(Video) NBA: No Way! Check Out What Kevin Garnett Is Doing To Improve His Game

Kevin Garnett

I can see almost any other player doing this, but there is no way in the world that Kevin Garnett is doing this activity! You mean Mr. angry man himself does something that usually calms and brings peace to people?! Damn, if that’s the case – can you imagine if he DIDN’T do it?! Lol. Seriously though, it’s great to see KG doing something about his “energy.” Check out the video after the jump…

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Oh No! Another Really Dope Celeb Couple Calls It Quits!

Terrence J and Selita Ebanks

After dating for close to two years, television host Terrence J and model Selita Ebanks have put the kibosh on their relationship. Unfortunately, it was the usual circumstances they fell victim to: scheduling conflicts. With Terrence busy in his new gig as an anchor on E! News and Selita working on a TV pilot and music career, the cute couple just couldn’t make it work. Stuff like this makes me so sad! Sometimes, love truly isn’t enough…as much as we wish it was. Who knows, though! Perhaps they’ll make it work at a better time in their lives!

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(Video) Does Jay-Z’s Nephew Have What It Takes ???: Mel Carter – “Runaway”


We just may have some new talent hitting the industry that’s a part of the Carter family. I think with a song like “Runaway,” this kid has the talent to make it off of his own name. I can defiantly dig the concept of his song. Drop down bottom, check out the video and tell me in the comments if Mel Carter will make it.

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(Video) Rosa Acosta Talks About Her Past Beef With Maino & Wale

Rosa Acosta & Wale

Rosa Acosta is one of the most successful video vixens/models of the past few years. But this doesn’t come without some beef! The Dominican beauty butted heads with a few big names over the years, mainly rappers Maino and Wale. While I’m not positive what the Maino issue was about (though I know it involves cheap shoes), I recall the Wale incident quite distinctly! Back in August of 2011, they were hosting a party together in D.C. When Wale attempted to go out in the crowd as part of his performance, he was mobbed by fans and had to quickly return to the stage. A good-intentioned gesture, but obviously, it didn’t turn out too well. Rosa made a funny comment about it on Twitter, which Wale then took the wrong way and a war of words ensued. He later apologized on Funk Flex’s show. Now in a sit-down with Vlad TV, Rosa opens up about her feelings on both beefs.

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This IS DOPE!!! See How Google Glasses Will Change The World!!!!

IFWT_Google Glasses

I am Def All Over Technology, Have Been since it wasn’t a big deal like it is now, I’ve seen a whole Bunch of Tech Marvels in my lifetime, But Googles NEW Glasses are Mos Def in the Top 10 Best things I’ve EVER Seen!!!! Now we’ve talked about the Google Glasses before, The Video after the Jump is the 1st time I’ve seen a promo for them, and showing exactly how they can be applied to your everyday life….”Google, Show Video”.

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DMC gets ‘Vergil’s Downfall’ DLC on March 6


Capcom plans on releasing its DmC: Devil May Cry DLC, “Vergil’s Downfall on both PSN and Xbox live next month on March. The new DLC will have all new game and allow gamers to use Dante’s brother Vergil, who has all new weapons.  The DLC go for $8.99 or 720 MSP.  

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(Photos) Has Karrueche Tran Moved On To This Rapper !?!?


Good-Bye Chris, helloooooo…who ??? Karrueche was out having a grand ol’ time with friends and a rapper WELL known in Texas. Let’s keep it trill and drop down bottom to see who it is.

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(Photos) Dope! Check Out Jim Jones’ Camo Louis Vuitton Luggage

Jim Jones

Jim Jones has always been pretty fly, as people from Harlem tend to have a sharper fashion sense than most. However, he hasn’t exactly been on the cutting edge of fashion like say, A$AP Rocky. Either way, Jim was definitely looking dope as he made his way through the airport recently, toting some camouflage Louis Vuitton luggage that I’ve never seen before and LOVE! Check the pics in the gallery. This might have to be added to my wish list!

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(PHOTO) NBA: LMAO! Bulls Got Jokes!! Check Out What They Did To Nate Robinson’s Locker! #ShortProblems

IFWT_NAte Robinson

Everyone’s got jokes! Damn, they didn’t have to do this to Nate! LMAO. I sympathize with Nate Robinson because I’m only 5’2″. He may be short, but at least he can ball (poor me, LOL). Check out the pic teammate Rip Hamilton shared on Instagram & Twitter….look at what they did to Nate’s locker to “help” him out.

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Billboard’s Top 10 Album Sales, Week Ending 2/17/13


Grammy performances are definitely helpful with album sales, as Mumford & Sons’ album Babel gained 242% this past week, pushing them to the number one spot with 185k copies sold! Congrats! Get the rest of the top 10 below.

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