D.C. Speeding Camera Issues 116,734 In Two Years


The District of Columbia is set to net $11.6 million from a speeding camera located on New York Avenue. Red light and speeding violation cameras are advertised as a deterrent to reckless driving although some believe it is a under-handed move to get in the taxpayers’ pocket. Click below to read more.

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LMAO! Shyne Big Ups Kendrick Lamar & Tears Him Down In The Same Tweet

ifwt_kendrick lamar shyne

What is wrong with Shyne? LOL, this guy is out of his mind! From going at Diddy and Rick Ross to now Kendrick Lamar, all via Twitter (and other methods as well). This time, he took a moment to share his thoughts on K. Dot as an artist and his debut album good kid, m.A.A.d City. See his thoughts below.

Marisa Mendez

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(Fellas Check The Pic) Sexy Smokin’ Hot Cutie Of The Day!!! WOW!!


Check out the random smokin’ cutie of the day. Click below to see the pic.


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GOP Strikes Again-Candidate Believes Pregnancy Via Rape Is Gift From God


Republican Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock stated a life created as the result of rape is “something that God intended to happen.” This comes weeks after Missouri Senate Candidate Republican Representative Todd Akin said “legitimate rape” rarely leads to pregnancy. It seems abortion is a subject the GOP should leave alone. Click below to read more.

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NBA: Rick Carlisle Compares Mavs Preseason Turnover Problems To WHAT?!

IFWT Rick-Carlisle

Well this is different!  The Mavs have had 94 cough-ups in five preseason games heading into Monday night’s matchup. I never thought I’d hear a coach compare turnovers to sex…but ummmm ok…


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Colombian Transit Guard Defends His Post


A group of Colombian teens were defeated by a station guard as they attempted to board without paying the fare. The lone guard held his own with only a baton for defense. The teens eventually gave up and probably walked home. Click below to see the video.

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(Photos) You Wouldn’t Believe How Many People Showed Up To Kendrick Lamar’s NYC Best Buy In-Store!

Kendrick Lamar in NYC

Kendrick Lamar released his debut album good kid, m.A.A.d. city yesterday, and is in the city that never sleeps today to promote it. After hitting Hot 97 and various other media outlets, K. Dot headed to the Union Square Best Buy to meet and greet fans purchasing the new release. Early forecasts predict Kendrick’s sales to come in around 200k for the first week, so that should just give you an idea of how hot he is out here! Check the gallery to see the crowd and get the exact number. Shout to Dee Sonaram for the pics!

Marisa Mendez

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Tech Talk News:Parasite Websites Are Lifting Photos From Social Media Like Crazy!


You ever get those annoying pop ups with pictures of some one else’s “business” well,the way things are looking you should exclude yourself from uploading anything. Parasite websites are lifting photos from a majority of social networking sites in the blink of an eye. You might not be “safe” even if you delete your pictures..Be careful cuz’ you never know when your “goodies” are going to be stolen!


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Tech Talk Video: Apple Special Event October 2012 – iPad Mini Full Keynote


Just in case you missed todays Apple’s keynote and highlights of the iPad mini, Mac Mini and more.  Video of keynote after the break.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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(Fellas Check The Pic!) Guess Which Phone Coco Just Got?? Oh & Check Out Her Girls! #TataTuesday


Fellas check out this pic of Coco showing off new phone and her girls at the same damn time!


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