NBA: Pau Gasol May Ask to Be Traded If the Lakers Retain Dwight Howard & Mike D’Antoni

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It’s no secret that Pau Gasol is unhappy with his role on the Lakers, losing his starting position and being benched numerous times in crunchtime situations.  Gasol and D’Antoni just don’t click and he hasn’t played well with Dwight Howard either.  If the two remain next season Gasol may not.  Read more after the jump.

Police Shoot 71 Year Old Woman, Mistaking Her For Male Suspect


Emma Hernandez, a 71 year old woman was shot twice in Los Angeles by LAPD detectives during a city wide manhunt for fugitive Christopher Dorner an ex-LAPD officer who is charged with killing three people and injuring more. Apparently these detectives got it all wrong Hernandez and her daughter were delivering the Los Angeles Times Newspaper when two detectives riddled her car with bullets. The two latina women did not fit the description of the 6 foot black male, and the car was not the correct color or model and yet they proceeded to senselessly killing a woman and injuring her daughter, who was shot and had to get stitches. Dorner was described as 6 feet tall and 270 punds. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Chicago Police Will No Longer Respond To All Emergency Calls

Find out which crimes the Chicago Police Department don’t consider to be an emergency.

NBA: What Team is Reportedly Offering Greg Oden a 2 Year Contract?


Rumblings have been brewing about Greg Oden making a comeback to the NBA after battling numerous knee issues.  The Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers were reportedly in the lead to sign him before the Boston Celtics stepped in and had a word with him as well.  Now it turns there might finally be a deal on the table but from who?  Read more after the jump.

UH-OH, Why Do These Two Grammy Award Singers Hate Each Other?!?!


Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are two of the biggest stars in the Country music genre. Both have seen major successes in the past, and both have given Grammy officials fair warning, to keep their counterpart away lest some unnecessary spat occurs. Swift, 23, cited Underwood’s lack of manners the reason for the issue, while no official comment has been made from Underwood’s camp, people at US weekly have confirmed that the crooners hate each other and this is not just a Grammy night fight. Underwood, 29, will steer clear of Swift, but I wonder how Carrie will feel during Taylor’s performance of a song off her latest album (RED) on Music’s Biggest Night. Hit the jump for more.

Kicks: Ikea Presents: Jess’s Trainers

IFWT Jess's Trainers

All sneakerhead’s have this problem. When you have so many pairs of kicks how and where do you store the mountain of boxes you have. Hit the jump to see how ikea helped out a fellow kick collector….

(Photos) Kenya Moore Outshines Kim Kardashian

Find out how after the jump.

(Photo) NBA: LOL Fashion Disaster Which Bulls Player is the Worst Dressed?

IFWT Bulls

There’s so much fashion struggle in this picture I don’t know where to start lol.  Last night Rip Hamilton posted a picture of him, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah asking who was the worst dressed and seriously this is a tough one so I’ll let you decide.  Check it out after the jump.

IFWT Celebrates Black History Month: Honoring Thurgood Marshall


To celebrate Black History Month, InFlexWeTrust will be honoring influential members of Black history daily throughout the month. Today, we are honoring Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was the first African American justice on the Supreme Court. Before he became a judge, Marshall made a name for himself as a successful lawyer. One of his most famous cases as a lawyer was Brown vs Board of Education in which made schools separated because of race unconstitutional. Marshall worked with President Kennedy before his death and was later appointed to the Supreme Court by President Johnson in 1967. Read more about him and his life below.

FBI Foils Attempted Bombing Of Bank Of America


Matthew Aaron Llaneza, 28, of San Jose, California was trying to start the next “civil war” by detonating a car bomb at an Oakland Bank Of America branch. Llaneza was a Taliban sympathizer who unbeknownst to him was working hand in hand with an undercover FBI agent to his effective demise. His plan to set of a bomb near the Oakland FDIC insured location was supposed to spark a government crack down, one Llaneza felt would be fought hard by right wing America, enough so that it would cause civil unrest and possibly civil war. The bomb was fashioned by Mr. Llaneza and his undercover FBI agent counterpart, and was later rendered “inoperable” by FBI officials. THe FBI didn’t want to deal with a real threat so they made sure the bomb was inactive before they allowed Mr. Llaneza to legally hang himself. Hit the jump for more.

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