’s own business, which we don’t know the whole story because we can not see what led up to it. But we can see a moron with a gun try to act tough until he realizes one thing. He was in such a hurry to show off the gun to scare people, that he forgot to put his Infiniti in PARK. FAIL! See how quickly someone goes from tough to scared in this video. Check it out after the jump.

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NEW MUSIC: DJ Webstar – Shimmy


Webstar pays tribute to the late ODB with a remake of “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” available below.

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NFL: Confirmed! ESPN President Says Ray Lewis Will Have a Significant Role on TV


We heard the rumors a little after Ray Lewis had announced his retirement, but now it’s been confirmed by ESPN. Ray Lewis has been hired by ESPN as an NFL commentator. I think this is such a perfect fit for him! Details after the jump…

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Sports (Report): Jets To Shop Tim Tebow at NFL Combine


Thank goodness all the Tim Tebow talk had died down for while! I just couldn’t take it anymore, kinda like the Manti Te’o crap! I enjoyed it while I could because the talks are going to start back up again once the combine starts this weekend! We already heard rumors that the Jets are done with Tebow, so now the plan to get rid of him starts. Report after the jump…

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Auto:(Video) This Dude Is Crazy!! What Would YOU Do In This Situation??


Apparently, this dude thinks he is a tough guy. He instigates the situation by cutting off a driver and then driving like a retard, but gets mad when he feels he is being tailgated, which I don’t think he was. He stops his car on a highway in traffic to get out and confront the driver. He even gets out with gloves on like he is trying to intimidate someone. This dude is a fool. I would of stepped on the gas and his a** would of got out the way! Check the 2 videos after the jump to see how the sitation unfolded. The first video not much happens, but you have to watch it to see how it leads into the second video. This recently just happened, I have no idea why their dash cam shows the wrong dates.

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Tech Talk Spotlight: Check Out Todays 2/21/13 Top @Viddy Videos


  Check out today’s top Viddy vids

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(Video) NBA Top 10 Plays From Wednesday Featuring Steve Nash, Vince Carter & More!


Check out the Top 10 plays from an 11 game Wednesday night!

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NBA: Oh Man! Kobe Bryant Is Making Guarantees!


Some people hate this Kobe, but I love this Kobe!  I’m usually not a fan of cockiness, but this is what Kobe lives for and I love to watch how it’s going to play out!  Kobe recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated and made a guarantee!  He also talked about what team(s) he fears – you know what he said right?!  Check out the quotes after the jump…

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Ashle Danger Says Keep Calm & Enjoy!


Fellas check out this pic of Ashle Danger showing off her cakes! Keep calm fellas and enjoy your thong Thursday!

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